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It comes right along with Global Warming Denialism, with arguing that greater Tax Cuts produce greater Revenue, with believing that Contraception = Abortion, that Blind Faith in Corporations who have repeatedly fowled and destroyed our Air, Water, Lakes and Streams, implemented Fracking Technologies that are causing Earthquakes in parts of the country that don't have active faults, with the idea that Wall Street Money Schemes that undermine our Banking and Lending System should continue without any reasonable or rationale regulatory checks and balances, or that a Half-White/Half-Black man born in Hawaii of two agnostic parents must secretly be a Kenyan/Muslim Sleeper Agent bent on Destroying the very Fabric of the Nation.

Believing that Women can Magically Stop a Rapist Sperm from reaching her Ovum, if she doesn't orgasm - it frankly, about Par for the Course.

At least that what Rep. Jackie Spier (D-CA) seems to think.

“I think that the Republican reaction is all about self-preservation.

I believe many of them are of the same mind as Mr. Akin. They believe there are virtually no circumstances under which an abortion is appropriate,” she said in an exclusive interview with Raw Story. “It’s only when we flog them with the reality of horrendous crimes committed against women that that deserves to be promoted as an ideal. No woman should have to endure a pregnancy when she’s a rape victim.”

“The fact that Mr. Akin said that there are doctors out there that have articulated their views that somehow a women’s body will react in such a way that it will ‘self abort’ I guess is consistent with the vast majority of Republicans,” Speier said. “If they were in charge of the executive and legislative branches, a woman’s right to choose would be the very first proposal that would be put before the Congress to overturn.

“The fact that Mr. Akin referred to it as legitimate rape, as if there is an illegitimate form of rape,” Speier continued, wondering what that meant for statutory rape which makes it illegal for persons over 18 to have sex with children under certain ages, which varies from state to state. “Is that an illegitimate form of rape?

The Proof of course is in the "No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act" also known as H.R. #3, which was co-sponsored by Todd Akin and Paul Ryan and 225 other Republicans, which passed the House on a largely party-line vote of 251-174.

It's just interesting that for once, they're running away from it like roaches scurrying when the lights come on.

Even as Personhood Advocate Mike Huckabee tries to help Akin win some damage control - he still continues to blow it as his excuse now is that he was only talking about "Forcible Rape" - as if there was ever an Unforcible Rape!

“I also know that people do become pregnant from rape,” he continued. “I didn’t mean to imply that that wasn’t the case. It does happen, and it’s also terrible, particularly the most terrible of all.”

Huckabee pressed Akin on what he meant by the term “legitimate rape.”

I was talking about forcible rape,” Akin said. “It was absolutely the wrong word. … I’ve known people who have been raped. I don’t know any who have been raped and it turned out to end in pregnancy, but I know that happens too.”

Yeah, he knows it happens - now that's hes' been shamed into admitting it and is desperate to keep his Senate hopes alive. Isn't that special?


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