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In all my yute, I had never experienced the hatred, the utter disdain and contempt and the racist signaling that today's GOP portrays. What makes it worse is it seems to be getting worse.

Despite being a political addict, a self-admitted junkie, with several daily papers delivered each day, and many electronic sources, both domestic and foreign, I was shocked how little of the GOP convention I could actually stomach. The only thing possibly worse would have been to watch it on Fox, rather than CSpin, CNN, or MSNBC.

From the Church of Ineffable Stupidity, here are a few unrelated, random, and pointless thoughts, and one prediction. A seriously deadly prediction. I hope it never comes to pass.  

Face it, Ann. You still suck. Your speech fell flatter than an eggless souffle. You are proof positive that you can take the queen out of the moated, gated community, but you cannot take out the  smug, uber-rich, sense of entitlement out of the corporate wife. If your plan was to humanize R. Willard, you'd have a better chance by replacing his positronic processing unit. Unfortunately, R. Willard personalized the Three Laws, rendering them almost unrecognizable.

1. A Romney may not injure his personal financial standing or through inaction, allow his net worth come to harm.
2. A Romney must obey laws given to other human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3. A Romney must protect his own financial net worth and value even if such protection ends up in conflict with the First or Second Laws.
Taxes were covered in Law 0, as something to be avoided at all costs.

- - -

Chris Christie? All one can say is he put all his weight into it. Hubris and ego clearly have their place in life, although levels this high were formerly limited to the back dressing rooms of beauty contests.  But, one thing does become clear. Christie served Romney's purpose perfectly, like an obese hippopotamus trying to tip the scale against a wren's feather. If nothing else, he moved the meme from how bad of a campaign Romney has been running (not to mention his growing problem with women, hispanics, blacks, moderates, supporters of the constitution, etc) to how big, no, large, no, huge, no IMMENSE a conceited, lying, asshole Christie is.

As an addled benefit, Christie also got his 15 minutes of shame, and used it for all it was worth. Unlike appearances by Clinton, Obama, and other presidential contenders, Christie's appearance will go down in history. Period. Just down.

- - -

I'll say one thing about Reince Preibus. "Barkeep, I'll have half of what he's having." We should be grateful for small favors. As RNC chair, he is not permitted behind the wheel this entire week.

- - -

On one hand, I am not surprised that the people experiencing the coverage of this boondoggle is so low, but on the other hand, I cannot stand what two particular programs managed to accomplish.

Mourning Joe broke new ground this week, offering their RNC experts, parrots in chief, and GOP guests their personal choice of lube, leather, and position. Joe, in response  to an angry email about his show's biased content, "I'm not going to stand for this anymore,"  reportedly responded, "Some of our guests want us to pleasure them standing up? Mika, that's your job."

But, for completely incredible and unforgivable lack of journalistic standards, Andrea Mitchell, and her pseudo love fist (fest?) with Rickie Sanitorium outshone them all. Andrea even made Blitz Wolfer look like a serious journalist for a millisecond. After Rickie gave America his handjob speech, Andrea offered Rickie unlimited access to her lips and mouth, at the same time that she managed to fawn over the  Christie, Mrs. R., and Sanitorium speeches, as though they were the best sermons ever heard.

I hope Andrea swallowed.

- - -

Perhaps, I am dumb. Please, no commentary in support. But, if the penultimate goal in any convention is the nomination and voting on the party's candidate, followed up by the closing speechificatory, oratorical mess that Mitt will provide, why do they still stretch this mess out for another day? Are the strippers that HOT? He's already been voted on. Everything else is pure crap.

- - -

What is astounding and scary is the lockstep lies, dissembling, and deceit being practiced by Team R. Money. The failure of any MSM person to call them on it (absenting Current T&V, Rachel, the Reverend, and Chris) has set a new low for their future coverage. What they have done by allowing the GOP to lie with such lack of restraint, or the slightest fact checking by so called journalists, is to throw open the rest of the campaign to Romney's lies on a level never seen before. D-Day and the Battle of Verdun will more resemble Sesame Street than the scorched earth campaign that Romney and Fiends will wage over the next few weeks.

As a hint of where I fear this will lead,

AP reported today that four U.S. Army Soldiers were arrested in a plot to assassinate President Obama and overthrow the federal government. While this operation remained in the planning stage, the group did actually kill a fellow soldier and his girlfriend to eliminate the possibility they’d leak the group’s plan.
Death and taxes

the above is only a start. We face growing numbers of violent events based on politics, and in Team R. Money, what we can see (certainly not his tax forms) is scary. His campaign is spewing huge amounts of accelerants, intent on causing a conflagration,  it works hard to scare the voting population, and is actively interfering with legal voting where possible. As they increase the tone and inflamed content of their lies, we can expect more and more violence, most likely directed against liberals, progressives, and yes, even against the president himself.

After Reagan closed down all mental institutions, the mentally ill were often given no chance to fend for themselves. Many of them found themselves in prison, warehouses for the mentally, but without access to treatment or mental health care. Others suffered silently, self medicating with drugs and alcohol, their lives ebbing away slowly.

Still others formed the Tea Baggers, a party of aged, white, christian, insane, functionally illiterate, historically unaware, morans who are so effing stupid that they cannot tell that Medicare is a government program. Yet, because of the NRA, they fall on their knees to pray just before they lock and load. With all the scary crap that Team R. Money is spewing, the chances of more politically based violence is a guarantee, not a possibility.

If you thought Sarah Palin's disgusting "Don't Retreat, Reload" was an outlier or an aberration, you were wrong.


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