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There is a diary on the rec list that asks whether or not Mitt Romney has Alzheimer's Disease. No evidence whatsoever, just "asking questions" that Glenn Beck and Bill Frist would be proud of.

I am not an expert in Alzheimer's. I DO have Asperger's Syndrome, as I've diaried here in another diary not so coincidentally about everybody's least favorite serial liar. Like the comments about Asperger's and autism I can't help but think that people with loved ones with Alzheimer's should be offended.

There is another explanation.

Mitt Romney is a completely sucky human being. He lies so often and about everything whether trivial or huge and cannot believe the hubris of the peasants who question him.

I am a liberal. As such, the idea of a person like this existing, much less being the second choice for President of the United States, is reprehensible to me. So even I am sorely tempted to come up with a plausible explanation that will excuse Romney's behavior and explain it to someone who can't even comprehend the kind of evil that exists in this man. I can't understand a person like this. So I sometimes feel like I need to explain it just so I can sleep at night.

As AnnieJo noted in the comments in the Alzheimers diary Aspies/autistics tend to be scrupulously honest, often to their own detriment (I totally suck at little white lies intended to flatter people in social settings) so I doubt it's that. And as someone who has lived in Massachusetts all my life I can tell you this behavior is quite typical of Mitt so unless he has had early onset Alzheimer's since 1994 and nobody noticed that's out too.

Saying Romney has Alzheimer's or autism isn't just offensive to those and those with loved ones who suffer from them. Whether you intend to or not it also is a way of excusing his behavior.

Occam's Razor leads me to believe that Mitt Romney is simply horrible and is either too egomaniacal to see the damage he is doing to the country or too slimy to care. He sucks. He sucks harder than an automatic sucking machine. He sucks more than Galactus The Planet Eater fellating the black hole at the center of the universe. He's a sucky person. End of story.

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