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The Presidential election is heating up and a sense of proportion is nowhere to be seen.
As the saying goes, “If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention”.


Profiles in Carnage
Shame of Thrones
It's Just Business
Day One
Corporations Eat People, My Friend...
Being Republican is Never Having to Say You're Sorry
Eat the Rich, Bite Down On the Son of a Bitch
None For All But All For One
Occupy Stupidity
A Chicklet in Every Pot
When Catterpillars Attack
The Meddling is the Message
The Jesus and Daisy Chain
Planned Personhood
Walker Wisconsin Ranger
Voter Nullification
Can I Vote Just Until I Need Glasses?
Romney-To-English,101, (Mitty Litter)

Profiles In Carnage: The Raises And Folly Of The Romneyan Empire

When elected, Romney is going to lower tax rates for the rich. So the first thing he is going to do after getting into office is to vote himself a raise. That pretty well sets the tone for his priorities.

Romney is a ninja. An expert in the art of stealth and invisibility. “I don‘t remember what it was but I agree with whatever it was that I said”. Which time? When you were for it before you were against it? He turns around so much that you wonder why he hasn’t actually screwed himself into the ground. He creates enough of a breeze that FEMA is considering sending trailers.

When Romney is President, the Republicans can return to business as usual, as it was during the reign of the administration that dares not speak it’s name: Rewarding CEOs for epic incompetence, giving tax bonuses to the wealthy at the expense of everybody else and scapegoatting of the working class as the source of all economic difficulties. You know, prosperity.

There is certainly ample ammunition to use against Romney based on his relentless hypocrisy, hidden offshore accounts, evasiveness about his tax returns and who his secretive friends are, the ones who run from the limelight when their antics become visible, just like cockroaches that scurry under the fridge when the kitchen light is turned on. However, these cockroaches have their tentacles on the light switch. Romney’s evasiveness spans decades and if his investments were a ship they would be registered in Liberia.

Just beginning to be explored is the gaping hole in the narrative of Mitt Romney’s career. The record about his years as governor of Massachusetts and his invisible tax returns are Romney’s 18 minutes of missing tape. Apparently, his campaign’s propaganda wonk accidentally hit the erase button while he was struggling to spell “America”. No wonder. His record during this time demonstrates that his much vaunted fiscal expertise yielded abysmal employment and prosperity results (for everybody not him), which explains the silence but not the bravado. His handlers seem completely unaware that he actually ever was Governor there. Surely he must have some stolen pens or stationary that he could show them? Perhaps his tax returns would list his occupation? Oh right.

Tepid results on a smaller stage are no recommendation for a “stirling” performance on a national scale, especially in exponentially more trying economic times, as in those created after such wholesale destruction of the economy was wreaked by the Bush administration. There, I said it. The “B” word. Republicans erupt with indignation when you try to invoke the memory of the Bush regime. “Ancient history!!” they bark. Coincidentally, that’s the place where all new Republican ideas originate.

You don't get called up to the Big League when you choked in the Little League, unless of course you rally outside backers to buy the team, like Romney's billionaires who are about to buy the election. They could call them the “Citizen‘s United Class Warfare Usurpers”, ("Go fightin’ Carpetbaggers!!").

Shame Of Thrones

Romney has been accused of being insensitive and out of touch. He is from the class that passes for American royalty and demonstrates the typical aloof and disconnected demeanour associated with extreme wealth. It is said that he favours the one percent, (“The Rich”) over the ninety-nine percent, (“The Organ Donors”).

His handlers want you to know that he’s just a Regular Joe, y’all, bro, dude, girlfriend, mack, Holmes, (Insert applicable endearing denominational colloquialism here). He’d like nothing better than to go out with you for a beer and to watch sport.

Just how far out of touch is Mitty Antoinette, anyway? Any day now I expect him to utter: “Let them eat those chocolate goodies”. Elitism pervades the Romnisphere and cleanses the backwash from contact with temporarily important riffraff with votes. Even the Romney livestock enjoy special status. Romney’s dressage-prancing, Olympic stallion, “Tax Shelter” can lord it’s status over others in the stable. With an Olympic win, this 1% horse can rack up lucrative commercial endorsements, including ads for soap and glue, gleefully throwing her lesser fortunate relatives under the cart.

