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The repercussions of the Jerry Sandusky crimes keep adding up.

•    Thankfully, Jerry Sandusky was found guilty and will never be free to rape children again.  
•    The Freeh Report revealed the culpability of the leadership at Penn State where some have lost their jobs and others are facing criminal prosecution for their roles in the cover-up.  
•    Earlier this week the Penn State football program received unprecedented penalties by the NCAA.

We can argue the appropriateness of the level of punishment, but at least people are finally being held accountable for their roles in the Sandusky rapes and cover-up.

But one person has not held accountable—Tom Corbett.  In both his role as Pennsylvania’s Attorney General and as Governor, Corbett apparently had numerous opportunities to stop Sandusky that he didn’t take.  I say apparently, because he refuses to answer questions about what he did or didn’t do.  When a reporter has the audacity to raise questions, Corbett indignantly blusters and threateningly chastises the questioner.

That is probably why no one has called for an investigation into Corbett’s role—until now.

Since Corbett has not been forthcoming, Keystone Progress is requesting that PA Attorney General Linda Kelly, Senate President pro tem Joseph Scarnati and Speaker of the House Samuel Smith begin a formal investigation into Corbett’s role in the Sandusky scandal.

The major question that needs to be answered is why did Corbett wait years to get Sandusky off the street?  I’ve talked to four prosecutors and asked them when they would have arrested Sandusky.  Each of them said they would have arrested him immediately after hearing the testimony of an eye witness.  Each of them said the first priority is to stop the rape of children by getting him off the street.  The investigation can continue after he’s locked up.  None of them could understand why Corbett waited years to have Sandusky arrested.

That still begs the question.  Why did Corbett wait so long?

Chris Freind, one of the most conservative columnists in Pennsylvania, summarizes it this way:
“One of two things seems to be true, as there is no third option. Either A) you were an incompetent attorney general, which virtually no one believes, or B) the investigation was deliberately understaffed and drawn out because you did not wish to be the gubernatorial candidate who took down fabled Penn State - with its massive and intensely loyal alumni network - and the beloved Joe Paterno. Since doing so would have presented difficult campaign challenges, many are asking if politics was placed above children’s safety.”[i]

Friend is right.  Those are the only two options.  If Corbett is simply a bumbling Governor and Attorney General, the people will take care of that in 2014.

If, however, Corbett intentionally kept a child rapist on the street to further his political career, it is morally reprehensible and probably criminal.

That’s why we’re calling on Pennsylvania’s law enforcement and legislative leaders to conduct an independent investigation into Corbett’s role as Attorney General and Governor.

We are under no illusions about asking Republicans to investigate Corbett.  There’s not much chance they will put politics aside and do the right thing.  But we have to hope that they will do just that.  In a state dominated by one party we have no other choice.  If they don’t respond, we’ll try other avenues.

Please sign our petition by clicking here. Then spread the word to friends and family.

It’s time to get answers and only public pressure can get them.

Michael Morrill
Executive Director, Keystone Progress

[i] Delaware County Daily Times

Originally posted to Michael Morrill on Thu Jul 26, 2012 at 10:00 AM PDT.

Also republished by Courtesy Kos, House of LIGHTS, and DKos Pennsylvania.

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  •  Amen Michael... (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    cotterperson, BeeDeeS, SteelerGrrl

    I've been hoping for months that the focus of this scandal would go after those that were actually tasked and trained to stop Sandusky.

    Corbett allowed this monster 3 yrs of unsupervised access to children, while knowing he was a potential serial pedophile.

    He has been able to avoid all questions to his role as both a DA and as a BOT member to PSU.  He has been able to do so because they handed us PSU/Paterno, and we took it.  They have played all of us and the media perfectly.  Finally, there is hope that answers to how this occurred, and more importantly, real solutions to prevent it from occurring again, are being investigated.

    I honestly believe they wish the Paterno/PSU football story would have taken much longer to resolve.  They got the story they wanted out of Freeh, but the NCAA and others moved quickly to handle it.

    Now they are stuck.  And by they, I mean Corbett, Baldwin, Courtney, 2nd Mile executives, law enforcement officials and Childern Services managers.  Until all these players roles are understood, there can not be corrective actions put in place in Pa. to protect children from the next monster.  Unfortunately, banning bowls and reducing scholarships just isn't going to fix the systemic problems in Pa.

    Thanks for a great diary.

  •  I believe it is the job of an AG (0+ / 0-)

    to exercise discretion over which suspects to prosecute. It is not illegal to not prosecute someone, even someone who deserved prosecution. Corbett's role is, on the other hand, subject to the judgment of the voter, who should take this scandal into account the next time Corbett runs for something.

  •  If I were a PA resident (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Avilyn, SteelerGrrl

    This would be my letter to Corbett

    Dear Governor Corbett,


    Sincerely yours,


  •  Tipped, rec'd and republished to House of Lights (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Avilyn, SteelerGrrl

    I initially didn't think there was anything to this.  But if he indeed had enough evidence to arrest Sandusky and deliberately slow-walked the investigation, this is an impeachable offense if there ever was one.

    And even if the investigation reveals he simply screwed it up, he needs to pay dearly in 2014.

  •  Corbett was a tool, and a failure as an advocate (0+ / 0-)

    a complete and utter sellout from Day one of his career.  Penn State and its adulation and adoration over its sports successes and nothing else was a holy grail for politicians.
    Corbett gave them a pass just as other senior officials did in their self interest.  

    When the attorney general investigating Sandusky disappeared,  did Corbett as the senior law enforcement official and superior to the county attorneys delve into the mystery, investigate, clear up the cloud that was in that area? No he didn't, and he distanced the legal system as much as he could from pursuing Holy Joe and the sacred program.

    Corbett has to answer the same damning questions Freeh posed to all:  When did he know, and what did he do or not do about it that contributed to prolonging the scandal or dealing ethically with the scandal?

    His hands are not any cleaner than Sandusky's and Paterno's.   An investigation of his role may lead to him being an accessory after the fact, an agent of the coverup as long as he could.

    This currently under construction..

    by BeeDeeS on Thu Jul 26, 2012 at 11:43:00 AM PDT

  •  Corbett is at 36% Approval (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    And is gunning to be the first one-term PA gov. since they let you go for two in the seventies. He is a very, very bad actor.

    Gene Stilp filed a complaint and request for investigation of Corbett's behavior with the Justice Department shortly after Sandusky's arrest in November 2011. I saw it here on DKos...

    Not only did Corbett leave a child rapist walking around for his own political benefit, he also approved a $3 million grant to Sandusky's charity once he became governor, knowing that the 2nd Mile was a front for a child molester, and was paying Sandusky $49K per year. Unbelievably, Corbett said he didn't want to tip off Sandusky to the investigation, then being conducted by his hand picked AG successor.

    Unfortunately, that complaint appears to have gone nowhere.
    I hope this one gets traction.

  •  T & R (0+ / 0-)

    Amazingly, Corbett still has his share of apologists in Centre County ... I know a few :-P.  

    Signed the petition ... as long as accountable parties to these horrific crimes are walking free, the justice system still has work to do.

     I can think of no more stirring symbol of man's humanity to man than a fire engine.     -- Kurt Vonnegut

    by SteelerGrrl on Thu Jul 26, 2012 at 04:11:42 PM PDT

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