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What's it like for Mitt Romney to have to deal with someone like Harry Reid claiming that he heard from a Bain Capital investor that Romney didn't pay any income taxes for ten years in a row?  Steve M. tries to explain what it's kinda like.  

Y'know, it's a bit like saying that the current president is a secret Muslim socialist who lied about his U.S. birth and has a fake Social Security number and is secretly plotting to take away all privately owned guns if he's reelected, either before or after he finishes the job of deliberately destroying American capitalism. It's also a bit like saying that the previous Democratic president was a drug dealing serial murderer and rapist whose lesbian wife had her male lover killed when she wasn't hanging sex toys on the White House Christmas tree.

Also, too, Paula Jones!!  

But, of course, as even Steve M. acknowledges, Reid's charges aren't really anything like the kinds of crap the right slings at Democratic leaders every day of the week.  Let me try to give an illustration of my point.  

Mitt Romney isn't really a Mormon.  He's an atheist who only went along with his father's faith so he could duck the Vietnam draft.  He didn't actually try to convert anyone when he was in France either.  In reality, he spent all his time in Monte Carlo gambling and buying high-end hookers.  When his daddy found out what he was doing, he made him come home and marry his high school sweetheart.  Actually, he only made him marry her after the second time she got pregnant.  The first time, they got an abortion.  Then Romney started using some of the mafia connections he had made in Marseilles to import heroin.  By the time he became governor, they were flying it straight into a secret airport they set up in the Berkshires.  When one of the pilots started to talk, Romney had him killed.  

Now, if we started telling these stories to people, and a substantial percentage of the population started to actually believe  these stories, and if congressmen humored and even encouraged the people who believed these stories, and if media figures talked about these stories, and if Congress actually had hearings about some of these stories, then Mitt Romney would know what it's like to be treated like a Democrat.  

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