So who let the horses out? And what regular guy doesn’t have a purebred steed? Personally, I use mine to go pick up the Grey Poupon after retrieving the poodle from it’s anal bleaching. The Romney interest in equestrian contests stems from the fact that he is such a horse’s ass. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I say that with the utmost respect for Buttockal-Americans.

Always crisp and current on foreign affairs, he’s going to set the evil-doers straight, while making America, (General Dynamics and Xe Services, nee Blackwater) even richer. While the US is finally getting out of cripplingly expensive foreign wars, he wants to thrust the country into new ones with Iran (“take no options off the table”), Syria and probably Russia, (“America’s biggest foe”) (??). What, he‘s going to let the Contras and the Mongols off the hook? The Vikings haven’t launched an attack recently, (unless you count IKEA) so maybe the US should start stockpiling anti-Gokstad missiles?

Being out of touch is common amongst Conservative cheerleaders. Romney believes that Ann Coulter, (who once said, “McCarthyism is a myth”, among many other, I won’t say “brain farts”, they are more like communicable aneurisms) is a “moderate” and Dick Cheney is “a man of wisdom and judgement” (OK, he DID shoot a lawyer). On balance though, someone that far out of touch should be, well, on the Supreme Court.

Is it common naiveté or instinct for deception that forms upper class (“job creator”) values? Romney desperately wants to restore the aimless, swaggering, “Bush In A China Shop” policies of that Administration, even though it‘s failures are well documented, (well, in his defence, he and documents aren’t close). His imperative is to get his foot in the White House door and justify every regressive social policy or corporate giveaway to follow, somehow later, when it’s too late to stop him. If the obliging piñatas who voted in Wisconsin are a barometer, he could then re-introduce slavery and restore the Right of Prima Notte and they would shrug it off saying, “Well, we’ll accept it for four years, no matter how bad it gets but then, WE”RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!” Such a giant leap backwards to a ham-fisted, Republican feudal system redux and utter disregard for what the majority wants is a “fresh start”, according to the GOP. Chronic detachment from middle class priorities is a hallmark of self-aware elites. If the Colorado fires had occurred during his administration, Bush would have looked at them and exclaimed, “Look! A thousand points of light!”

It’s Just Business

One of Romney's more recent rectally-derived talking points is that no one who has never been a businessperson should be allowed to be President. No stranger to speaking from his ass, Governor John Kasich acknowledged that his rectum was in agreement during a recent appearance on “Meet The Press”. Kasich said that he won’t vote for a non-business candidate. And who would be more qualified to gauge success than the man who was managing director of Lehman Brothers until the company filed for bankruptcy, (oops). Meanwhile, Romney wants a new qualification written into The Constitution, no less, requiring a career in business in order to be eligible for President. He believes that business is the only legitimate life experience. I wonder if my garbage collector has his MBA yet? I just can't trust him now.

An important secondary qualification is a sensitivity to the needs of the majority of the population, not the shareholders, Mitt. Business is just not about democracy. First and foremost, a businessman is driven to seek a profit from every endeavour, and in Bain Capital’s case, even if it means destroying or eliminating it’s assets. You throw out the baby AND the bathwater if it means saving the tub. You can always crank out another kid but, hey, bathroom fixtures cost money.

On a national scale that would mean eliminating certain poor states and sacrificing entire groups of people to balance the books, before you can go ahead and distribute the bonuses. Perhaps selling Mississippi to Bangladesh could turn that money-loser into a source of revenue. After all, it’s foolishness to continue funding a permanent liability like that and, let’s face it, to do so is just pure Socialism. Lol, you could have an “ex-state sale”. Add to that, a business type is going to try to create profit for himself, first. Clinically speaking, there is no impulse for sharing, or commitment to the community that elected him, in the profit-driven businessmen’s DNA. Just a propensity for sucking up all of the formaldehyde.

