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Let's take a trip to Bizarro World.

Bryan Fischer is 'Director of Issues Analysis' for the American Family Association (AFA).  He hosts a radio talk show heard from 100+ radio stations across the Southern states with over 1M listeners every day.
Here's his Wikipedia links.

He was  recently profiled by the New Yorker magazine which tried very hard convey his dimension & humanity - perhaps being overgenerous, I think.  

Fischer is so far to the Right that the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated his organization to be a hate-group.  He's where people go when Rush Limbaugh is just too cushy & nice.

His audience probably never listens directly to Obama at all.  Fischer filters & decodes everything - providing a landscape with virtually no nuance, where Stalinist gulags are right around the corner and public schools are a secularist plot.  

And yes - it is a tax-free religious organization, because though he rails against the Dems every day, he carefully avoids using the word 'endorse'..  so everything is all peachy & fine.

Just as folks are compelled to look at car wrecks on the highway, I had to have a look.  I don't know how this guy can walk through a mall & interact with other human beings - he is so filled with loathing for just about everybody.  Any human weakness or difference of opinion can get you on his hate-list.  

He is the fount of an alternate reality.  
See these little Haiku's of bile and take them for what they are.

Muslim inmates get microwaves in the UK, ordinary criminals don't:
Al Franken wins Senate seat by 312 votes; 1099 felons voted illegally. Anybody for voter ID?
Got your religion of peace right here: Muslims storm church service in Nigeria, murder 19 Christians.
DreamWorks to make `Kung Fu Panda 3' in China -
Shorter Obama on student loans: you can stiff private lenders, but you can't stiff me.
-He forgets to mention Obama saved billions by cutting out middle-men.-
Bain ain't got nothing on Obama. He shut down 2,000 auto dealers in 2009.
Paterno statue coming down? It should, for his role in covering for same-sex pedophile.
(Hetero is better????)
Religion of peace: 17-year old tries to grab Olympic torch while yelling "Allahu Akhbar."
Big Gay dumps another million dollars into campaign to promote sodomy-based marriage. GOP silent.
Milwaukee shooter used handgun, so ban on assault weapons would have been useless. Problem: he was the only one with a gun.
GOP frosh don't want people to know they're incumbents. No wonder: most voted to increase debt ceiling.
Constitution authorizes ONLY post offices, postal roads. Says NOTHING about door to door delivery.
Leftwing fascist neo-Nazi temple shooter detested Herman Cain. Takes care of that whole right wing Tea Party meme.
Got your religion of peace right here: Top Muslim preacher: suicide bombings a duty, Allah loves 'em.
No quit in this cowboy: man thrown in jail for Bible study in his own home now holding one behind bars.
Muslim shoots up Ft. Hood: "workplace violence." Leftwing fascist neo-Nazi shoots up Sikh temple: "terrorism."
Only way to keep your own kids out of same-sex homes: use the Underground Railroad. Straights = slaves.
Libs don't want poor leaving inner cities, nor do Muslims want Palestinians leaving refugee camps. Too useful politically.
If you have a daughter, tell her to thank God every day she grew up in a Christian country and not a Muslim one.
Obama breaking law (what's new?), tells defense contractors not to lay people off before election.
More trouble at New Yorker, the winger-left rag mag that did character assassination piece on me

(They tried their hardest to give him a human soul.  It didn't take.)

Media slobbers over Cheney: Palin VP pick "mistake." He's wrong. She gave McCain only chance to win.
Liberals, progressives, homosexual activists and Islamists cannot be reasoned with. They can only be defeated
Constitution is all about INDIVIDUAL rights. There are no GROUP rights or COLLECTIVE rights for anyone.  
(this one struck me strange, seeing as how corporations now have freedom-of-speech)
Cause of higher food prices nobody is talking about: 40% of our corn crop ordered by EPA to go into fuel.
(This is true.  If Big Corn has lost Fischer, they're going to lose the ethanol subsidy. Good.  Stopped clock is right - twice every day.)
Barack the Benevolent's monstrous tax increase on investment income will devastate senior citizens.
Turns out Obama is wrong again. Government DID NOT invent the internet. It was a nice try, though.
People aren't born that way. Sally Ride was heterosexual, then became lesbian. Change is possible.
Scientists and medical professionals who have serious questions about HIV as the cause of AIDS
Progressives do not want equality of opportunity but equality of outcome. The only way to get that is to punish achievers.
So it goes on like that.  If you read it exclusively the world would eventually look very different.

Most tweets are mean-spirited and have a villain/enemy for your 3-minute-hate.
The innocent victims are all White Hetero-Tea-Party-Christians.. Everyone else gets judged (very) harshly.

Some tweets link to far-right website articles that offer 'proof' of whatever.  
Others are straw-man arguments.
Others celebrate the Founding fathers as right-wing, deeply religious men who loooved guns..
Others seem to be direct interpretations of scripture. i.e. - divine Authority.  This is not a humble man.

The striking thing is if Fischer's audience are largely the rural white poor, how they align themselves with this message which clearly works to impoverish them over time.  It sure seems like self-loathing to me.  

They are being taught that the $$$ for government programs doesn't exist, and so to take part those benefits is a scam and a sin.  And so the only way they can be honest and honorable is to hate & refuse those benefits.   It makes sense in it's own twisted way.  


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