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If you work at a news outlet you get weirdness. For the first installment of Wack Factor we present, complete and unedited, Phil's Screed. Maybe. Someone. Knows... what this refers to. I'm about 2000 miles from Missoula.

"Let this happy day give birth to an American Republic. Let her arise, not to devastate and to conquer, but to re-establish the reign of peace, and of Law. The eyes of Europe are fixed upon us. She demands of us a living example of freedom, that may exhibit a contrast, the felicity of Citizen, to ever increasing tyranny." -Richard Henry Lee, June 11, 1776

The above quote came from the Author of the Resolution of Independence passed by the Virginia House of Burgesses on May 15, 1776, and first read to the Second Continental Congress on June 7, 1776. Lee had lost patience with the debate over Independence and was disgusted that his Colleagues couldn't see the "common sense of the subject," as fellow Virginian and Cousin Thomas Jefferson argued. Jefferson would later write in the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE  concerning the "patient sufferings of these Colonies."
Lee's Great-Great-Great-Great Grandson invoked this impatient disgust regarding the Missoula Scandal Friday during his SVC International Executive Committee Session on SVC-TV. Phil stated that while Barack Obama has not committed acts of war against his Own People as King George III of Great Britain had against the Colonists, he has allowed them to occur to innocent Citizens and under the US Code, can be held liable for them as if he did the atrocities himself. 

The Colonists suffered for 13 Years before deciding that separation from the despotism under which they suffered became necessary. It's been 10.5 Years since the Old Jore debacle entered Phil's Life and because of Decisions he made triggered the unlawful acts against him (the best anyone can tell). That's the most responsibility Phil can and does accept in this matter, save somehow it has fallen to him and this Organization to brings these criminals to Justice.

In the Judgment Demand Letter to the City of Missoula, Phil insisted on two facts being stated: 1) that the Rule of Law must be reinstated in City Government because the Missoula had become completely Lawless; and 2) that the City's attempts to make him into a criminal had become more and more reflective of the true master criminals behavior in Nugent's Office. It was ever so kind to call it simply "daft."

While the US Justice Department has made definite moves to finally affecting Justice in this case, the revelation that Phil's Life was in danger even while he was Wrongfully Incarcerated this past April and the City - as far as the EAC knows - is still prosecuting Phil has raised to a crescendo the necessity that these insidious crimimals be arrested now!!!!!!!

As Everyone knows, Phil underwent a second surgery on July 11th to repair damage to tendons and remove three dead nerves. Those nerves had rotted to the point they had become a innate poison in Phil's body and for reasons not understood, did not kill him.

All three "Doctor Bill's" stated that some Men's constitutions are capable of surviving such damages without Medical attention. Former US Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, MD, stated that he took part in a Study conducted by Vanderbilt University regarding injuries sustained by American Civil War Soldiers and asked whether or not more modern Medicine could have saved them.

The Researchers found that many of the injuries inflicted were survivable even with Medical knowledge at the time. The favorite Historic example of a Man surviving injuries that would have killed most is America's 7th President, Andrew Jackson, who's Mansion, The Hermitage, is outside Nashville.

President Jackson was wounded in a duel on May 30, 1806, against Charles Dickinson. Dickinson had made some unflattering remarks made about Jackson's wife. The bullet that wounded Jackson was lodged near his heart and could not be safely removed. He carried that bullet in his chest for the rest of his days (he died in 1845).

Phil's Great-Great Grandfather ,John D Sutton, was wounded four times during the Civil War and lived until 1941 at age 96, so such physical toughness may be genetic. That be as it may, the Missoula County  Detention Facility Staff refused to provide Phil proper Medical attention and he could have died, no small matter.

Indeed, Phil's last morning in jail was one that started at 5 AM with Wagner, his cellmate, suffering from kidney failure. It took the MCDF Staff more than three hours to get Wagner out of his cell and to Medical treatment.

This is the third instance World & Federal Prosecutors have evidence that Montana Peace Officers have meant to kill Phil and thankfully did not succeed. The Felony Aggravated Assault charges against Trowbridge, O'Reilly and their Accessories are now upgraded to attempted murder and Indictments against the MCDF Staff are most certain to follow.

