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The ad in question - Released yesterday, August 2nd -

In 24 hours the ad has been viewed 103, 438 times on Youtube, which means it's getting passed around a bit.  This is important.  

I know we detest self-anointed fact checkers in the media, but they're a good tool to use nonetheless when they find in our favor.  So with this ad getting aired and somewhat of a hit on the youtube channel it will be important to prove it's veracity to skeptics and right wingers looking to call it false.  Enter Washington Post's Glenn Kessler.  

Now this is the guy that called the Bain attacks false simply because Romney claimed that no matter what the SEC papers said, that he left in 1999.  As more and more proof came to contradict the Romney claims Mr. Kessler stood firm - but recently he relented and said it is a grey area that neither side could prove or disprove given the current information available (though I don't believe he went back to change his Pinocchio's awarded).  

While we hated him for his complete inability to be rational and look at the facts in the Bain case, I believe a lot of that came from the position that he first raised the potential for Romney criminality if he did sign off on the SEC papers and didn't work there.  So he sort of really painted himself into a corner and either had to stick to his guns in trusting the Romney campaign or would be calling Romney a liar and criminal.  But this episode will also give him credibility with the true undecideds and indies.  Which brings me to his findings in the "Stretch ad" -

You can read his deconstruction of the ad here -

But the jist of it is that Romney by failing to release specifics in his policy ideas leaves himself open to interpretation and given that Kessler holds the non-partisan Tax Policy Center is really high regard (consists of serious tax policy folks from both sides of the political spectrum with veterans of Dem and GOP administrations involved) until Romney Camp releases more details (which they refused when Kessler requested more) to counter the findings, the Tax Policy Center paper will be accepted as fact on this matter.  

The Pinocchio Test

This ad is tough, but we cannot fault the accuracy of its key points. To some extent, the Romney campaign has been hoist with its own petard by refusing to provide sufficient detail that shows how the numbers add up in Romney’s tax and budget plans. So we are left with the judgment of a respected and independent third party.

We hold campaign ads to a high standard, particularly attack ads. If Romney releases the missing details, and a new analysis finds that Romney can meet the stated goals of his tax plan, then we can certainly revisit this analysis. But, until then, for the first time in this frequently nasty campaign, we award a rare Geppetto Checkmark for a campaign ad.

What is the Geppetto Checkmark?
Statements and claims that contain “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” will be recognized with our prized Geppetto checkmark.

So pass this ad around, email it, facebook it and twitter it.   Have the WaPo factchecker to support it if necessary.  Mitt Romney wants to raise taxes $2000 on the middle class for a typical family to give his billionaire buddies tax breaks and it was found to be completely true.  

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