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Yesterday, I created a YouTube video from a clip a good friend sent to me showing Paul Ryan during an interview where the Vice presidential candidate said that he personally believes that rape is just another “method of conception” and not an excuse to allow abortions. Upon first viewing this startling interview, I felt a disbelief in hearing his words. "No, no I didn't just hear him say, Rape is a Method of Conception!" I watched the video several times and yes indeed that's what the man said.

 I set upon using what little skills I have in making YouTube videos because I wanted this man's image and words to become a part of my ‘thethinkingblue YouTube channel’. Once the video was uploaded, I distributed it around to my other blogs, one is on Current.

Today, I opened my email and there was a comment from another blogger on CurrentTV. His negative response to the video at first set off alarms inside my head. Say what? He calls me angry and this anger has made me sound unintelligent. My fingers began typing and I couldn’t get out my thoughts fast enough, to this Paul Ryan type mindset. I let loose with the liberal way of thinking that I've cultivated through the years.

Below is a print-key of the Current member's comment and my response back to him. I am sharing this not out of anger toward, just another fundamentalist attitude like that of Paul Ryan, I'm sharing this controversial word exchange so that perhaps it will be distributed by those who possess common sense and would like to fight against our country (and our human rights), from being taken over by a group who cannot in any way, shape or form, understand what critical thinking is all about. thinkingblue
PS: Oops, I forgot that DailyKos cuts off pictures that can't fit into its rigid format. So I am block-quoting the comments instead


    What's he's saying is the life is just as precious regardless of the way the child was conceived. And the videos out of context and angry. Sure. Make a video disagreeing but don't use words that make your own message sound less intelligent.

   thinkingblue to:
    Holy Method of Conception=RAPE, Batman, It is amazing, AMAZING how a person can look or listen to a totally absurd, cruel and without any empathy whatsoever, statement from someone’s brainwashed frontal lubes and see it in a rational light. I sound angry, you say, I’m not just angry, I’m livid! Calling a barbarous act such as RAPE that results in a pregnancy a ‘Method of Conception’ is DETESTABLE but even that word sounds too mild and not loathsome enough. Paul Ryan’s world is one where a woman’s main function is that of a breeding machine. It’s a cruel world for the females of our species and no better than those of the Middle East like Afghanistan or Iran or any Fundamentalist Theocracy where women are considered a man’s property and not self-reliant, autonomous beings. Maybe you, Mr. Mikeysfake1 (I take it your male) can believe like Paul Ryan that once a seed is planted in a women’s body her self-awareness no longer exists and the growing clump of cells within her womb has more legal and moral rights than she does, thus rendering her prisoner in her own existence. I thank all that is good; I don’t have to travel through this miraculous but strange state of being with such a backward, wacky and irrational dogmatic compass to guide me. I hope beyond hope that Paul Ryan does not become our Vice President, giving his vicious and callous belief-system some clout, whereupon he can legislate and enact laws that will destroy the spirit of young girls. If that sounds unintelligent, well thank goodness, I’m stupid.


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    surfermom, enufisenuf

    A search for truth will find injustice!

    by thinkingblue on Tue Aug 28, 2012 at 08:45:02 AM PDT

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    are trapped in a logical cul de sac.   Every fetus is precious. They call them children, but they aren't, and when confronted with the preciousness of human beings, children, women, men, out of the womb and actually living, they are no longer precious.

    If half these religious zealots put their efforts into charities and government programs that supported life for the living,  they'd be accomplishing amazing things.   Instead they are sucking the life blood out of society while real children suffer horribly.

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    "@MittRomney spent five interviews last night whining. Time to buck up. This is politics after all, not Horse Ballet." Brad Woodhouse @woodhouseb 7-14-2012

    by surfermom on Tue Aug 28, 2012 at 10:57:27 AM PDT

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