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William Bennett saw fit to pucker up and write an utterly disconnected from reality op-ed for CNN today. In the first paragraph he manages to link Mitten's recent international gaffes to one of the greatest fantasy writers of all time. How very appropriate.

For the past week, Mitt Romney brought his presidential campaign abroad to England, Israel and Poland, leaving his initial footprint on the foreign policy landscape. He may have ventured off path once or twice, but, to paraphrase J.R.R Tolkien, not all those who travel are lost. He blazed his own trail, one that will do him much good at home and abroad.
I suppose that in Bennett's world only fantasy could turn the abject failure of Romney's Blunder Tour into a rousing success story.

In another paragraph completely full of self delusion, Bennett gives us this knee slapper.

Critics of Romney often patronize him for sounding too scripted and too much like a politician. Now, when he speaks openly and freely, they criticize him for not being enough of a politician or diplomat. They can't have it both ways.
I don't know of many people accusing Romney of sounding like too much of a politician. What he sounds like to most people who are listening is a spoiled, entitled, über wealthy robot without a moral compass. As far as the notion that Romney spent much time speaking openly and freely, I'm sure he didn't get that information second hand from the gaggle of press following him for apparently no reason whatsoever. And here's a clue for you Bill, our expectations of Mitt's diplomatic prowess were pretty damned low and he certainly met that goal.

Not even his most serious blunder in Israel is enough to remove Bill's lips from Mitt's posterior.

But rather than focus on Iran, our most pressing foreign policy dilemma, the liberal media manufactured another alleged gaffe -- Romney's comments on the cultural differences between Israelis and Palestinians. Again, much ado about nothing. It's hard to dispute the powerful and rich culture of the Jewish people, especially when quoting "The Wealth and Poverty of Nations" by David Landes, an erudite Harvard professor.
The alleged gaffe? Alleged? So the liberal media sort of imagined his insults and then manufactured a distraction purposefully to take our eyes off the threat looming in Iran? Thanks for the deep thoughts there, Stuart Smalley. Give me a toke of whatever it is you're smoking.

Bennett then goes on to praise his visit to Poland, saying "Romney's closeness to Walesa and the Polish freedom fighters is nothing short of Reaganesque." This comes complete with a slap at President Obama comparing him to Jimmy Carter. Oh Bill, you are brilliant. I'm sure you start your day in front of a mirror telling yourself just that.

He finally puts himself out of his own misery by asserting that we are to be given a  choice to "Be not afraid" or "You didn't build that" this November. See what he did there? Brilliant!

Originally posted to Steven Payne on Thu Aug 02, 2012 at 03:10 PM PDT.

Also republished by Media Whores Exposed.

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