Day One

On his first day, even before he adds Haliburton to the speed dial on the Oval Office phone, Romney said, at different times, that he is going to provide large tax cuts, bitch slap China, end ObamaCare, raise military spending while reducing the deficit, (apparently Day One is also Opposite Day), repeal “job-killing regulations”, approve the Keystone pipeline, ban gay marriage and lower gas prices. On that day he will also become “Mitt Romney Vampire Hunter” and Pet Detective. This is his way of telling you that he only plans to work for one day. Then he will retire retroactively and start collecting his pension. The business of running the government will be outsourced to India and he can return to traveling the world looking for new places to hide his money. “If this is Tuesday, it must be rupees”.

Corporations Eat People, My Friend…I Mean…Oh Shit, Hand Me That Etch-A-Sketch

When Romney echoed the famously outrageous sentiment, “Corporations are people, my friend” (and Romney is a man of the people, wink, wink), let’s face it, he was gloating over his side’s win in the SCOTUS ruling. His billionaire cronies don’t just want most of the benefits and advantages, they want them all and they don’t just want all of the spoils, they want you to know who’s on top and to rub your nose in it. A typical A-type personality trait. As you can probably guess, “A” stands for “Asshole”.

Being Republican Is Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

Republicans don’t call it fascism. They call it vision.

They never apologise for their disastrous hard-line programs, merely try to repackage and resell them, (“All failed programs must go!!”). Conservatives always try to foist on you their parsimonious financial system based on the myth of "Trickle Down Economics”. What they don’t tell you is that they will also install a rain gutter to funnel that which trickles down into a holding tank to be used to water their begonias. Note: Never mistake Trickle Down Economics with a Golden Shower. One activity has the dominant “top” pissing on the "bottom" to humiliate them and demonstrate who is in control and the other is a golden shower.

Despite Conservative obstructionist policies, the middle class has made huge gains in the last century. Well, enough of that Socialist redistribution of the wealth belonging to the rich crap! Accumulation of wealth is the definitive zero sum game. The few are rich because the many are not, so forget this urban legend nonsense about “the rising tide raises all boats”. Republicans know that any benefits realised by middle and low income families takes away more wealth that could have gone to the Koch brothers, for Chrissake. Most people hear “rising tide” and imagine burgeoning prosperity. When Republicans say it, think: New Orleans.

Republicans are the same geniuses that were convinced that the oil gained from Iraq would pay for that war and the Coalition forces would be welcomed with open arms. Karl Rove is touted as being a genius for engineering Republican across-the-board wins during the Bush years. Please. You don’t need to be a genius to fool morons.

These are people utterly without shame. Or they are unaware that somebody actually recorded their last verbal assault on sanity. Mitch McConnell must believe that vampires really don’t show up on camera when he let slip that the Republican’s “Job One” is to prevent a second Obama term. Job creation is eighth runner up, losing out to Miss Anti-Abortion Legislation and Miss Naming Of Post Offices. Tax cuts for the lower classes got “Miss Congeniality”.

They act like they alone are the champions of personal responsibility, except when expectant billionaires give corrupting amounts of cash to their campaigns in exchange for influence. Then they bend over backwards to ensure that those proud patriots will remain anonymous and therefore insulated from any possible repercussion for their craven exploitation of the process. Money is now speech and there is no more potent speech than a whisper in the darkness. “Sunshine is the best disinfectant” becomes, “Hey, how about those Knicks?!”

Right Wing patriots-of-convenience like Romney insist that America should never apologise for anything. US air strikes accidentally killing 24 Pakistani soldiers seven months ago and four Canadian ground troops in 2009 actually produced much-needed martyrs, Japanese interment camps during WWII were just the first gated communities and slavery was a celebration of ethnic independence.

Instead of apologising for their past failures and assaults on reason, GOP arrogance expects you to give them a pass with their drive to return to their very profitable regime of exploiting populist economic failure through the selling of family and business futures, like exchanging so many trading cards, (what could I possibly be alluding to?) and accept that they will best serve the public…..IT’S A COOKBOOK, IT’S A COOKBOOK!!! (Google it).

“Eat The Rich, Bite Down On The Son Of A Bitch”

Capitalism, sorry, cannibalism has been in the news a lot recently, which probably explains the Republicans' revived obsession with eating the poor. Romney himself is “not concerned with the poor” as he is sure that they will be delicious. Also on the menu: “It time to cut firefighters, police and teachers and help the American people”.

