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Twitter, tweet, Rand Paul, fool, truther, Alex Jones
When "Tweet" is plural for "Twit"
  This is what happens when you pander to anti-government conspiracy theorists. You end up as a party of anti-government conspiracy theorists.

   Remember once upon a time when the GOP threw out the conspiracy theorists in their party, the John Birch Society and their crowd. Well, guess who's back? The way I see it, either Rand Paul just got trolled by Alex Jones or Rand Paul actually believes these kind of batshit insane conspiracy theories, and that's actually worse in my book. Here are the details from ThinkProgress. . .

    Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is no stranger to extreme positions or conspiratorial thinking. But Paul sunk to a new low last night, using his Senate Twitter account to promote a false report from one of the world’s most noxious conspiracy websites.

     Paul appeared amused by an article on suggesting the National Weather Service is stockpiling ammunition:

Twitter, tweet, Rand Paul, fool, truther, Alex Jones
    That a United States Senator would lend even a smidgen of credence to this conspiratorial nonsense is disgraceful. But perhaps we shouldn’t be a surprise: InfoWars’ biggest mainstream booster is Matt Drudge, one of the most influential news sources on the American right. Naturally, InfoWars’ story on the NWS ammunition order was Drudge’s top link yesterday.

  What is the National Weather Service stockpiling ammunition for? I'll betcha it has to do with some huge government conspiracy! Oooga booga booga.

   Too bad Rand Paul or Alex Jones can't do what Rachel Maddow can do, fact check.

     So, in Rand Paul's mind, the National Weather Service has ordered 46,000 hollow-point bullets. He then refers readers to a fringe conspiracy-theory website, which argues that President Obama may be arming weathermen as part of a larger scheme to suppress "civil unrest."

      Rand Paul sees this as a legitimate concern, and he wants his Twitter followers to be aware of it.

     Regrettably, the senator neglected to check the facts before sharing this unhinged nonsense. In reality, ammunition and targets were ordered for the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement. There was a clerical error on the paperwork -- the ammunition isn't going to the National Weather Service.

  Yup, this isn't anything more than a clerical error, but don't let that stop you and Alex Jones from turning this into a scary, scary guvmint conspiracy theory!

   Oh, Rand Paul is an IDIOT and Alex Jones is a wanker.

   More below the fold.

  Infowars is home to Alex Jones, a blowhard conspiracy theorist crackpot who fits in perfectly with the blowhard anti-government crackpots who dominate the extreme right wing of American politics, including extreme right wing Senators like Rand Paul. In an effort to sure up their shrinking base Republicans have made a decided effort to not dampen the spirits of anyone who is angry, not since McCain corrected a woman in 08 who thought that Obama was a Muslim, since then there has been zero effort to reign in the rantings of angry people saying crazy shit at Republican gatherings and townhalls. Of course, it helps when mainstream right wing hacks like Drudge help circulate flat out crazy conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck. Over and over we have seen conspiracy theorist republicans asking their GOP politicians about the conspiracy theories they fear, either regurgitating McCarthyistic dog whistles by Bachmann, Allan West and other crackpots over things like conspiracies about secret muslims taking over the government, FEMA camps, looming hyper-inflation, dead voters led by ACORN, Obama's birth certificates, death panels and other paranoid nonsense with no basis in reality, over and over the GOP politicians nod and say "yes", never once will the GOP politicians stand up and correct misinformed voters if they blame the guvmint. Every death panel is imminent, every black helicopter is right behind those trees over there.

fail, dick morris, clown, conspiracy theory
They actually made this book
  Hell, Dick Morris has a new book called "Here comes the Black Helicopters: UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom" Are you freaking kidding me? If you think the UN is going to take over the United States of America you are a fucking nitwit, the UN can hardly takeover a Disney Cruise ship. These are the pants on fire true believers, every death panel is true, every lie is swallowed, these are the most gullible assholes in America and they are ALWAYS WRONG.

   Alex Jones is a crackpot. Dick Morris is a crackpot. There really isn't much difference between these two. I live in a reality based world. Going on the Alex Jones show de-legitimizes you as far as I am concerned, and he is only one step down from Fox News and Drudge and Rush Limbaugh. Glenn Beck is the bottom. These are the lying conspiracy theorists, the hyperventilating pants wetters, the demagogues and snake-oil salesman driving a rabid and conspiratorial niche viewer into buying more hate, more fear, more bullshit, and they are now not just a significant part of the GOP base, these assholes are the GOP base. Sucks to be you, Republicans. This is what you get for taking 30 years of totally false bullshit and worshipping it as a strawman idol called RayGun. This is what you get for pandering to the fears of the ignorant and prejudiced. The Conspiracy Theorists within the GOP are winning, the GOP Senate Candidate in Texas is a homophobic conspiracy theorist, Rand Paul thinks the National Weather Service is out to start a civil war, between some of the nutjobs in the Republican House of Representatives there is no one capable of actually governing America but combined they have just enough yokels for a dangerous cult. And that is all the GOP has become, a cult, watching Fox everyday, listening to Rush, reading Drudge, a cult based on who you hate and who your favorite rightwing pundit is. At this point the conspiracy theorists are winning. We couldn't do shit to stop global warming even if it is going to cause our extinction because the anti-fact conspiracy theorists think the UN is going to takeover the Department of Wildlife Preservation or some stupid nonsense, we can't reform anything anymore without it being labelled a death panel or a secret government takeovah, we are being trolled to a standstill by liars and idiots, and that isn't just tragic for the once proud GOP, it is a tragedy for America.

   Congratulations, Republicans, and particularly GOP Senator Rand Paul, once again you have sunk America's Senate to a new low. Just when I though the GOP couldn't better embody gullible foolishness, you go and prove me wrong yet again, GOP . . .

   Remember, this is the idiot who said that just because a few Supreme Court justices declared something Constitutional that doesn't make it so.

   If the stupid does burn, this is a record wildfire.

   This is your modern Republican Party. A pack of liars, charlatans and know-nothings who rally around a loosely connected pack of anti-government pundits and conspiracy theories, otherwise known as the Tea Party.

   I award you no points, Rand Paul. We are all slightly dumber just for hearing you.


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