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I'm not scared.

I don't care how "handsome" Ryan is. How much he "looks the part". I'm not worried about how "well" he speaks or how much he fires up a bunch of nutso republicans who were never going to vote for Obama and up until today may not have been all that interested in voting at all.

(Congrats Willard. Nice to see you starting to lock up your base 10 days before the convention! Good work.)

I don't care if Romney wants to pretend he doesn't embrace the Ryan plan. Or whether people have heard of him. Or know what's in the plan, exactly. I don't even care if there are some people who just can't believe what's in the plan could actually happen.

(can you blame them? We are talking the third rail here. Whodathunk?)

I'm not worried about the media (the same one Obama has run circles around for years and who is largely irrelevant - as the polling numbers show). Hell, I'm not even worried about the billionaire bucks onslaught to come. Only a few percent are undecided, did you hear?

(there's a reason Romney gave up on "run against Obama").

I trust the guy who battled the Clinton machine back in 2007/2008 and won. I trust the team who completely devestated every "positive" Romney thought he was bringing into this campaign. I trust the campaign that has Romney running from his business record, dodging his governorship and ignoring any mention of "his" Olympics.

I trust the people who have so eviscerated the central-casting-perfect presumptive GOP nominee that he was forced to throw out his entire campaign strategy (referendum on Obama) to make a desperate choice in Paul Ryan and adopt what he has to know, in his heart of etch-a-sketch hearts, is a losing strategy (hard right conservative principles vs moderate populist democratic message). The team that caused Mitt to cry uncle just a day or two ago. ("it would help my campaign if you stopped bringing up stuff about me!!!")

I'm have complete faith in the team that forced Romney to choose such woefully unprepared for the presidency, sheltered from normal Americans because of a lifetime of sucking from the government teat, divorced from reality he actually believes his plan just needs to be "communicated better" running mate.

(Ha. Ha. No, really)

I'm not worried that we can define him more easily than we did with Romney, frankly. I'm not worried that our team can build on the already existing unpopularity of the Ryan plan.

I'm not concerned that we can't make the same mincemeat out of Ryan that we did of Romney.

I trust our team. And I'm all in.

Bring it.

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