“My Mr. Romney, what big derivatives you have!” “All the better to offshore you with, my dear!”

How does the story end? The Soylent Green develops an appetite of it’s own?
“What goes around, comes around” should be the fifth law of thermodynamics.

None For All But All For One

Republicans and Libertarians are kissing cousins, although the fingering under the table is a bit much. Anyway, with Libertarians, everything is always about them.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Libertarianism is a wholly owned subsidiary of RepubliCorp. It’s new image still celebrates relentlessly selfish priorities but it's advocates recently started focusing on eliminating charitable assistance to those in need, reducing it to nothing more than passive eugenics. “If you’re not rich, it’s your own fault”. “There’s no free lunch”. Honestly, people starve because they just don’t understand freedom. Libertarian ideology is ostensibly about improving one’s own lot but when did it become necessary to rub the noses of the needy in the grit of entrepreneurial greed? I don’t remember Libertarians being so gleefully callous twenty years ago, merely resolutely self-centred. It was all about looking after Number One, not shovelling Number Two.

Lately, Libertarianism uses the supposedly self-evident truth of minimalist Frontier Logic toward self-sufficiency to justify collateral cruelty towards others, (“Not my problem”). We should all live a society where we have to scrape by every day on whatever we have the ability to take from others, (let me guess, it’ll involve guns). How wonderfully well that meshes with the Reagan “Me Generation”, “Take Whatever You Can Get”, “Never Give A Sucker An Even Break”, “Do Unto Others Before They Do Unto You” paranoid ethos. And that’s all before 9:00 AM in the Morning in America. Romney’s treacherous, “You’re On Your Own”, “Every Man IS An Island”, anti-entitlement universe mirrors the corporate-friendly, institutional callousness of Ron Paul’s “Let Them Die!”, Libertarian Utopia. No wonder they had that brief dalliance during the primaries. Btw, could the bromance of two similar philosophies be considered a same sex relationship? Alas, a friendship based on mutual suspicion and existential self-interest is destined to fail. Or become the basis for a reality TV show.

Btw, why would anybody accept Ron Paul’s assessment of anything when it has taken this long for him even to get a clue that he isn’t going to be the nominee, something everybody else has known for months? Paul and his followers have probably seen “The Dictator” fifty times each but still don‘t get the humour… Earth to Ron Paul! Cancel the order for porkpie hats! And get back to work, loser. The taxpayer won‘t be funding your retirement, after all! Jeez, I hate these entitlement freeloaders.

It’s not that the libertarian would kick someone when they’re down. Spitting on them requires much less effort. Libertarians would shout down an important debate on delivering healthcare to those who have none, to focus on securing their Second Amendment right to hunt sparrows with an anti-tank gun. Under their pathologically greedy, conspiracy-theory-as-oxygen regime, everybody would have to fend for themselves without any government help, or any government at all for that matter, and you would never know your neighbours because they don’t put the assault rifle down long enough for you to approach. “Hey neighbour, can I borrow a cup of sugar?” “Freeze!! Step away from the freedom!!”

Those who do manage to hack their way to wealth will reap all of the rewards and pay no tax, (if automatic preferential treatment for a parochial social class isn‘t an entitlement, I don‘t know what is) but don’t feel left out middle class, you’ll be paying for their life styles through your inexplicably and voluntarily adopted low wages, (made ludicrously easy by the rejection of unions) that increase their bottom lines. This is Conservatives being inclusive. Libertarians are Republicans without friends.

Occupy Stupidity

If you can see a difference between the Republicans and the Tea Party then you probably never get past the first line on the eye chart. Too bad, the Republicans are going to cancel your healthcare benefits or you could‘ve gotten that fixed.

A tantrum is a terrible thing to waste. Since the Tea Party supporters are congenitally compelled to vote against their own interests to give ideological cover to the “job creators”, who create no jobs, what is really needed is a movement of voter suppression that blocks dangerous imbeciles from the polls. They could use Right Wing talk radio station mailing lists for the database. Now that one would be embarrassingly accurate.

