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   White lies, according to my grandmother, are lies of omission.  She would tell me: 'When you tell a lie, no one can believe anything else you say and when you leave out important facts so as to deceive - you are telling a white lie which is the same as lying.'

     George Zimmerman's dad, Robert Zimmerman, has an online website where he is 'Begging 4Money' for himself and his wife.  You see, Robert Zimmerman wants people to donate to him, personally so that he and his wife, can live comfortably while 'on the run' ever since their son, George, murdered an unarmed teenager.  He describes the day he left his house and started his life 'on the run.'

    "We [Robert & Gladys] took a couple changes of clothes for each of us, medicines, and a few personal belongings and fled. However, when the media learned our new location, we were no longer safe there. At that point, we went from one location to another. It has been an extremely difficult existence. It’s been a challenge getting hotel rooms when we can not provide our correct names, use credit cards, or produce any valid identification. Today, that is very much what our existence is."
     Robert Zimmerman wants the readers to pity him and his wife because ever since George murdered an unarmed teen, he and his wife have had their lives turned upside down.
    "Life as we had known it ended on February 26, 2012 ... Our dreams ended on February 26th ...  Nothing can ever return us to the family we were just a few short months ago. What Gladys and I have planned and worked for our entire life now will never be."
     Notice, Robert never mentions the fact that life as Trayvon Martin knew it ended on Feb 26, as did Trayvon's dreams.  Nothing will ever return Trayvon's family to the family they were a few short months ago.

On Robert Zimmerman's website, he outlines his biography so as to appear to be near destitute ... but ... Robert's biography is filled with White Lies as he leaves out the part where he is a retired Federal Circuit Judge Magistrate.  

I [Robert] was in the US Army for approximately 21 years. During much of my later service, I was assigned to the Office of the Secretary of Defense as an Executive Support Supervisor. As an enlisted man, and living in a high cost area, I routinely worked a second job. For this reason, many of the duties associated with raising our children were the responsibility of my wonderful wife, Gladys. Cristina, my thoughtful and loving mother-in-law, has been living with us since before our first child was born. She also played a very significant role in raising our three children ... In 1978 Gladys started working for the Circuit Court of Prince William County.
     Note: Robert left out the part where he is a retired Federal Circuit Judge Magistrate and that means that Robert Zimmerman, though his pension, earns his "final salary" for the rest of his life PLUS cost of living increases.
     CORRECTION: Robert left out the part where he is a retired Virginia Supreme Court Magistrate. Robert also leaves out how much annual income his Military & Magistrate Pension earn him and he leaves out his wife's annual income from her Circuit Court Pension.  (Correction on Robert's employment was made after the poster, shanikka, was kind enough to point out my initial error.)
   And again, Robert fails to mention that his Pension (Military & Magistrate) and Gladys pension (Circuit Court) also allows them taxpayer paid healthcare for the rest of their lives.

    Robert then writes about what a great-guy George is - never mind that he shot and killed an unarmed teenager.

"George has always taken being a good neighbor and good citizen seriously."
 I found it interesting that he ended the sentence with "seriously" as if to say "trust me" or "don't let the facts get in the way of my propaganda here."

    Then Robert goes in a diatribe about all the times George helped black people and always put other people way before himself.  In fact, according to Robert, George is so awesome about putting others before him that even after he was arrested and charged with murdering an unarmed teenager, all George could think about was ways in which he, George, could raise money to help the folks in jail make phone calls.

"After George’s arrest he was taken to the Seminole County Jail. Facing a murder charge and his life totally devastated, George’s attitude remained unshaken. After his release on bond, George said that, at some point, he would like to try and make a donation so that others in the facility would be able to make phone calls and purchase necessary items from the commissary."
   Next Robert describes his personal medical bills -- all the while leaving out the fact that, through his Pension, he gets taxpayer paid healthcare for the rest of his life.   But you know, in order to get the big-bucks donated to him, he's gotta tell ya how destitute he is.
"[I]n February, 2012, I was hospitalized for chest pains. It was determined that all of my major arteries were blocked, one working at only 20% capacity. A stent was inserted and, after a week in the hospital, I was released. (During my hospital stay, although he was working full-time and going to school, George slept in my room with me because he did not want me to ever be alone) Upon release, I was prescribed blood-thinners and told to limit my stress and physical exertion. Additionally, the doctors had discovered that my cervical spine was in very bad condition and physical therapy was prescribed for a continued numbness in my left arm."
   Robert Zimmerman lays it on thick -- he wants readers to: see how destitute he is, see how ill he is, see how awesome his son is -- so give Robert money to live on.  Robert even talks about how all his children "had" to leave their jobs, that they loved, after George killed an unarmed teen.
"I had to immediately stop my physical therapy. Doctors’ appointments had to be cancelled and severe hardship is still the life we are living.  In addition, our daughter had to leave a government job she truly loved.   There have been other severe hardships. However, for security reasons, these can not be mentioned at this time."
    I'll tell ya what, the Zimmerman family are lying, narcissistic creeps.
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