Bottomline, while the Sports World is reeking havoc upon Penn State and wants the "death penalty" for a once vaunted Football Program for the very heinous crimes of a single Football Coach and their cover-up, those of Us at SVC are at a loss to explain just how the unsolved rapes of at least 80 Women and the systematic victimization of at least 400 Innocent Citizens in Missoula are going unpunished and the perpetrators remain at-large?!!!!!!!

How it is that the best the Plaintiffs in the Class Action Lawsuit against the NCAA can do is force the University of Montana Football Program to possibly forfeit four games and the opportunity to compete in the FCS Playoffs the next two Years when the Student Athlete's openly brag about using performancing-enhancing drugs in Public and the Phramacy School on Campus not only produces the drugs for its Own Players, but sells - for profit - the same to least 23 other Schools' Football Programs and their Players? How could that possibly be? But it is!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, the best Obama can do is comfort the Victims' Families further North of Us here in Colorado. You really can't spend a lot of time wondering why such shootings occur when true travesties like the Missoula Scandal are allowed to continue unabated. Ou Society in America is and very sick and even though he not President, SVC's Founder has been, is and will always work to prevent these outbreaks mof Lawlessness from occurring!!!!!!!

Phil feels, as We all do, a strong responsibility to end the seige in Missoula. ______________________

US District Judges Brinkema and Pratt both read the Report earlier this morning and made it known that they are not happy at all with the US Justice Department and the NCAA, respectively.

Judge Brinkema desires a full explanation as to why the the perpetrators have not been apprehended and Judge Pratt wants an explanation why the NCAA acted so quickly regarding Penn State and why it took a Class Action Lawsuit to kick them into gear concerning the University of Montana. Obviously, the Judges will go their Own way on this.

During the break of the First PPF of the SVC Fifth World Democratization Conference at the SVC USA National Office, Phil was informed of the breaking developments. He stated that it is good news that the Judges are fed up with the hypocrisy of it all.

On air when the PPF resumed, Phil informed Everyone and commented that it is clear that powerful forces at work to cover-up the Missoula Scandal. He noted that while Americans had been satuated with the garbage out of Missoula for six Years, so it is somewhat understandable they haven't been too interested in the Compilations, Internationally there has been "a feeding frenzy the past six Weeks."

Unfortunately, the primary interest that has been shown is by the adversaries of the United States. They appreciate the fact that the Evidence out of the Missoula Scandal is clear evidence that the Obama Administration expects the Assads of the World to behave, but are unwilling to protect Innocent Citizens from violence and corruption within America's Own borders. The facts speak for themselves.

Phil, not wanting to spend a lot of time on the subject, then cited NCAA President Mark Emmert's comment that the reason the NCAA had been able to move so quickly on the Penn State matter is that the Freeh Report did all the leg work for them. How about the SVC Freola Commission and its Reporting for three Years, 2008-2011? Its unconscionable to make such a big deal of the very hideous crimes of a single Football Coach, as Phil and Angelica wrote in their Joint Article last Week, and not get at least and equally furious at least 80 rapes in Missoula and the University of Montana Pharmacy Schools spreading performance-enhancing not only to its School's Football Players, but those of 22 other Institutions of Higher Education that the NCAA has jurisdiction.

The Freola Commission Final Report along with all the rest of Compilations regarding the Missoula Scandal have been made available upon request to anyone Worldwide who has access to the Internet for six Weeks now. There is simply no excuse for anyone any longer to pretend they can look the other way or that this is somehow in Phil's imagination.

On paper, every American Citizen should be protected from threats on Life, property and reputation. Yet the Law Enforcement Officers who have attempted to murder Phil three times - that SVC can actually prove - and those who have prosecuted their allegations against Phil to cover-up their crimes are still at-large. How can that possibly be? And, as We all know, that is "but a chip off the tip of the iceberg" in terms of the crimes committed in Missoula!!!!!!! Enough said.


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