Joe the Plumber, an enthusiastic Tea Potty acolyte, has figured out why the Holocaust happened. Lack of firepower. Gun control prevented the Jews from “standing their ground” against the Nazis. Why couldn’t anybody else see this glaring truth? Everything becomes so much clearer when viewed through a crusted sewer pipe!! One thing Joe: You do realise that the resistance was armed?

Glenn Beck is also trying to make a comeback. It’s hard to keep a good man how come he's getting up again? I wondered why he always made extensive use of chalk and blackboards but after listening to him again, I now realise it is because they won’t allow him to have anything sharp.

Democrats seem to believe that the Tea Party crazies will respond to a reasoned argument, if only they show the Tea Baggers respect and engage them in calm debate. Unfortunately, reason cannot penetrate tin foil. It is impossible to sit someone down for a chat when the silicon chip in their ass is commanding them to march.

The Tea Party’s motto is: “Paranoia will employ ya” and their recent rise to prominence has given new life to rabid, old school McCarthyism. Right wingnuts see Communist infiltrators around every corner…again. Michelle Bachmann and Alan West see swarms of Commies in the Obama Administration, although in retrospect, they could still actually only be left-leaning bigfoots. I used to think that I was crazy but after listening to these Teapublican arm-waivers, even the voices in my head are speechless.

A Chicklet In Every Pot

Austerity in a nutshell: If you’re bleeding heavily, stop buying bandages.

This is a decidedly Conservative belief where you starve a problem and it will go away. Those involved will savage each other to the point of minimal representation and solve your problem, but sadly, not theirs. People conditioned to have low expectations will therefore never be disappointed by the meagre scraps brushed off by disdainful alleged benefactors, (see: “Trickle Down Economics” ). Those who rely on the largesse of skinflints will experience the righteous joy of motivated attrition and provide endless entertainment for said skinflints. Austerity is merely the abandoned warehouse where the cock fight is held.

For a party that hates the concept of biological evolution they sure embrace the idea in every other facet of human affairs. Faith-based Republican health care will consist of a first-aid kit with an aspirin (for pain or for the knees), a bottle of Jack Daniels and a soldering iron. Ironically, anything not cured with those will be handled by natural selection. This is the Paul Ryan health care model. It’s social Darwinism’s creepy cousin, medical Darwinism. Not to be confused with Gender Darwinism or “Estrogenocide”, practised by many religions worldwide in the cause of subjugating women. Sigh…Republicans will just have to be satisfied with repealing Roe v. Wade and demonising feminism. You have to walk before you can run, eh Paul?

When Caterpillars Attack

Republicans laugh and proclaim that there is no such thing as a war on women. What you’re seeing is just swamp gas. The idea is being promoted by little green women.

Perhaps in an effort to prove that the war on women is a myth, male Michigan House hall monitor, Republican Jase Bolger, banned two Democratic female state representatives recently from speaking in the House for comments made there that offended his delicate sensibilities, (apparently causing him to throw his skirt over his head and run screaming from the building). The rebuke was an attempt to silence the members but resulted in the women being interviewed on various news programs and therefore enabled them to broadcast their “offensive” messages to a national audience. It also prompted an ad hoc presentation of the “Vagina Monologues”, complete with oratory about the incident, on the steps of said Capitol. The spectacle drew a crowd of some 2400 supporters along with the national media. Way to silence your critics, butthead. House leader Bolger had suspended one woman over use of the word “vagina”. What a dick.

Nuns on the run: After being scolded by the male bishops of the Vatican for pursuing humanitarian issues instead of persecuting homosexuals, nuns in the US decided to conduct an information road trip. This should be interesting as there is nothing more toxic to Teapublicans than information, that is, facts. It’s like Kryptonite except that as they become weaker, they actually scream louder. The nuns set out to meet with Paul Ryan to discuss his punishing healthcare budget but he was unavailable to meet with them. A practicing and self-professed proud Catholic had no time for the nuns. I guess he knew that a righteous tanning was coming.

