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Welcome to LoreleiHI's virtual housewarming party!!

Why are we having this party?  Here's a little background:

For those who do not know LoreleiHI, she's an incredibly talented and delightful Maine kossack. She's a regular diarist for KosAbility, as she's suffered a couple of TBIs and is dealing with fibromyalgia. She's a member of House of LIGHTS, kossack commune, Kos Katalogue,  Daily kos Equestria Roundtable; lets talk about PonY!  She's got a fabulous etsy.  If you've been lucky enough to order something from her, you know she's an absolute perfectionist, dedicated to her work and her clients' satisfaction.  She describes herself thusly:

Did someone say Brony?
Mother, queer, survivor, gamer, feminist, brony, disabled, homebrewer, Kossack, gardener, SCAdian, atheist, Etsy shop keeper, & the 99%. Altogether weird.
I find her delightful, decent, and not at all weird!  But let's move on to her current needs.

LoreleiHI and her wife, Sarah have gotten out of a less than ideal, house sharing living situation, and into a much preferable one, which is great. However, due to the joys of living paycheck to paycheck, they have lost nearly all of their furnishings which were in storage after a car accident made it impossible to pay the rent on the storage unit. It'll take her and Sarah a very long time to save enough to properly furnish the place, assuming nothing else expensive and unexpected happens.  Or, we can have a housewarming and see what we can do to speed things up.  

Currently, they have a crock pot, 1 plate, 1 bowl, some glassware, a cutting board and knife, a can opener, some camping gear which they are using as bedding, and a computer.  That's it.  

Well, that is a start, but it just won't do.  I want to help them out, I'm betting some of you do, too, and I'm sure that together, we can.  They just had their 5th anniversary, they've just moved, there are multiple reasons to have a party here.   I offered to do a housewarming diary for Lorelei, and she has accepted the offer.  it's time for a kossack housewarming party!  So, below the fold for what Lorelei and Sarah need.

LoreleiHI loves to cook, and the loss of her kitchen gear is giving her the most angst right now.  Have a look at the list.  If you've got something on the list that is still in useable shape, that you're not using and wouldn't mind parting with, or if you'd like to participate and would rather send a gift card, I'm sure LoreleiHI and Sarah would love to have it.  Message her or me for the address.  You can also help her out via her Etsy shop. Her and Sarah's favorite colors are lavender and cornflower blue.  I've asked her for specifics on some of the items (what would be ideal for this item -- maybe that's possible), and those specifics are indicated in parentheses.  

LoreleiHI will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, but she may be having to participate using her cell phone internet access as she won't have internet access until the 20th of Aug.  If she's a little slow, this is why.  Try to be patient. (She’s actually managed to get her hands on a neighbor’s internet connection for the event, so unless they forget to turn on their computer, she will have full internet! Otherwise all disclaimers apply.)

[ ] Cheese Grater (rasp)
[ ] Coffee Maker 12 cup
[ ] Cook Pots (soup and standard, dutch oven, enamel)
[ ] Casserole dishes (any sizes)
[ ] Cake pans
[ ] Cutlery (8 set, thin handled)
[ ] Dishes (set of 8, simple, white plain)
[ ] Food Storage Containers (plastic that seals well) For flour, sugar, etc
[ ] Mixing Bowls
[ ] Mixing Spoons
[ ] Small Microwave
[ ] Pie plates (2 or 3)
[ ] Skillet  
[ ] Spatula
[ ] Sauce Pan
[ ] Toaster
[ ] Tea Kettle
[ ] Water Purification Pitcher System (Brita 2.5 gallon)

[ ] Dish Bucket (they have a single sink)
[ ] Drying Racks (dishes, and clothes)
[ ] (4) Garbage Cans  (1 kitchen, others regular size that fits grocery bags as liners, for example)
[ ] Dust Pan
[ ] Feather Duster
[ ] Floor Mop
[ ] Ironing Board
[ ] Clothing Iron
[ ]  Cleaning bucket
[ ] Toilet Brush
[ ] Vacuum (not an upright)

[ ] (6) Towels
[ ] (2) Bath Mat (flat cotton)
[ ] (6) Hand Towels
[ ] Toothbrush Holder

Furniture (they pretty much need everything. This is what was in storage, but now gone.  Let's see what we can come up with.)
[ ] Bed Frame (queen)
[ ] queen Boxspring
[ ] Queen Mattress
[ ] (4) Pillows
[ ] Bureau
[ ] Canadian Rocker
[ ] Chairs 4-6
[ ] Computer Chair
[ ] Craft Table (folding table or craft)
[ ] Dinner Table
[ ] 3 Fans (box, window ideally 3, it's about 90 degrees in their apartment)
[ ] Floor Lamp
[ ] Folding Table (for desk)
[ ] Keyboard Shelf
[ ] Over Toilet Shelves
[ ] Shelves (bookshelf type thing)
[ ] Sliding Drawer For Cupboard
[ ] Stainless Steel Kitchen Work Table (2 x 3)
[ ] Step Stool (3 step)
[ ] Storage Bins (for yarn), plenty

Windows (do you happen to have anything this size that would work? They're on the ground floor)
[ ] (4) Blinds (2x34 inch wide; 1x30" wide, 1x28" wide)
[ ] (5) Curtain Rods
[ ] (5) Curtains 1/2 curtains 40” long, full 2x34” wide, full 2x30”

Gardening (the apartment has window boxes where she can grow some herbs)
[ ] (4) Flower Pot (1 bigger than standard terra cotta)

If you're just here for the community, pooties, woozles and cake pie, well hey, we've got that, too!  Welcome any and all!
This place is like herding cats...
Silk Dogs admiring themselves (and more) on the computer screen.
Dessert?  Pie - luscious, luscious pie... of course!

Originally posted to Community Fundraisers on Sun Aug 12, 2012 at 04:56 PM PDT.

Also republished by Kossacks helping each other, KosAbility, Positive Intention and Lovingkindness, J Town, PWB Peeps, Pink Clubhouse, and House of LIGHTS.

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