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I've been lying low lately, lurking mostly, and commenting very little. I have also been reading up on climate change and keeping an eye on the paid hacks from the energy multinationals. They abound in all media outlets, doing their bidding spreading indefensible theories but it seems that some climate skeptics have accepted the main tenets of climate science: that the world is indeed warming up and that we humans are largely to blame, which brings me to the GOS Weekly Review.

A few weeks ago Bionic and Mnemosyne have teamed up to produce a magazine for iPad, with the brief of including trending news topics such as environment, civil rights, women's rights, community, the body politic, healthcare, economy, media, science, OWS news, education, energy, LGBT and marriage equality news and short, a neatly condensed weekly review of the best posts that this site has to offer. Animal Nuz and fresh snark complete the roundup!

We have just published number 4, titled The Times They Are-A-Climate Changing, to reflect the seriousness of what I (personally) think is the premier issue of our times.

Here is the list of the usual suspects behind this project (more writers are coming on board in the next few weeks):

Bionic - Publisher of The GOS Weekly Review and application developer.

Mnemosyne, Managing Editor, has written and edited for books, blogs, websites and newspapers. She now knows that you can take the girl out of the newsroom but you can't take the newsroom out of the girl. She's also been a Wall Street banker, a caterer and an extra on The Guiding Light, not necessarily in that order.

Bill Harnsberger is an Eagle Scout. When not doing such things as attempting to get innocent bystanders to take part in spontaneous Glee-like production numbers in the middle of busy intersections, he writes his Daily Kos column "Cheers and Jeers"€as "Bill in Portland Maine" (now in its 9th year). He has managed to travel from his Ohio birthplace via stops in Dusseldorf, Germany, and Saginaw, Michigan, to his current residence in Portland, on the stern and rugged rockbound coast of Maine, where he lives with his partner, Michael.

Asinus Asinum Fricat is the Daily Kos blog name of French-born Patric Juillet. He is the author of The Patric Juillet Cookbook and a number of eBooks on food and ecology. He lives in the west of Ireland with his partner, Barbara, and their three daughters, and is busy writing the next two volumes of his maybe-autobiographical trilogy, Memoirs of a Sardine Lover.

"ask" hails from the northern fringes of Europe and was previously a union chair in his native land. He'€™s been an expat for the last 25 years working for international organizations.

Steve Bracken, with roots deep in the Yorkshire mills and coalfields as the son of a union organizer, moved to the U.S. in 2005. Settled in Oklahoma with wife Jodie and three stepchildren, he is frequently starved of intelligible conversation by the Ocean of Red lapping against the front door of his adopted home, a problem partly alleviated by blogging as "twigg". He also rides in long-distance motorcycle rallies, noting that it's one way to visit friendlier states.

Kevin J. Getty has been writing since he was four years old. Sometimes what he scribbles about is of interest to humans; sometimes it isn't.

Susan Grigsby is a young senior who spent time in the commercial property/casualty insurance industry before seeing the light and setting off on 12 years of travel throughout the United States. Now retired, she lives in the high desert of Southern California with far too many cats.

Eric Lewis draws funny pictures for such as The New Yorker, his hometown magazine, and the Environmental Defense Fund. At least two cartoons are famous -- the Guggenheim Museum owns the original art for one, and Jon Stewart read another to his audience on The Daily Show. Eric posts "Animal Nuz" every Saturday at Daily Kos as "ericlewis0."€

Jeffrey Lieber is a TV VIP whose credits include Lost, Necessary Roughness and Miami Medical. He's also a blogger, good-guy family man and prodigious producer of typos [his term]. Originally from Chicago, he finds winters much warmer in Venice, California.

Dennis Mersereau lives in North Carolina and attends college in Alabama, majoring in political science with a minor in meteorology. He plans to teach, which he's done at Daily Kos since 2009, where as weatherdude he's educated thousands of readers in the fine points of scary weather.

Madison Paige was a pioneer in producing media-rich websites when the Internet was still mostly words. Her will launch next year as the country's first completely non-commercial, audience participatory, collaborative production studio focused on high quality, enriching television entertainment for worldwide audiences. She blogs at Daily Kos as mdmslle .

"Militarytracy" is married to an active-duty career soldier who was deployed to Iraq in the spring of 2003. Nothing made sense, there were no WMDs, nobody gets back the same soldier that they send to war, and she was furious. So she followed her GOTVing grandmother’s example of political involvement; blogging gave her connections to others seeking policy solutions. One of her two children is disabled, and regular fighting with his for-profit insurer has opened her eyes about shortcomings in the health industry.

The GOS Weekly Review is an iPad magazine available in the Newsstand at iTunes

I am pleased to be associated with this magazine and will be keeping a weary eye on the incoming food crisis as the US government forecasts a 4% rise in food prices for US consumers because of the drought and the diversion of corn stocks to ethanol. Research published last week by the New England Complex Systems Institute also warned of an "imminent food crisis" because rampant commodity speculation have created a food price bubble, leading to an inevitable spike in prices by 2013. My work is cut out as I will be following this closely in the weeks and months to come.

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