The Meddling Is The Message

McLuhan 101: Perception is everything and how you interfere with and manipulate the message is far more important than the message itself. Elections just aren’t about merit or integrity. Citizen’s United will prove that perception is the vengeful currency of determined malevolence. You like that? I came up with it while I was watching “Glee”.

Obama has been criticised by his own base for not touting his own accomplishments but the first time he actually does, he is accused of “spiking the ball” all across the Fox Looniverse, as well as being constantly mocked by late night comedians. On the one year anniversary, Obama dared to remind Republicans that he was the one who finally killed Bin Laden. The previous obtusely hawkish administration, champions of the vindictive, “Smoke him out of his hole” satisfying law and order retribution rhetoric, had eventually given up on him after their failure even to locate him. Apparently, revenge is a dish best served before it’s “sell by” date.

John McCain, in an effort to minimise the accomplishment, one that would have generated a national holiday if the Republicans had accomplished it, subsequently proclaimed, “Heroes don’t brag”. So does that mean that he’ll shut up about “American Exceptionalism”? McCain has worked tirelessly to scrape off any remaining statesman-like veneer over just the last few months by becoming a transparent, lockstep corporate puppet enabler, in order to prop up that free-wheeling, patriotic draft-dodger Romney. He has adopted a “one step forward, two steps back” approach to his legacy. He blasted Michele Bachmann for her rant about Huma Abedin being a Muslim spy but immediately walked back this gain for his image by opining that Romney need not release any more tax records and believes that even despite the Aurora shooting, that it has "not been proven" that there needs to be a review of gun control laws. So, what then? People control? “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people!”. Well then, maybe we shouldn‘t give people guns!! At least McCain and Romney share a proficiency in the Two Step. They could do “Dancing With The Czars”.

On “Meet The Press” McCain actually claimed that the US has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. So how did GE and other large corporations manage to get away with paying ZERO tax last year?? So zero is the highest rate? Ahh, you see how sneaky Socialism is?? I can hear the Tea Party refrain now: “That means NO rebates!!”. "TAX REFORM!!", “GIVE US BACK OUR LOOPHOLES!!”, “LOWER THE TAX RATE BELOW ZERO!!”, “KILL DODD/FRANK!!","THE TWO DEMOCRATS, THEN THE BILL!!”

Republicans are the party of cheap applause and bargain basement patriotism. They never miss an opportunity to divert attention from their outrageous plans or ubiquitous failures with a gratuitous round of flag waiving and rousing out-of-context quotations from the Constitution. Although, the Bush Foundation’s “I Just Don’t Spend Much Time On Bin Laden” commemorative plates were a commercial disappointment.

WWJTUTB? (Who Would Jesus Throw Under The Bus?)

Lately holier-than-thou GOP ideologues, scrambling to claw their way to prominence and hoping to re-engineer social paradigms for the next few generations, preface the announcement of their next demeaning cutback with a proclamation of the earnestness of their faith. As if that will excuse the callous deprivations to follow. By establishing a phoney air of sanctimony to bless their ideological assaults upon those who cannot fight back, these sacred bullies assume that it gives them absolution for shoving their punishment for failure to be wealthy down your throat. Paul Ryan’s claims that his assault-on-the-poor but give-more-to-the-rich budget was inspired by his faith. Faith in what, quid pro quo? Paul, shallow be thy name, thy Kingdom's only for some, thy will be shunned by those who art in Heaven…Hint: There ain’t any sunblock strong enough, or healthcare coverage, for where you're going.

The Jesus And Daisy Chain

Mega-churches, prayer circles, partisan advocacy. Say no more.

Planned Personhood

Even though they promised to focus on the economy and jobs, Republicans have demonstrated a laser-like focus on ramming anti-abortion legislation into wherever they can force it to fit, to the exclusion of all else. This is their only plan. They want not only to ban abortion but to outlaw contraception as well. They have an obsession with intercourse, which is predictable I suppose, being a group of opportunistic fuckers. Actually, I can understand their objection to abortion as it may someday be technologically possible to predict if a fetus will become a Republican. Up until now the only hint was that the baby comes out already wearing a diaper.

