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    Facts show, Mitt Romney is a pathological liar.  What you may not know is that in Ann Romney's most recent interview with NBC (video) found here - not only did she show signs of being an angry white woman, but more importantly, she got caught lying through her teeth.  

     In this Diary I will first prove angry Ann's big lie, then I will point out times in the interview where Ann Romney is an angry white woman.

The Big Lie:
     (Timestamp 1:31) Ann got visibly angry when the interviewer pressed Ann about the money she has stashed in Foreign banks and in Foreign countries.  Ann was getting so angry she started moving around in her chair, almost as if she was thinking about walking out of the interview.

ANN ROMNEY: There is nothing we are hiding, you know, we've had a blind trust, for how many years, we don't even know what's in there.  It's been managed in a blind trust since before Mitt was governor, you know, 2--2000-- ah -- 2002 um forward and so, you know, I--I'll be curious to see what's in there too.
     Ann, here's how I know you are lying.  

1.        See the picture below? That's a picture of the Signature Line on IRS Form 1040.  See the part above where you sign your name that says:

"Under penalty of perjury, I declare that I have examined this return and accompanying schedules and statements and to the best of my knowledge they are true, correct and complete.

~IRS Form 1040 "

     Ann, that means you are lying and you won't be "curious to see what's in there too" because you have already signed your name under Penalty of Perjury that you have examined the Form 1040 and all attached Schedules.  Or, perhaps you have committed perjury?

     Angry Ann cannot say that she did not know her signature on her IRS Tax Returns meant that she had examined Form 1040 and all Schedules under Penalty of Perjury because in 2002, Mitt Romney was almost disqualified from being able to even run for Gov of MA by the Massachusetts State Board of Elections for using the same, "I had no idea I was suppose to examine my IRS Tax Returns."

2.       In 2002, Mitt Romney got caught lying about his 1999-2002 Federal Tax Returns and had file Amended Returns Retroactively.  

From 2002 New York Times:

Until early June, Mr. Romney had said that he had paid his taxes as a Massachusetts resident while in Utah. He later acknowledged that in 1999 and 2000 he paid state taxes as a Utah resident and listed himself as either a part-time resident or a non-resident of Massachusetts. He said that in April, after deciding to run for governor, he had amended his 1999 and 2000 tax returns to say that he was a Massachusetts resident.

~June 19, 2002 GOP Candidate Seeks to Clarify Massachusetts Residency Issue New York Times (page 2)

    Between March - June 2002 Romney and his campaign said, "trust us" Mitt filed his Returns showing Massachusetts as his primary residence --- but that was proven to be a blatant lie and Romney had to file an Amendment to his Federal Tax Returns retroactively.  

          June 7, 2002, the Boston Globe reported Mitt finally admitted he listed Utah as his primary residence so he Amended his 1999-2002 Federal & State Tax Returns retroactively when he decided to run for Governor of MA.

ROMNEY: “I am Amending them because it is the right thing to do.  I was not thinking of running for office.  I was trying to fill our -- my tax forms as accurately as possible.”

~ Romney quote in Romney says he didn’t file as Mass. resident in ’99-’00  Boston Globe 6/7/2002

     There it is again, I didn't know I would run for office for Pete's sake.

     On June 18, 2002, Romney, under Oath, told the Massachusetts State Ballot Commission that he signed the IRS Form 1040 but, gee whiz, he had no idea his signature meant he was signing under Penalty of Perjury that he had examined his 1040 and schedules in their entirety.  

2002 New York Times reported:
Mitt Romney said in a hearing before the Massachusetts Ballot Law Commission.
ROMNEY: ''I do not read those [IRS 1040] or review those before I sign them nor the attached Schedules,''

~June 19, 2002 GOP Candidate Seeks to Clarify Massachusetts Residency Issue New York Times (page 2)

    Here is the MS Ballot Commission exchange after Romney said he didn't bother to examine his Tax Returns.
LAWYER: "...if I were to hand you an affidavit, Mr. Romney, and at the end of it, typed in your signature, and above your signature, I put "signed under the pains and penalties of perjury," and I said, "Mr. Romney, sign this document," you'd read it first; wouldn't you?"

ROMNEY: "If you were to put it in front of me, yes."

LAWYER: "So, you'd sign documents under the pains and penalties of perjury without necessarily reading them; is that your testimony?"

ROMNEY: "I have not read the entire Massachusetts tax form, nor the Federal tax form, nor the Utah tax form, and all of them have me sign under pains and penalty to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I do not read the entire form."

[-June 18, 2002 testimony before MA State Ballot Commission]

     No good business man ever signs their name to a document if that document says "signed under the pains and Penalties of Perjury." I think Mitt was lying in 2002 and that he knew the his Tax Returns had Utah as his primary residence.  

      But, even if, in 2002, Romney did not know that the IRS form required his signature under the pains and Penalties of Perjury."  He, and Ann Romney sure as hell knew that's what their signatures represented on their filed IRS 1040 as of June 18, 2002 and forward.  

     So Ann, looks like you lied when you said, strong>"I--I'll be curious to see what's in there too." And that is a big effing lie.  The more angry Ann and Mitt lie about their filed IRS Tax Returns, the more I distrust every word they say about their secret Tax Returns.

     Now, on to the portion of Ann Romney's interview where she is an angry white woman.

