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First let's talk about D'Souza himself, whose previous claim to dubious fame almost 20 years ago was writing the horrible screed "The End Racism" which posited the novel idea that all Racism was the fault of ... wait for it... Black People and Liberals.

And after spending chapter after chapter attacking how Liberals are the Real Racists he puts forward his "End", which was one thing.

Repeal the Civil Rights Act.

Yeah, because without that everything would just eventually equalize through the magic fairy dust of the free market.  Never mind the fact we had nearly 100 Years of Experience of how well that theory works out After the 14th Amendment had already been Ratified and we finally had a Law that gave the government the ability to actually Enforce that Amendment.

But I digress, this is about Douche' D'Souza and his new horrible little screed, not the old one.

So D'Souza says "Obama is Filled with Rage".

To which Maher responds "Have you ever seen him angry?"

You say that he’s full of rage and I notice that was a central theme of Clint Eastwood’s performance last night, too …that he kept talking to the invisible guy who said things like ‘Go fuck yourself.’ But the real Obama …I’ve never seen do anything like that.

D’Souza responded by saying, “There’s Clint Eastwood rage –Dirty Harry– and then there’s Charles Bronson rage … vigilante rage. It’s a different kind of rage. It’s sublimated –and you see it in action. Let’s take an example: You had health care. Obama had plan and Republicans had a summit with Obama and they offered a lot of ideas. Obama could have taken one or two Republican ideas and he would have had a bipartisan plan.”

Maher responded, “Actually he did.”

Maher goes on to explain that the entire Health Care Plan passed by Obama was actually Bob Dole's Plan from the 1990s.   That if he had put forth a Democratic plan it would have had a Public Option, or better yet, would have been Single Payer.
Maher: Everything about this plan is private.  It's a Blowjob to the Insurance Industry.
D'souza then goes on to argue that there hasn't been a single major social change that didn't get votes from both parties since the 1950's. To which Maher quickly points out the first Clinton Tax Bill didn't get a single Republican Vote. And it didn't, Al Gore had to cast the decided tie-breaker Vote in the Senate.

The Roll Call Is Here.

D'Souza ignores that fact and continues claiming Obama didn't include a single Republican Idea (yeah, like the Mandate that Mitt Romney implemented in MA) because "He didn't care, because to him the Republicans are the 'Bad Guys'".

Maher quickly points out that's he's got that backwards.

Maher: The second he got into Office they said we are going to block everything he would ever propose and that's exactly what they did.  They're not Patriots.  They have no interest in getting this country back on it's feet, because that would give him a second term.
Then D'Souza tried to argue that Democrats did the same thing to Bush, only for Maher to say "They gave him his War".
D'Souza: Well, that was because there was a Patriotic surge after 9-11.

Maher: And you don't think there should be a Patriotic surge after a near depression?

Then talk about his Movie whose slogan is "Love or Hate Obama, you don't understand him".
Maher: Have you ever met Obama?

D'Souza: No.

Maher: Have you ever talked to Obama?

D'Souza: No.

Maher: And you claim to understand him?

D'Souza basic argument for his movie is the Obama sees the world they way his Father did while Kenya was fighting off being a Colony of England.  Hey, I remember another Country that fought with England to stop being one of their Colonies.


After this they get into the comment that originally got Bill Maher fired from his ABC show Politically Incorrect.  Maher points out that the relevent quote he was attacked for wasn't something he said, he was simply Agreeing with Dinesh D'Souza that the 9-11 Hijackers were not cowards.

Now Dinesh, yet again, tries to turn this around and say that it was Maher's next statement claiming the real cowards were the U.S. that got him in trouble - but they never get into the specifics.  Maher said back then that simply Sitting Back and Firing Cruise Missle into Afghanistan was cowardly, and what he was actually referring to there was 1998 Attempt by President Bill Clinton to Kill Bin Laden with a Cruise Missile.

If you read either Bill Clinton's or Richard Clarke's book about that time it's clear there were a lot of reasons besides cowardice that they used cruise missiles and not troops.  The number one reason being we didn't have a agreement for safe passage through Pakistan, and our choppers couldn't fly that far without refueling.

The only other way in Would have been to Fly Over IRAN, so that was out.

I mean, Bill had a Free Speech Right to say what he said even though the actual facts on the ground dictated that what he was proposing, putting Boots on the Ground in Afghanistan simply wasn't possible.   Again in both Clinton and Clarke's book they both point out that Bill Clinton practically BEGGED the Joint Chiefs for a plan to go after Bin Laden the way that Barack Obama eventually Did.

This is what Clinton Told General Hugh Shelton about getting al Qaeda and Bin Laden in '98.

"Hugh, what i think would scare the shit out of these al Qaeda guys more than any cruise missile... would be the sight of U.S. commandos, Ninja guys in black suits, jumping out of helicopters into their camps, spraying machine guns. Even if we don't get the big guys, it will have a good effect." Shelton looked pained. He explained that the camps were a long way away from anywhere we could launch a helicopter raid. Nonetheless, America's top military oficer agreed to "look into it".
They just couldn't logistically pull it off.

But eventually Obama did. That's not exactly what I call "Hating America".


Sun Sep 02, 2012 at 8:05 AM PT: I totally appreciate and did NOT expect this to get rec'd.  I was planning to fix the typos last night, but instead went out and had some wine with dinner - then I wake up to Melissa Harris-Perry and this is on the rec list with a pack of typos still in it because I wrote it as I was my way home from work.  Ugh, embarrassing. Thanks, you guys are too tolerant and kind.

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