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Stories are beginning to surface on the background and underworkings of Clint Eastwood's "performance" at the RNC Convention Thursday.

It appears as if the whole idea was none other than.......................Mitt Romney's

TAMPA, Fla. — For all the finger-pointing about Clint Eastwood’s rambling conversation with an empty chair on Thursday night, the most bizarre, head-scratching 12 minutes in recent political convention history were set in motion by Mitt Romney himself and made possible by his aides, who had shrouded the actor’s appearance in secrecy.

Yep, Mitt invited him PERSONALLY.

All that remained was the scheduling, and other particulars.......... what to say, and how long to keep saying it.  

What they didn't count on, is the fact that Clint Eastwood is nothing, if not his own man.

Behind the scenes, Mr. Eastwood’s convention cameo was cleared by Mr. Romney’s top message mavens, Russ Schriefer and Stuart Stevens, who drew up talking points that Mr. Eastwood included, in his own way. They gave him a time limit and flashed a blinking red light that told him his time was up. He ignored both. The actor’s decision to use a chair as a prop was last-minute, and his own.
Way to take the blame, guys.  Hey, we told Clint Eastwood what to say and how long to say it, and he shocked us by telling us to go fuck ourselves.

Now that's funny.

It also startled and unsettled Mr. Romney’s top advisers and prompted a blame game among them. “Not me,” an exasperated-looking senior adviser said when asked who was responsible for Mr. Eastwood’s speech. In interviews, aides called the speech “strange” and “weird.” One described it as “theater of the absurd.”
To be fair, Mitt Romney probably envisioned Mr. Eastwood doing something a little more tasteful and respectful of the 44th president of The United States of Amercia that Mitt loves so much.  

But Mitt got the person he says he respects and admires.  The guy who don't take no shit from nobody.

And then he took no shit from Mitt.

And absolutely goat-fucked Mitt's night at the convention.

My own personal take on Clint's performance, was that he just didn't know (or care, apparently) where he was, or why he was there.  His skit would have played better at a White House correspondents' dinner, or at some type of roast.  He still wouldn't have been very funny, but it would have at least been appropriate for the occasion.  

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