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One of the best assets the Democrats have is undercover agent Reince Priebus.  

As you know, Priebus (in reality a Democratic operative) has been posing as the chairman of the Republican Party for the last two years. By infiltrating the Republicans, Priebus has time and time again aided the Democrats via internal sabotage.

This morning Priebus went on ABC News' Sunday talk show and turned up the temperature on the Romney tax scandal story by calling Harry Reid a "dirty liar."

It was beautiful.

The Romney tax return issue had been simmering the past two weeks with people focused on the Olympics. But the issue was reignited this week by Harry Reid when he revealing a source inside Bain knows Romney did not pay any federal income taxes for 10 years.

Now any competent professional political operative would have let the story simply fade away by not addressing it. But operating as a mole within the RNC, Priebus threw jet fuel on the fire by using scandalous, inflammatory language, forcing the mainstream media to devote further news cycles on the damaging and damning allegations of tax evasion.

And just as planned, Priebus' provocation opened the door for the MSM to ask Democrats for responses on the Romney tax scandal, and pour through the door they did.

Gov. Romney can resolve this in 10 seconds – they can release the tax returns.  Why don’t they just put this to rest?  What is it that he’s hiding?

David Axelrod on Fixxed News

Romney could give us the proof that he has paid taxes consistently.  The fact is, Bob, Mitt Romney wants the American people to trust him with the presidency, but he won't trust us with his tax returns.  All he has to do is release his tax returns.  The question that I think is this: why is Mitt Romney refusing to give us his tax return?

Ted Strickland on Face The Nation
I don't know who is Harry Reid's source, but I do know that this is a question that has swirled around Mitt Romney for this entire campaign.  I do know that he could clear it up just like that, lickety-split, by releasing his tax returns, which every major candidate for president of the United States has done except for Mitt Romney.  I do know that there are massive questions about why he has a Swiss bank account, why he has investments in the Cayman Islands and a Bermuda corporation that he has transferred to his wife's name one day before he became governor of Massachusetts.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz  on ABC's This Week
We could put all this stuff to rest tomorrow.  You know what, we wouldn't talk about this tomorrow.  We wouldn't say "is he paying taxes?"  "What's he paying?"  The whole world would know exactly what loopholes he's taking advantage of.

Robert Gibbs on CNN

And adding a cherry on top of this ice cream sundae was Ted Strickland:
I think people are coming to see Governor Romney, as a person who has been born into and lived in privilege, has made a lot of money by closing factories, and laying off workers, and taking away pensions and benefits, sending jobs overseas, wanting tax reform that will benefit himself to the detriment of the working middle class in this country.
Perfect. Well played, Reince Priebus, well played.  

President Obama thanks you for this special, special birthday gift. Far better than a salt shaker.

This scandal will get even further attention tomorrow as Priebus' comments are cycled through the cable shows, as they race to jump in with their opinions.

Originally posted to Billionaires for Wealthcare on Sun Aug 05, 2012 at 07:13 PM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement and DKOMA.

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