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All his equivocation and apologies and claiming to have used the wrong word at the wrong time, have finally boiled down to Todd Akin clarifying what he actually meant.

Arguing that he misplaced the word “legitimate,” Akin explained — during a follow up interview with Dana Loesch — that he meant to argue that women sometimes lie about being raped:
AKIN: You know, Dr. Willke has just released a statement and part of his letter, I think he just stated it very clearly. He said, of course Akin never used the word legitimate to refer to the rapist, but to false claims like those made in Roe v. Wade and I think that simplifies it….. There isn’t any legitimate rapist…. [I was] making the point that there were people who use false claims, like those that basically created Roe v. Wade.
The Dr. Willke he's referring to is of course the one medical professional the right to life movement has found to support their nonsensical beliefs with junk science.

Well it's a good thing he finally cleared that up. Conservatives who wanted him out of the race did so not because what he said was wrong, but because he said it out loud. After all, the Republican Party platform was finalized yesterday and it includes the Human Life Amendment which prohibits any exceptions to permit abortion.

As Ann Coulter said:

Now we know why. The rape comment was a totally unforced error on a day that should have been a smashing triumph for the Romney-Ryan ticket.

Akin wasn’t asked some out of the blue question no Republican candidate has ever been asked: He was asked the most jejune, obvious question every Republican is asked in any race for any office. How can a Republican not have an answer for: “What about abortion in the case of rape and incest?”

How about saying: “Yes, it’s still a life, but more people are killed in drive-by shootings in Chicago every year. You give us the 2 million abortions that aren’t a result of rape and incest and we’ll give you the few thousand that are.”

Instead, Akin rambled about “legitimate rape” – violating an ironclad rule of politicians that the word “legitimate” should never appear within 15 yards of the word “rape.” And he talked about the medical possibility of becoming pregnant from a single traumatizing rape.

He’s not a talk radio host. He’s not sitting around shooting the breeze in a college dorm room. This is a politician who should have a clear, nonthreatening answer at the ready for the most cliched question in the MSM’s playbook.

It's even better that God told Akin to stay in the race, so that he can 'restore some sanity to government'.

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“I feel just as strongly as ever that my background and ability will be an asset in replacing Claire McCaskill and restoring some sanity in government,” Akin said.
11. God told him to run and it may take God to tell him to quit.

Missouri politicians who have in the past tried to negotiate with Akin describe it as sort of like trying to negotiate with Ahmadinejad. He is a zealot, in every sense of the word. As one top Republican said this morning, “It’s hard to reason with an idiot.” Or maybe, it’s just hard to use worldly logic on someone who is divinely inspired.

Is it any surprise that some of his biggest supporters are home schoolers? That must be where they learned how women are able to make their tubes go 'spastic' to prevent pregnancy.

Originally posted to Barefoothoofcare on Tue Aug 21, 2012 at 05:39 PM PDT.

Also republished by Sluts and Show Me Kos.

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