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Mr. Webb, You have been fooled.

You see, Mr. Webb, President Obama never said that 'you' didn't build your business. Nowhere in any transcript or audio/video has Obama ever made such a statement. What you have shown us all, Mr. Webb, is that Fox News is right in thinking that their audience is too intellectually lazy to bother to check whether what they are told is true or not.

No Mr. Webb, Fox News KNOWS you and the rest of their audience either don't have the time, interest, ability, or motivation to make sure that the information they report is true or correct. This is how they, as well as your other right-wing sources, brainwash you to be angry at people and politicians that may very well have your best interests at heart. I'm also certain they LAUGH about what fools they make of their audience.
You see, Mr. Webb, what Obama ACTUALLY said was that business owners, like yourself, did not build the roads your employees and customers drive on to reach your business. He said that you didn't build the electrical grid or water pipelines that allow your business to run. You also did not create the FDA to make sure that the food you serve your customers doesn't harm or kill them. You did not create the teachers that gave you enough education to be able to run a business, nor did you create a municipal police force to make sure that your location enjoys a modicum of security.

And Mr. Obama is absolutely, 100% correct.

To not agree with that is to admit, Mr. Webb, that you are entirely detached from certain realities.

I applaud your efforts to create and run a business. You should be commended for taking the risks, putting in the work, creating the jobs, and providing a quality product (at least I shall assume) for your customers. But you cannot claim that you have done so 'all on your own' unless you have successfully started your business in a place like Somalia.

Please Mr. Webb, before you make a bold statement on a great big board about something that never happened and was never said, for the sake of not appearing a fool on the vast internet, please.... find out if the quote you are expressing great public outrage over was actually uttered.

And stop watching Fox 'News'.

- G S Croft

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