Walker Wisconsin Ranger

Scott Walker is going to clean up the town by using the same tired, Republican ham-fisted template for social engineering that sequesters all of the benefits and the breaks for the rich, while triumphantly doing absolutely nothing for anybody else. The rest of society is to be dragged into the “Thunderdome”. Two different socio-economic underclasses competing for the favours and mythical largesse of the rich go in, one comes out. Ahh, the good old days when you could still fire people on a whim, pay them poverty-level wages made possible by Right-To-Work and no minimum wage legislations, order the National Guard to open fire on a union camp and kill twenty men, women and children in order to break a strike, (as in Ludlow, Colorado in there‘s government assistance that Republicans can get behind!) and movies were a nickel.

It’s “game on” for union-busting. Incidentally, for those convinced of the false equivalence between the wealth of unions and billionaire Conservative backers: Walker had five to ten times the funds as the pro-union forces did to fight his recall. Since this fight will provide the model for crushing unions and rolling back workers rights nationwide and for generations to come, you'd think that they would go all out in funding their effort to stop him, you know, since they have all that money.

So the excuse for giving Walker a pass in the recall vote was that they didn’t want to solve the fight with a recall? So they will allow the destruction to continue for another four years to maintain decorum? “I strongly disagree with what you are doing and may lose my job as a result of your actions but please continue, and pull my hair while you’re at it”. Thirty-seven percent of union households voted for Walker and even though it is obvious that he will destroy their union as soon as he is able, they are willing to wait until the next election to kick him out. Apparently mitigation is to be performed using the rhythm method.

“No need to panic. My house burned to the ground today but I didn’t call the fire department because they were just in the neighbourhood two weeks ago tending to a fire down the block. Anyway, since we fired so many first responders because they were destroying our freedom, they probably didn’t have the resources to attend anyhow. Pass the irony”. Walker won through election nullification. Apparently, Wisconsin voters are the OJ jury.

No one knows for sure when Walker decided to become the super hero union buster that he has become but it is rumoured that he was once bitten by a radio-active scab worker. I’ll bet that left an ugly mark!

Voter Nullification

“I love the smell of voter-suppression in the morning!!"

So a recall is only for punishing criminal activity? Governor Rick Scott is performing an illegal purge of what will likely be mostly eligible Democrat voters from the Florida voter’s list, in direct contravention of the Voter’s Right Act and using known-to-be inaccurate data, sooooo…..?

Why are they changing the goal posts in the middle of the game with new ID requirements, anyway? How has the Union survived up until now? OK, I will admit that there is rampant voter fraud in the country. Yes, Republican governors and their henchmen are trying to rob legitimate voters of their right to vote, using a demonstrably faulty database to identify their victims, statistical Democrats. Florida governor Rick Scott is defying an explicit injunction from the Justice Department against his illegal (their word) voter suppression drive, which was bolstered by the Walker win. This electoral cheating ploy is being pushed through by at least half a dozen other states. Mittery loves company.

Can I Vote Just Until I Need Glasses?

Republicans continue to pleasure themselves by holding useless, grandstanding votes to repeal Obama Care. They have engaged in these shameless sessions of mutual masturbation at least thirty times even though they will have no effect whatsoever, other than the instant gratification, of course. They obviously want to be seen to be doing this, repeatedly and in public, for common prurient release and front-and-centre recognition through shameless exhibitionism. I don’t know if it’s that semen goes well with tea but personally, I find it quite unseemly. It’s like a porn flick with no money shot, just extended credits.

Romney-To-English, 101, (Mitty Litter)

“Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to the people”: “I still believe that corporations are people”.

“I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that millions of Americans believe in” : “Who’s on first?”

“I’m running for office, for Pete’s sake. We can’t have illegals!” : “You’re offending my core values… Why, what are you offering?”

“President Obama wants to put free enterprise on trial”: “Still, better that than CEOs! Lol, some of my best friends are felons”.

“PETA is not very happy that my dog likes fresh air”: “Sometimes I even unchain him from the bumper and let him ride on the roof”.

“I saw my father march with Martin Luther King”: “I think it was at Roswell”.

“There were a couple of times I was worried whether I was going to get a pink slip”: “ …..shoved up my ass”.

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