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It's the only way to make the tradmed notice: by having President Obama said it out loud.  He did it today.  He was questioned by a reporter about the Priorities ad and the tone of the campaign.

President Obama called a liar a liar here:

"I don’t think that Governor Romney is somehow responsible for the death of the woman that was portrayed in that ad. But keep in mind, this is an ad that I didn’t approve; I did not produce; and as far as I can tell, has barely run. I think it ran once. Now, in contrast, you’ve got Governor Romney creating as a centerpiece of his campaign this notion that we’re taking work requirement out of welfare. Which every single person here who’s looked at it says, it’s patently false...

“Everybody who’s looked at this says what Governor Romney is saying is absolutely wrong. Not only are his Super PACs running millions of dollars worth of ads making this claim; Governor Romney himself is approving this and saying it on the stump. So the contrast I think is pretty stark. They can run the campaign that they want; but the truth of the matter is, you can’t just make stuff up. That’s one thing you learn as president of the United States. You get called into account

Greg Sragent, The Plum Line: Obama to media: Romney’s whole campaign is based on lies

That's what lying liars do: They lie.  Unfortunately, the media won't do their job, so President Obama has to do it for them.

I like the fighting Obama.  Give em hell, Barack.

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