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Mitt Romney
This level playing field is so unfair!
Poor Mitt Romney. He's very put out because Democrats are saying mean things about him. True things, but mean. Like that as a greedy vulture capitalist he made lots and lots and lots of money by putting people out of work, which devastated people's lives. Or that his economic plans would help him at the cost of most everyone else. Romney is upset that anyone would dare tell the truth about that. He's supposed to be able to hurt people, for fun and profit, but people aren't supposed to call him on it. Poor Mitt.

The whole point of being an entitled bully is that no one is supposed to be able to fight back. Not a presumed gay high school classmate, when Mitt and friends committed the hate crime of jumping him, and while the boy was screaming in anger, hurt and humiliation, cutting the boy's haircut that didn't meet Mitt's standard of appropriate grooming. Not the blind teacher Mitt walked into a closed door, which left Mitt giggling hysterically. Not the high school and college classmates he terrified by pulling them over, when Mitt was power-tripping in full dress impersonations of police officers. Not those poor saps who didn't have Mitt's privileged means of avoiding the Vietnam war that Mitt protested to support, and had to go fight, take flight, or suffer legal consequences, while Mitt went off to live in a luxurious mansion in Paris. Not poor Seamus, the family dog, that Mitt cruelly and illegally put in a container on the roof of his car during a family vacation, making the dog so sick that he was shitting himself. Not NASCAR fans, who can be mocked for wearing inexpensive rain ponchos, or the little person who can be derided for graciously offering Mitt a local bakery's cookies. Not the people whose lost jobs Mitt found humorous, or the people he enjoys firing.

Romney won the Republican primaries by vastly outspending his opponents, and going overwhelmingly negative against them, which is what one does when one can't go overwhelmingly positive about oneself, because oneself is a petty, boorish ass. But Mitt isn't used to anyone being able to fight back. He isn't used to having to abide by accepted standards of behavior. This is all so painful and ugly. You people should just hand Mitt the keys to the White House. Since Versailles isn't available.

Originally posted to Laurence Lewis on Wed Aug 15, 2012 at 10:34 AM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement and Daily Kos.

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