Ann Romney Angry White Woman:
     Ann Romney is so angry this week that she has not even bothered to come back to America after her dancing horse lost in it's Fox-Trot competition.  She is in Wales.  Ann's anger was on display in her NBC interview (video) found here

Time Stamp 0:17,
     Ann is so angry she lunges her body at the interviewer, raises her voice and says, in a most condesending way:

ANN ROMNEY: have you seen how we're attacked?
Time stamp 0:24,
     The interviewer notices Ann is angry and asks her about her anger, Ann starts slapping her hand on the table and says:
ANN ROMNEY: We have been very transparent of what's legally required of us (raising her voice) but, the more we release the more we get attacked, the more we get questioned, the more we get pushed.
     How dare 'you people' think you can question the Romneys.

Timestamp 0:54
     Ann says there is a reason they refuse to allow 'you people' to question her or Mitt.

ANN ROMNEY: Mitt's financial disclosed are huge if people want to really look and see any question they have (she stops herself) The other thing they have to understand is that Mitt is honest, his integrity is just just golden.
    Get real angry Ann, fact is Mitt Romney is the complete opposite of honest and he has no integrity.  (See my list of his lack of integrity and his lies below.)  Interesting that Ann thinks the Financial Disclosures Mitt released in the year 2002 will answer the 'questions' she is tired of 'you people' asking her about since he was caught lying on his most recent Financial Disclosure forms.

Timestamp 1:19
      Angry Ann babbled for awhile trying to deflect from the secret Tax Returns then said:

ANN ROMNEY: The reason we don't disclose anymore is, you know, we'd just become a bigger target.  It will give them more ammunition.
     Well, well, well Ann, ammunition you say.  As in ammunition from a smoking gun?  All the more reason We the People have a right to see them before he is 'hired' to be the next President.

Timestamp 1:31
     Ann got visibly angry again when the interviewer pressed Ann about the money she has stashed in Foreign banks and in Foreign countries.  Ann was getting so angry she started moving around in her chair, almost as if she was thinking about walking out of the interview.

ANN ROMNEY: There is nothing we are hiding, you know, we've had a blind trust, for how many years, we don't even know what's in there.  It's been managed in a blind trust since before Mitt was governor, you know, 2--2000-- ah -- 2002 um forward and so, you know, I--I'll be curious to see what's in there too.
As for Blind Trusts.
     Mitt Romney thought people who owned blind trusts were lying when they said they had no knowledge of what was in them.
MITT ROMNEY: “The blind trust is an age-old ruse, if you will. Which is to say you can always tell a blind trust what it can and cannot do. You give a blind trust rules.”
     Rules like, stash our money in Foreign banks and Foreign Countries and set up shell corporations so other foreign companies can do business in America and avoid paying Taxes to America.

      This year, Romney's blind trust lawyer, Brad Malt, was asked about Romney's Swiss Bank Accounts, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Luxembourg & Ireland Accounts:

BRAD MALT: It [Swiss Bank Account] is listed because I set that up for diversification [diversification or diversion?] back in 2003.  It earns some income.  The tax is fully paid just as if this is a U.S. bank account.  I did close this account in early 2010 because I decided that this account was not serving any particular purpose. It might or might not be consistent with Governor Romney's political views .. It just wasn't worth it and I closed the account."
     Romney's running for President for Pete's sake.

Honest? Integrity?
     Mitt got caught lying on his 1999-2002 Tax Returns in the 2002 Romney gubernatorial campaign.

      So angry Ann, what are you two hiding this time?

Honest? Integrity?
     Early this year, after reviewing Romney's incomplete 2010 IRS Tax Returns, the LA Times discovered that Mitt Romney withheld, and failed to disclose, 34 Accounts he had in multiple Foreign Countries on his Financial Disclosure form

    A review by the Los Angeles Times/Tribune found at least 23 funds and partnerships listed in the couple's 2010 tax returns did not show up or were not listed in the same fashion on Romney's most recent financial disclosure, including 11 based in low-tax foreign countries such as Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and Luxembourg.
     Several others are apparently unrelated offshore entities with mysterious names such as Babson 2006-1, which is based in the Cayman Islands, and Barracuda Investments, which has an address in Dublin, Ireland.
    Those 34 secret accounts never would have been found had Romney not disclosed his incomplete 2010 Tax Return.

Ok angry Ann, lets get real.  
     Mitt Romney is a pathological liar who: shredded documents before he left Massachusetts, took Massachusetts state hard-drives with him, erased emails, impersonated a cop, lied to the IRS, lied to the people of Massachusetts, lies about his own Tax Policy, willingly left out 34 Accounts and mysterious shell companies he set up in multiple Foreign countries off his Financial Disclosure form -- of which he had signed under Penalty of Perjury.  And I haven't even touched on the lies he willingly, knowingly spews about President Obama and Obama's policies .... yet you have the temerity to falsely say, "Mitt is honest, his integrity is just just golden."  

     I'm of the opinion that Ann Romney is not just an angry white women, she is also a liar like her husband.

      And I want to know what "ammunition" would be found in 10 years worth of their complete Tax Returns a.k.a. smoking gun.

Originally posted to TeamSarah4Choice on Thu Aug 16, 2012 at 06:26 AM PDT.

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