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And, Queen is officially the soundtrack of my life; I'll take that. :D Seriously though, I had to leave campus for just a bit for the sake of my mental health (such as it is) & to avoid going all SuperSoaker on the joint.


I wonder what kind of ransom demands Rep. Legit Rape will make for him to leave the Senate race in MO or to get the spark outta Congress completely? Hell, he shouldn't get *itched at too much because now his views on the relationship between rape & pregnancies are now THE official MENSA platform for the upcoming freak show in Tampa.


Let's look back on past August 21sts. On August 21, 1959, President Eisenhower signed an executive order proclaiming Hawaii the 50th state of the union. Of course, we all now know that act was just part of a big 'ol conspiracy to ensure that some non - white baby boy could be born there to eventually become our first Marxist Socialist Kenyan Elitists Arrugula - Eatin' POTUS. ;D

Do I need to build Rep. Legit Rape his own wing in the SPARK HOF?? OK, as a HUGE fan of Breaking Bad, I need to get my paws on this stuff before the PC Police *itch it out of existence. Can I have this stuff just piped intravenously into me - especially over the next couple of weeks???!!! :D No wonder Kentucky's the home of such great booze; the more thinking among us would have to be drunk A LOT just to live there. Finally, in a rare moment of SPARK synchronicity, we end with Queen, too - sort of. ;D

On with The Rachel Maddow Show!

"Strings Attached" - OK, with the lovely folk featured in the picture at the beginning of the segment, will we get a mention of Gov Rev Huckabee's comments about children from rape in his attempt to defend Rep. Legit Rape? I guess he put back on all that weight he lost. Shallow comment, I know, but being that self - righteous obviously packs on the poundage. We also got a reminder about the history of personhood amendments going down in flames in even the most bat$hit of states. Wasn't that the most quaint in comparison to what's being bandied about these days about Mommy parts, rape, & pregnancy? Some "health experts" are still trying to defend Rep. Legit Rape's comments. All I have to say is if you know anyone who has 1 of these "health experts" as a primary care physician, tell them to find another one! Part of that pesky Hypocratic Oath is to "first, do no harm." I would do way less harm as a primary care physician than these "experts" would. AND, as I mentioned above, what Rep. Legit Rape said this past weekend is basically the MENSA party platform on the subject of abortion. So, it's damn damn odd that so many aforementioned MENSA folk are crowing for this "gentleman" to pull out; yes, I used the words "pull out" on purpose. Talk about wanting to have your cake & eat it, too! *&^%$#@! Cristen Hemmins helped put the MS personhood amendment in the ash can in which it so richly deserves.

"Walk the Plank" - Gov. Vaginal Ultrasound apparently helped with the abortion language in the MENSA platform. What a damn shock! And, Reince Preibus has such a $hit - eating grin in that opening segment picture, too. AND AND, how badly is Gov. Vaginal Ultrasound hating Rep. Medicare Murderer Wannabe these days?? I really don't need to see that "Master's thesis" again, Rachel. It was a screed for the He - Man - Woman - Hater's Club. Gov. Vaginal Probe has identical Mittwit flip flopping tendencies on the abortion issue - depends on who he's talking to. Mr. $hit Eating Grin said the abortion language in the party platform doesn't belong to the Mittwit - just to the MENSA folk. BRILLIANT!

"Walk the Plank Part Deux" - Bob Herbert's in studio to talk planking in the abortion world. Something tells me that Mittwit of teh jelly spine won't have too many problems wrapping himself around so many positions on this issue because he's done it ON EVERY ISSUE. Rachel brought up the whole SCOTUS issue, so here's a reminder to "the fairer sex" among us that if you like making your own decisions about your Mommy parts but are disappointed in some of what President Obama's done (or not done) in other areas, hold yer breath & vote for him anyway! 

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Tue Aug 21, 2012 at 07:04 PM PDT.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Pink Clubhouse.

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