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This is something I've been working on for a little bit now: I cruise a lot of the new sites, and like all of you, I see the same BS. "OBAMA DOESN'T HAVE A RECORD TO RUN ON!"

The problem with this is that the Conservatards are looking at things through their fractured prism. In their imaginary world of course Obama has no record to run on. For those of us living in the real world planet Earth, there's plenty to like.

Here now are 50 good reasons to re-elect Barack Obama (and I threw a couple of totally facetious ones in there as well)

Note: Nowhere in this list will you here me say "Because Willard Mitt Romney is a Douche" or "Because He's The Only One Who Can Hold Back the Idiots In Congress"

This list is 100% on Barack Obama's own merit. (Of course, let's be honest: What I just mentioned above is easily the only two reasons that are necessary)

NOTE: This list DOES include corrections to the horrific policies of
Bush/Cheney. That's fair.

1) Passed the ACA which some people said was UNPASSABLE. Presidents have been trying to do this since Roosevelt. TEDDY Roosevelt.

2) The Stimulus. It wasn't enough, but it kept us out of a

3) Wall St Reform/Dodd-Frank. Again, not enough, but a good start.

4) (Mostly) Ended George W. Bush's completely unnecessary Iraq War.

5) Began Afghanistan drawdown

6) Turned around the US Auto industry

7) Recapitalized banks (this is something Repubs are silently
cheering about, but you'll never hear them say that)

8) Repealed DADT

 9) Reversed Bush Torture Policy

10) The Lily Ledbetter Act

11) Increased funding and support for Veterans

12) Tightened sanctions on Iran

13) Improved America's image abroad (honestly though, we could have
elected Courtney Love president, and done THAT)

14) No more subsidizing banks for the Student Loan Program

15) Race To The Top

16) Boosted Fuel Efficiency Standards

17) Coordinated An International Response to the global financial

18) Extended Unemployment Insurance

19) Payroll tax cut

20) Tough new rules on dirty power plants

21) Increased America's military presence in Southeast Asia ( a nice
way of saying "HI" to China)

22) Passed Credit Card reform

23) Elena Kagan

24) Sonia Sotomayor

25) The Supreme Court picks he MAY get to make in the next four years
(Scalia, Thomas...feel free to eat at Chick-Fil-A EVERY DAY)

26) Michelle Obama is one of the greatest First Ladies this country has ever had.

27) The Executive order for children of immigrants to apply for citizenship.

28) The Food Safety Modernization Act

29) New START Treaty

30) expanded Americorps

31) Omnibus Public Lands Management Act

32) Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

33) Bills requiring Federal Agencies to be environmentally friendly

34) The Fair Sentencing Act

35) Cut funding for "Star Wars" Missle Defense which hasn't done
anything in over 30 years of planning”

36) Cut funding to Space Shuttle program

37) Invested in renewable energy

38) Funding for new Testing Standards in school

39) Cracked down on Bad For-Profit Colleges

40) Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act

41) Hate Crimes Prevention Act

42) Acted decisively on the BP Oil Spill, especially concerning
compensation for victims

43) tracks use of stimulus funding

44) Pushed FCC for more broadband coverage in rural areas.

45) Children's Health Insurance Authorization Act (CHIP)

46) Declared Carbon Dioxide a pollutant. Now the EPA can regulate it

47) Expanded stem cell research, which is already showing benefits

48) the Claims Resolution Act

49) Killed the F-22 project (saved $4 billion)

50) Will extend aspects of the Bush tax cuts such as child credit
expansions and changes to marriage bonuses and penalties.

51) Expanded the earned income tax credit for workers without children
and taxpayers with more than three children.

52) Will create an Advanced Manufacturing Fund to identify and invest
in the most compelling advanced manufacturing strategies

53) Will create an international tax haven watch list

54)  New program to provide training and technical assistance for
rural small business, and provide a 20 percent tax credit on up to
$50,000 of investment in small owner-operated businesses.

55) His continued pursuit for economic parity and deficit reduction by
setting tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires back to Pre-Bush/
Cheney levels

56) Veterans Jobs-To-Skills Act

57) He was on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man!

58) The man can SING!

59) Gay Marriage will now be in the Democratic Platform.

60) Has killed numerous Al-Qaeda terrorists...including, yes, a
gentleman named Osama Bin Laden.

 And there you have it...50...wait SIXTY reasons to re-elect Barack Obama.

If you present this list to any dumbass conservative and they don't agree with it, they are part of that group that was against him from the moment he stepped into office. Not someone who voted for him and is "Disappointed"

Oh and, yeah, Romney is a douche.


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