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Occasionally I look under rocks, Right Wing Blogs to see what the Republicans and Tea Party types are saying about current events. So tonight I took a look at what the rank and file Republicans were saying on Fox Nation about the First Lady's speech to the Democratic Convention.

Warming it IS abhorrent.


what a sweet wookie story
Most of the attendees have to get home quick....

since they all have an early start in the lettuce fields tomorrow...

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my favorite part was when she stomped her hoof when they asked her how many days before her traitor husband goes to jail.

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Hey barry, you better quit feeding her all that fried chicken, or even Bubba won't want a shot at it.
angrydad  in reply to 57thunderbird
Sandra "Come and get some boys" Fluke will be holding court in the men's bathroom at the conclusion of tonight's cyrcle jerk.
I hope you all watched this, it is historic. I have not seen this many Communists moving forward since the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.

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MO is so hateful ,  so vile ,so racist ,  so unamerican .... it is hard to take this wicked witch seriously ...

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Now I know what obama spent the 5.5 trillion on - feeding those jaws!!!!
crosstri0  Just now
That was a beautiful line of.shit by a street.whore  
DEFCON____1   in reply to crosstri0
Ah, the pig-people speak. . .
Lor Mazz   in reply to crosstri0
 Is that all she got punk!!! :) oh no there they go slobbering all over the baboon
Shut it you pinko-commie south side chicago union-gangsterette

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First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks at DNC

Seldom have I encountered the level of Racism and Sexism as when the subject of a thread at Fox Nation is the First Lady. Tonight the rancid stench of Racism and Sexism was particularly overpowering.


I see Fox Nation hasn't closed the comments. Its a hot topic with 4,567 comments.

Ironically now the top thread at Fox Nation is titled: So Much for Civility: DNC Sets Tone in Romney Attacks

Please take the time to read yesterday's timely piece from Media Matters:

Michelle Obama Derangement Syndrome: Four Years, 40 Smears

Conservative media figures have spent the past four years smearing, attacking, and hurling insults at Michelle Obama.
As the first lady prepares to address the Democratic National Convention, Media Matters details the right-wing media's Michelle Obama derangement syndrome.

Originally posted to Lefty Coaster on Tue Sep 04, 2012 at 09:42 PM PDT.

Also republished by Subversive Agitation Team Action Network.

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