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U.S. Marines receive an outpouring of support as active and non-active U.S. military personnel participate for the first time in San Diego's Gay Pride Parade in San Diego, July 16, 2011. The group is reported to be the first openly gay enlisted service members to march in a pride event in the United States following Congress repeal of the
Marines and Navy personnel march in last year's Gay Pride Parade in San Diego. If wingnuts want to confuse me with these guys, why would I get upset?
One of these days, dumbass conservatives will figure out that calling me gay is not an insult.

It's a compliment.

And no, they'll never really figure that out.


The left are basically saying poor blacks are too damn stupid and by making them show ID to vote is suppressing them. ( But we know what really is going on, it has ZERO to do with black people and everything about making it too hard for the DEMOCRATS to squeeze in some good ole voter theft in a few areas to up their chances in winning) But keep putting it on blacks, make them look like fools. After all, blacks don't drive, smoke, drink, put their kids in schools, cash checks, get passports or fly anywhere....all of which you must show a photo ID . I guess blacks are incompetent. I would suggest that every DEMOCRAT take one of those poor incompetent blacks by the hand that have no ID to drink and smoke and help them to get a photo ID . Damn, if they could buy smokes and alcohol, it would really help the economy.

I was perplexed about how anyone could be this stupid until I saw that you needed an ID to drink. That explained everything!

You are a College Republican.

Please shut down your site (

You are a rank anti-semite and so is your boss, Obama. Obama is a rabidly anti-semitic and anti-Isreal bigot whose Israel policy is similar to Hitler's. You will lose more than half of your jewish vote based on Obamas anti-semitism. Obama has a long history of sucking up to islamists and opposing Israeli intrests.

I can guarantee that if Obama "wins" reelection two thing will happen: 1. Pogroms here in the US
2. Military action against Israel by Obama
These are facts. Obama hates jews and if you continue to support him then you are also complicit. Remeber how Anthony Wiener (a moderately pro-Israel liberal) was forced to resign? That was anti-semitism, and you engage in the same.

You are scum
and you make your money off the blood and suffering of jews. I can only pray that our next president will be sane and not a friend of Hitler. Obama has already chosen to model his presidnedcy after Hitler. Is that how you want to be remebered? Hitler-assistant? Scum.

You know who disagrees with you? Jewish Americans.

Weird, huh?

we need to know

hey Fagkos Moufagtsas, we the American people need to know exatcly how you are influuencing the president. since your a homo it has to be sex stuff, but what kind? I mean the prez is hung like a fucking giraffe so i really don't think you can take it in the ass from him? So Maybe you just suck him off instead? but he is the prez and he deserves some nice liberal-style buttfucking! so how wide can you strecth your asshole? can you make it like 4 inches, cos thats what its gonna take I think. also, buy some lube. Then you can be Obooboos little bride and have your ass pounded like a "man" (which your not BTW). bet you also like to wear lady-clothes? a nice little dress for your black master? high heels? And I think you like it in the missionery position so you feel more like a girl. Don't forget your lipstick and tampons,queer boy!!
 gay commies like you will ruin this country and the next. I hope you die.

I see gay porn in your future.

And in your past.


Wow, your blog is probably the dumbest thing on the Internet. Seriously.

Reading your stuff must have lowered my IQ by 20 points. In fact, I think you're dumb enough to run for office. Please do that immediately so you won't have the time to write crap on your crap-blog.

I'm just impressed you spelled "you're" correctly. Even if you lose 20 IQ points, that's still 20 more than the rest of your friends have.
excuse me FAGGOT

hey FAGGOT I just wanted to write and tell you FAGGOT how much I hate you FAGGOT! Oh I'm so sorry you dont like being called FAGGOT?? well too fucking bad maybe you shouldnt be a fucking FAGGOT then! dont wanna be caled FAGGOT then dont take it in the ass FAGGOT! All you do is suck Obama's giant black cock FAGGOT! Take the cock out of yuor mouth for a sceond and read some BIBLE then maybe you wouldnt b e such a FAGGOT! I'm sorry again FAGGOT I didnt mean to hurt your FAGGOT felings FAGGOT! byebye FAGGOT! see you later FAGGOT!

Actually, those of us secure in our sexuality don't care if you call us "faggot".

This week's hate mail is

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