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Earlier today, this diary from RJDixon74135 caught my eye, and after I read it (and you should, too) I posted a comment that reading about Mitt's plan inspired - it finally clarified all of the various reasons why Mitt would be a disaster for America, if he were to somehow buy the election manage to get elected, despite his obvious lack of qualification.

Follow me over the Orange KosDoodle for the BIGGEST reason Romney should NEVER, EVER be allowed into elected office again.

Leaving aside, for the moment, the fact that Romney is a bald-faced liar, and cares NOTHING about the welfare of ordinary folks ( i.e. the 99% of us who he desperately want to get 50.1% of votes from), there's another troubling aspect of his life that makes him entirely unfit for the Presidency.

Mitt's history with Bain Capital firmly establishes him as a CEO whose ONLY concern is PROFIT, regardless of how it is obtained.

While it may be true that some of the Bain investments actually paid off in the long run, of bigger concern is what happened to a number of Bain investments that failed, utterly.

GST Steel paints a bleak picture of exactly what Romney is likely to do to America. You may recall, in 1993, Bain invested in GST Steel in Kansas City, a steel company that had been in business for over 100 years. In ten short years, Bain managed to bankrupt this company, putting workers out of work, and reneging on their pension, life insurance, and other employment obligations incurred over the life of the company.

Simply put, I am convinced that THIS is what will happen to America under a President Romney:  He'll do to our country what what he did to GST steel, APMAD and other Bain failures.

- Buy it (get elected, with MILLIONS of dark money contributed by his billionaire buddies)

- Fleece it (with tax policies that favor the rich, AGAIN, and other policies that gut the economy and harm the middle class and the poor)

- Bankrupt it - his policies will complete the economic destruction of America begun by the idiots in the Reagan White House (remember "trickle down"?)  and nearly completed by the Bush 43 administration.

What will be Romney's plan for America, should he get elected?


Capitalism is one thing, but vampire capitalism, that preys on living companies, and spits out their lifeless, worthless carcasses after all their assets have been stripped, is NOT GOOD CAPITALISM!

Someone whose business career has consisted primarily of such vampire capitalism is NOT worthy of holding our nation's highest office. Success gained by destroying the livelihood of other citizens is NOT success to be proud of.  Add to this his unimpressive record as Governor of Massachusetts, and his dubious claims about having "saved the Salt Lake City Olympics (with over a billion of OUR tax dollars), as well as his continued stonewalling of the release of his prior year tax returns and the overall picture painted is NOT that of an honorable businessman or politician.


Unlike ANY time in previous American election history, the RICH have aligned their interests against the rest of us, and between anonymous unlimited Super PAC contributions buying misleading ads (thanks to Citizen's United). voter supression laws enacted by Republican State Governments to reduce the number of non-GOP voters, and media ownership by the wealthy and their consequent soft-pedaling of any real revelations about the GOP agenda or candidates, we're going to have to work VERY hard, against tremendous odds to re-elect a President who will look after he needs of the nation, NOT the needs of the wealthy.

And it's NOT just the Presidency that needs to be retained. Without a dramatic change in the party orientation of the House and the Senate, a Democratic President will STILL face the same GOP headwinds that have been responsible for the lack of economic progress since 2009. we MUST take back the House, and strengthen the Senate's majority to prevent continuing filibuster abuse by the GOP minority.

More than ever before - VOTE, GET OUT THE VOTE, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

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