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Reality Change Denial; Louie Gohmert doesn't want you to remember this
    At what point does reality just snap under the sheer weight of Republican lies?

    Fox News brought on Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) to react to two recent Fox Polls that look really bad for Mitt Romney. Here are the results. Watch Louie Gohmert try to explain his version. It is utterly insane.

   First, off to the polls . . .

Hat tip to

"Which Candidate Do You Trust Most To Handle Foreign Policy"

Obama beats Romney 51%-38%

"Which Candidate Do You Trust Most To Handle National Security":

Obama beats Romney 48%-40%

    Here is Congressman Louie Gohmert on Fox News explaining why Obama lacks leadership on Afghanistan. Then Gohmert lies about the troops getting killed because Obama won't let them shoot back. Oh and boo hoo if only the other corporate media outlets were reporting it this way . . .

   My apologies for a lack of transcript, but suffice it to say, Baby Jesus wept at all the upside down lies.

    Gohmert turns himself into an anti-war hippy who is horrified about the deaths of our troops in Afghanistan under Obama. Back when Republicans controlled The White House, not so much, but that goes without saying, doesn't it? In doing so he lies his ass off in the most insane and scatterbrained way possible. Did you hear how Obama ruined our alliance with The Northern Alliance? Really? Suddenly, according to Congressman Gohmert, Obama says our troops aren't allowed to shoot back when they are being shot it in Afghanistan. Our guys aren't even allowed to call in air support because of mean ole Obama leading from behind. It's like war is a video game and Republicans want us to think Obama's XBox controller is broken. And Obama is leading from behind, unlike George W. Bush, who we all know marched right in front with a grenade launcher alongside the troops as they entered Baghdad. And this is coming from Gohmert, who thinks terror babies are planted in the wombs of immigrants to overthrow the USA. The same Louie Gohmert who said that a recent massacre in a Colorado movie theater was the result of attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs. Louie Gohmert is a horribly bad liar, he's just bad at it, he comes up with over the top lies that sound like badly patched together conspiracy theories of impending doom, and in the video above he tries as hard as possible to make it seem like George W Bush was doing a better job in Afghanistan than Obama has done, which might work if you went solely by numbers and ignored A) George W Bush diverting soldiers and funding from Aghanistan to go after non-existent WMDs in Iraq and then fucking that up for the rest of the decade, and B) Obama got Bin Laden, George W. Bush did not.

     Does Louie Gohmert have to live in the reality depicted in the polls? Hell no! He then decries what a shame it is that "most Americans don't know this stuff". This stuff meaning the pack of skewed numbers that ignore George W. Bush's disastrous foray into Iraq, which Gohmert repeatedly voted for. Then Gohmert actually says "Thank God for Fox, where we can get this stuff out."

    Thank God for Fox, where Republicans can get out their message of nothing but lies unchallenged by reality or easily searchable recent history. Listen to Gohmert wax idiotic while making shit up out of thin air. This is beyond mere mortal lying, this is reality change denial, and I'm to the point where I am ready to treat Fox News and the GOP like conspiracy theorists who are consistently proven wrong with simple facts and recent history. In short, I have no more patience left for lying assholes.

   More below the fold


  Seriously, at what point does reality just break under the weight of Republican lies? At what point does the multiverse snap in the middle of a Fox News Studio during a Sean Hannity rant, the moment when the walls of reality break and Cthulu's armies march through to our world, just because the lies told during a Fox interview with a House Republican were just too fucking much for the laws of causality to handle? Bush was better at Afghanistan than Obama says Republican who is thanking god that there is a network who will let him lie his ass off on air with never the threat of a follow up question or a fact checker. Fox News sets up the charge against Obama with clips of angry white dudes yelling about how he lacks leadership, nevermind Bin Laden's dead body. Honestly, it's one thing to lie about something that happened 200 years ago or 2000 years ago, you wanna tell me that Jesus walked on water 2000 years ago then fine, but don't tell me Afghanistan is a disaster and you just noticed now without mentioning the lack of a certain 6 foot 5 Saudi guy, but this was only 20 months ago! I was THERE, you were too, I remember that, and Republicans are going to bend reality to say Nuh-uh! What are they going to say next, Obama caused the disaster in New Orleans during Katrina? Obama threw up on the Prime Minister of Japan 20 years ago? Obama caused the stock market crash of 1929? You can't lie to people about shit that happened five minutes ago without looking stupid to everyone who knows the difference, but if you would rather not know the difference between Obama the moderate Democrat who did what George W. Bush couldn't like getting Bin Laden, then thank god for Fox where we can get this stuff out.

    By "stuff" they mean horseshit.

    So here are my next questions, what's the difference between a consistent liar and a batshit crazy conspiracy theorist, and at what point do they get laughed off stage for being the consistent, ridiculous liars that they are?

   I remember a scene from The Simpsons. The one where Bart drives Principal Skinner crazy and he starts crying into the loudspeaker for the whole school to hear, and Bart says to himself "Cool, I broke his brain!" That's what the GOP is right now. Electing Obama has broken their brains. They have zero grip on reality right now, and on mainstay issues for the GOP like National Security and Foreign Policy the GOP has ZERO credibility anymore outside the lazy beltway punditocracy, the GOP itself and the RightWing Noise Machine. The GOP has become that guy you know who doesn't do good with women, both electorally and literally, it is making him bitter and distant from everyone else and that is only making his problems worse. But they'll always have Fox News to ensure them that they haven't earned their low polling numbers for any reason due to their past horribly failed performances or anything like that, its' all a liberal media conspiracy against Fox News, and thank god for Fox where we can get this stuff out. The Republican party is a shitty restaurant that has decided that instead of changing the items on the menu that the public doesn't want they should change the font the menu is printed in instead. I'm sorry, Republicans that having a moderate technocratic Democratic African-American President broke your brain, now can you please come back to reality? Your ailing nation desperately needs you to come back to your senses.

   But I won't be betting on that to happen anytime soon.



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