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I didn't know robots could get tired...

Is this the man the Right wants as leader of the free world?

Mitt Romney cancels Florida campaign stop, citing exhaustion

Mitt Romney is canceling a planned campaign stop Monday in Orlando after a whirlwind weekend in which the presumptive Republican nominee introduced Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as his running mate.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the campaign said late Sunday that the presidential hopeful was "too exhausted to make the trip" after crisscrossing Virginia, North Carolina and Wisconsin over the weekend.


Romney has not canceled his morning rally in St. Augustine, nor his fundraiser Monday night in Miami. He also added an afternoon interview with Radio Mambi, a Spanish-language station out of Miami.

Let me get this straight.  You had a rough weekend, and you're tired, so you're going to skip "the fifth largest city in Florida [and] the 79th largest city in the United States [with a] metropolitan area [that] has a population of 2,134,411, making it the 26th largest metro area in the United States, the sixth largest metro area in the Southeastern United States, and the third largest metro area in Florida. [1]"?  What happens when you're woken up at 3 AM with a national emergency on your hands, will you call the Pentagon back after you hit the snooze button??

Either that or you're a bullshitter.  Maybe Orlando Sentinel headlines like "all 6,500 homeless students in Orange and Osceola public schools will soon start their academic year with new, brand-name clothes" don't square with your newly-acquired Randian/Ryandian views on the cult of individualism?

Or perhaps the fact that Orlando was selected by The Advocate as #2 in the 2012 Gayest Cities In America...

Besides hosting Gay Days at Disney World, where 50,000 LGBT folks and their kids dressed in red T-shirts invade the theme park the first Saturday in June (and spend $100 million in town), Orlando has more gay softball teams than you can shake a Louisville Slugger at. And residents just got domestic-partnership protections.
...doesn't quite jive with your team's platform?

Or maybe it's the fact that Obama, in Orlando just days ago, called you out on your plans for a middle class tax hike?

Maybe it's that nearly 30% of Orlando residents are over the age of 45 and won't go soft on you and your ideological boy wonder's plan to voucherize privatize end Medicare like Bob Schieffer did last night on 60 Minutes.

Which one is it, Romney?  Or are you too exhausted to answer?

WE ARE MOVING FORWARD!  Screw this GoBack crap!


OMG.  These campaign flip-flops are almost starting to get predictable!!

Romney camp denies candidate canceled event because of ‘exhaustion'

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla.—A top adviser to Mitt Romney is pushing back on an Orlando Sentinel report that the presumptive Republican nominee canceled an event there today because of "exhaustion."

Romney had been set to hold an economic roundtable there as part of his day-long bus tour through the state. But the Romney campaign canceled that event last night, choosing instead to stick with rallies here and in Miami later today.

The paper cited an unnamed campaign official saying Romney was exhausted after 48 hours of intense campaigning with his new running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan. But Romney adviser Kevin Madden called that report "not accurate."

So Romney is not too tired to stop in Orlando after all.  He's just not going to stop in Orlando after all.



Romney's going down

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