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We just got a visit from the Obama campaign.  They had a list of people being purged from the voters rolls.  My name was on that list.  So was my son's.  Fortunately, they had paperwork to keep us on the rolls, which we filled out.  

I have not missed voting in an election since I was old enough to vote.  Not just Presidential elections, I have voted in off years, school board elections, primaries (when there was a choice), bond issues, the whole works.  I have never failed to vote.  I have not moved, nor has my son.

I think this will backfire on the Republicans.  My son is so mad, that wild horses could not keep him from voting now.  I suspect he is not the only one.  He has also always voted.  There is no excuse to purge us unless all voters are being purged.

If you live in Colorado, you need to check to ensure you are not on the purge list.  They are doing this very quietly, so voters have no clue they are being purged.  You will not have received notification.  

If you are on the purge list, you need to file the paperwork now.  They are doing this late so you will be too late to get back on the list of registered voters.  You need to have your friends and family check as well.  Especially young people and women, as we seem to have been targeted.  

Apparently Quinipiac has come out with a new poll that shows Romney ahead in Colorado.  I now suspect it is because they have removed the people being purged.  To drop 7 points overnight could only have that as an explanation.  If so, it is clearly targeted and clearly an attempt to steal the election.  Don't let that happen.

I am wondering if there is some legal way to prevent this purge.  Does anyone have any ideas?  

Originally posted to My Gedanken Experiment on Wed Aug 08, 2012 at 06:22 PM PDT.

Also republished by Colorado COmmunity.

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