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First look at the pictures of what look like soldiers patrolling Iraq lined up to stop the small, 300 person march against police violence in Anaheim.


Anaheim Military Patrolling Peaceful Protest

The pictures above look chillingly like this one taken from a 1994 USFA Fema Document.

Role of Military Civil Unrest

In case you missed it, there's been protests for days in Anaheim after another young man of color was shot and killed by the police.

Hundreds decrying police violence march in Anaheim

Who the heck are these guys?  Police, really?  If so, why the military gear?  If not, are they private contractors?  That's allowed now, btw.  

Read the warning I posted December 5th, 2011

 SCARY: Department of Defense DIRECTIVE NUMBER 3025.18 December 29, 2010

If I have interpreted the DoD Directive correctly, Private contractors like Blackwater (Xe) and Dycorp, both now owned by Private Equity firms, or any of the thousands now working for the DoD could be used to corral us.
So, who are these guys in the photos?  Police, military, or mercenaries?  Who's paying them?  Disneyland or Anaheim?

Anaheim needs to know.

This video of police shooting rubber bullets into crowd of women and children as well as unleashing a dog that attacked a women holding her baby was uploaded on July 22, 2012

We must be vigilent.

Other news:
US Non-Lethal Weapons Training Began on October 1, 2008

DynCorp and Blackwater Now Owned by Private Equity Firms, Financed by TBTFs

Originally posted to War on Error on Sun Jul 29, 2012 at 10:12 PM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street.

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