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This is my first writing, but I have followed Kos for sometime.  It was the writings at Kos that helped me form my decision to step away from the Right.  I consider myself a "recovering Republican" who has abandoned the Right because the Republicans no longer stand for the level of truth and integrity that are vital to me.  I am a mature women professional who has always prided myself in having a high level of moral values and honesty that no longer is representative with that party.  

As the Republican Party convention is coming up I thought it was time to let Democrats know that there are those who are joining your ranks.  

Below the scroll I have listed some talking points that validate my transition, and why it was imperative that for me and I pray others to turn to the Left.

I abandoned the Republican Party because:
* They have lost their moral compass
* They have made Greed their god
* They have turned their backs on the less fortunate
* They are pandering only to the 1% ultra rich
* They have abandoned the middle class and 99% of the American citizens
* The support bigots and racists
* They have lost sight of the true foundation of our country's Constitution
* They are incapable of dealing in a bipartisan manner for the good of the country


So my Democratic friends we are listening and and we are turning our support to the party that will fight for all the citizens of this fine country.

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