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From the Duckworth for Congress staff:

Joe Walsh is at again. At a fundraiser this weekend, here’s what he said about the President of the United States:

“I think [the Tea Party is] going to respectfully pick this president up and pat him on the head and say, son, son, son, Mr. President, you were never ready to be president, now go home and work for somebody and find out how the real world works.”
That’s not all. When a civil rights organization called ColorOfChange pointed out that calling the president “son” was a disrespectful way to refer to the Commander-In-Chief, Walsh responded by telling the group to “grow up, get a life and smile.”

Tell Walsh that his comments are inappropriate and offensive, especially coming from a Member of Congress.

Walsh has a long history of using condescending names and insults toward people whom he disagrees with politically. He has also patronizingly called Tammy “my dear,” disparaged her military service, referred to a female TV host as “kiddo,” claimed that African-Americans are “dependent upon government” and that “Jesse Jackson would be out of work if they weren’t,” and said that Veterans who disagree with him “don’t understand this country.”

It’s bad enough that Walsh constantly refuses common-sense compromises on legislation. But not treating political opponents with even a minimum level of civility? That’s unacceptable.

It can be easy to tune out Walsh’s offensive comments since, frankly, there are just so many of them. But we have a responsibility to hold him accountable every time. Sign the petition now.

Originally posted to TammyDuckworth on Fri Aug 10, 2012 at 03:00 PM PDT.

Also republished by Land of Lincoln Kos.

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