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You can't even make this stuff up: Mitt Romney offends London while in London.

From today's "Romney scales back criticism of Olympics" via USATODAY:

Mitt Romney pulled back today on his critique of Great Britain's readiness for the Olympics, following comments in an NBC interview that created a stir in London.


Romney's comments were big news in London. On the website of The Telegraph, the headline read: "Mitt Romney questions whether Britain is ready for the Games."

Okay, so this guy seriously needs a teleprompter because could you be any more blunderrific gaffetastic, Romney?  How about not offending a entire country especially while you're there visiting!

This, of course, follows Romney's embarrassment of Australian Foreign Minister just days ago.


And in more "The trees are the right height" robo-awkwardness...

The Labour leader told Mr Romney: "It's great to have you here, it's great to have somebody here who's organised a successful Olympic Games and I'm sure you share our excitement about the Games."

Mr Romney replied: "Absolutely, the weather could not be better, fortunately the sunshine is out, the warmth is here.

Ah, yes, what better phrase to share your excitement for the Olympcs than to respond  with stuff like "the warmth is here"?  LOL!

But never fear, people!  Romney might not be the most gracious effective heart-warming competent ambassador for America, but he's certainly got that #AngloSaxonHeritage down pat as a worthy counterpoise.


This headline from BusinessWeek doesn't bode well: International Audition: Romney Faces High Stakes

Mitt Romney — a one-term governor untested on the world's political stage — faces high stakes in the coming week during visits to England, Israel and Poland. It's a trip that amounts to an international audition.

The Republican presidential candidate is seeking to persuade voters back home to elect him their leader in a complex, dangerous world. And his trip will invite comparisons to Barack Obama's successful overseas 2008 tour before he won the White House.

Note the second paragraph.  Obama positively NAILED IT four years ago on a similar trip.  Always the statesman, as opposed to Rom the Don Gaffe Juan.

HuffPo is reporting that Romney was a registered lobbyist for the

His Olympics success was pivotal in his winning run for Massachusetts governor in 2002, and it may turn out to be just as important in his current campaign for the presidency. It's why he plans on cheering from the good seats when the opening ceremonies commence for the summer games in London this week.

But when it comes to the retelling of his Olympics story, Romney never mentions the L word. Lobbyist.

Romney wasn't just the head of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. Romney was also a registered lobbyist for the organization, Utah state records show.

Do we really need a Lobbyist-in-chief in the nation's highest office?

Oh, the irony...

From The Australian: Mitt Romney UK Trip Mired in Racism

MITT Romney's attempt to promote his presidential campaign during a trip to London has been marred by suggestions of racism after one of his advisers allegedly told a British newspaper that Barack Obama did not understand the "Anglo-Saxon heritage" shared by Britain and the US.


Perhaps tellingly, the Romney campaign did not deny the accuracy of the quote or seek a retraction from the newspaper.


The discomfort did not end there, however. In London to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympics, Mr Romney dumped diplomacy for candour during an interview when asked, given his experience as chief organiser of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, what he thought of local preparations.

Glad to hear foreign newspapers throw the word "racism" around without the egg-shell stepping that goes on in our neck of the woods.  And reporting the news without the rose-colored glasses of false equivalencies.  Refreshing, to say the least.

Always good to see Dkos united around our opponents :)

Excuse the low res.


Alright, Kosgang, I'm off for the day.  Thanks for playing.  I'll be back to pen this upcoming Sunday's Obama Nightly News, so let's chop it up then.

Here's my parting nugget:

From ABC's Romney Goes to Europe, Causes International Stir:

On the first full day of his trip abroad, the former Massachusetts governor visited British political leaders as part of a larger effort to show he has what it takes to represent the U.S. on the world stage. But instead of highlighting ties with the America's staunchest ally, Romney may have embarrassed the Brits instead.


At the same time, Romney faced scrutiny for a London fundraiser Thursday night that's expected to attract employees of Barclays, which has been in the spotlight after becoming the first bank to admit its employees were involved in manipulating a key market index.

That Romney sure doesn't disappoint, eh, guys?

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