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Yesterday, on CSPAN Host, Marvin Kalb "featured Speakers: Michele Flournoy, Co-Chair, National Security Advisory Committee Obama for America and Rich Williamson, Senior Adviser for Foreign and Defense Policy Romney for President, Inc."

Not surprisingly, Rich Williamson sounded just like the PNAC members.  He was chosen by Romney for President, Inc. (CSPAN used Inc. btw) to represent Romney's Foreign Policy on CSPAN and is an advisor.  

Williamsom represented Romney as being much more hard line with Iran than Obama.  I heard the faint sound of war drums.  

Could this election be boiled down to a vote For or Against Bombing Iran?

I wanted to learn more about who else works with Romney.  I turned to Muckety Maps.  

Also, Bernie Sanders Exposes the 26 Billionaires who are Buying the 2012 Election.  Will these billionaires show up?

I created some Flow Charts using Muckety Maps to make it easier for us to understand the interconnectivity.  

If you follow the maps below, there appears to be a monied interest in ramping up the war machines.

I'll share the process for those who might like to learn how to incorporate Muckety Maps into your research.

I begin with Rich Williamson who represented Romney's Foreign Policy views on the CSPAN debate mentioned above.

To start a Muckety project, go to and enter the name or entity in the search window in the upper right hand corner to find already created maps.  Note:  Muckety states that there may be errors but that they try very hard to keep up.  "Things change so often"

*Below these pics of the maps, you will find links to the interactive map versions.   All entries on the maps with an X in the upper right hand corner, if clicked, will take you to a new map.

I work really hard to rearrange the maps Muckety offers so they make better sense upon viewing (to me anyway).  Instructions at end of article.

These are screen shots of the maps I created using Muckety maps.  The embed code won't work here.

I searched for Romney's Rich Williamson - Here's the Map

Richard S Williamson, Muckety Map

Oh, interesting!  Freedom House - That's sounds familiar, so I double click to see this map

Freedom House

I am really intrigued by the Committee on the Present Danger  - so I double click to find the following gathering of Conservative Notables.  You will recognize many PNAC present and former members..

Committee on the Present Danger

I notice that  Dov S Zakheim is the connection between the 2012 Romney Campaign and the Committee on the Present Danger.  Bingo.  Zakheim was part of PNAC.  so I double click on Dov S Zakheim

Dov S Zakheim

Again, Mr. Williamson made quite a few statements that Romney would be much tougher on Iran.  

I also noted that Dov S Zakheim was connected to the DOD, the Defense Business Board, and the Commission on Wartime Contracting.  War drums start to make more sense.

"The Defense Business Board was established in 2001 as a complement to broader transformation efforts in the Department of Defense from an overly burdensome bureaucracy to a more streamlined, effective organization."

In short, The Defense Business Board was created by Rumsfeld's DOD to oversee the privatization of many DOD functions.

Defense Business Board and Romney

I chose to take a closer look at the Aspen Strategy Group - a bi-partisan group.

Aspen Strategy Group and Romney

And noticed that the "43 Director" link is/was connected with all the others, including CONDI RICE.  

Aspen Strategy II

Lastly, I chose to look at the "243 former contributor" link.  The pieces fall in place.

David Koch, Henry Kissinger, Mitt Romney

1.  10 of the 13 Billionaires mentioned in Bernie Sanders article are connected.

2.  The Billionaires, the PNAC/Committee on the Present Danger, and the DOD are connected to the Mitt Romney camp via Richard Williamson and Dov Zakheim.

Out of curiousity I decided to check one more.

The Atlantic Council of the United States  I wonder if Robert Diamond is still on the Board?  Bain is on the Board.  As a matter of fact, big business has a large role.

Atlantic Council of the United States and Romney

OH LOOK! Do you recognize this group?

The Board of Directors of the Atlantic Council, July, 2012:

Atlantic Council Board Members July, 2012

I conclude this journey feeling like the political parties are a myth.  Once in a while the powers that be toss the people a bone, but increasingly could generally care less as long as the hooks of profit and gain are not threatened.  

I have a sense that the rich and powerful, the faceless corporations, and those with the guts to be politicians are hopeful that between nanotechnology, organs on a chip (google this with DARPA), and robotics, the Wonderful Ones will be able to rid the planet of undesirables and pollution.  

I sense billions of people wondering, maybe even worrying, if they are desirable enough to make the cut!

The only hope I have left is to block conservatives at every turn, and to work collectively to jam the cogs of commerce.

As Mitt Romney boldly stated "To make progress, some will have to suffer"

Mitt was talking about economic progress.

I'm talking about saving what is left of human dignity from the snares of greed and dogma.



Richard Williamson

Freedom House

Committee on the Present Danger

Dov S Zakheim

Restore Our Future

Defense Business Board I

Aspen Strategy Group I

243 former contributor, includes Koch, Kissinger

Defense Business Business Board II

Atlantic Council of the United States

Board Members of the Atlantic Council

All entries on the maps with an X in the upper right hand corner, if clicked, will take you to a new map.

Happy researching!

Partial list of PNAC members.

*You can save the maps you create but it's a process.

1.  Rearrange a map to your liking.

2.  Click on "Map Tools" on the left of the screen.

3.  Click on "Save Map"

4.  Name your map and click "Save"

5.  ALERT!  a URL will appear.  In order to find your map again, I highly suggest

6.  Copy URL

7.  Open new screen and Paste your URL.

8.  Open to view map, copy URL and Save as a Bookmark item.

If you don't do the above, you might not find the map you created again.  I learned through trial and error.


If Romney wins w/Congress Majority, US will bomb Iran

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