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You'd think they'd have learned from the big #AreYouBetterOff Fail last night, but Americans for Prosperity bought the #hashtag #16trillionfail tonight and tried to steer comments in their direction with this tweet:

Have you cut back your budget in the last few years? Why can’t Washington do the same? #16trillionfail
Yet again, $120,000 of Republican money is being used to mostly attack Republicans and their policies. Let's keep it going. If you're on Twitter, get in there and subvert, subvert, subvert!  If you're not on Twitter, sign up and join the fun. Report back here with your tweets!

BTW, last night there were some questions on how to use Twitter. If there are still people needing instructions, let me know in posts and I'll update with some basic Twitter How-Tos.

Here's the first page of Tweets (none removed):

RT @weeddude: 36% more tweets with #16TrillionFail mention Bush than mention Obama (@140elect)
Another #GOPFail RT @140elect: 36% more tweets with #16TrillionFail mention Bush than mention Obama.
Obama saved the economy with a $787 stimulus. What other part of the #16TrillionFail should he be blamed for?
America, #YouDidntBuildThat #16TrillionFail, tax-and-spend Democrats did.
Oh, Does Elizabeth "Dances over Gov't Bridges" Warren speak tonight? #16TrillionFail #Libtard
Love that #16TrillionFail is Promoted.
#16TrillionFail? Why did u #republicans not bitch when Bush got us into more debt in his 8 years? always blaming the black guy. Shame
Washington politicians are leading us off a fiscal cliff. Help us change course! #16TrillionFail
What an ironic statement. #16TrillionFail #WeWontGoBack “@MittRomney: Words at a convention cannot cover up years of failure."
#16TrillionFail #GOP thanks for paying for these great #hashtags They are working really well for our cause #DCN2012 #Obama2012 #msnbc2012
The 'It wasn't me!' strategy won't work. The GOP contributed largely to our debt. #16TrillionFail
#16TrillionFail 6Trillion in 4 years, Obama still blaming Bush, can't run on his record so he uses Smear & Fear, #tcot #resist44
@AFPMissouri national debt increased 100% under George W Bush. Thats a #16TrillionFail
#16TrillionFail "We" built that - yes #GOP you did. #GOPFail
People blaming Bush for the #16TrillionFail when he increased it by 5 billion, but Obama nearly doubles that in 4 years. Yeah, bye.
Not only #16TrillionFail but we're missing our priorities. We invade countries that have no oil and miss the ones that do.
#16TrillionFail is why the #GOP didn't have Bush or Cheney at their convention.
#16TrillionFail: probably the defining tweet of the DNC 2012 #vcusocialmediapolitics

And here's the Top Tweets:

Who should pay for our oil wars, corporate welfare and dressage horse tax deductions? The middle class, of course. #GOP #16TrillionFail
#16TrillionFail Thanks to Bush/Cheney'sTWO wars, Bush tax cuts that did NOTHING but increase debt and unregulated Wall St losing our life $$
Republicans want to keep trickling down on us. Tired of being pissed on, GOP! #16TrillionFail due to unpaid for wars, tax cuts for wealthy.
Cut taxes for the superwealthy, start 2 wars unpaid for, blame @BarackObama for taking hard steps to clean up the mess = #16TrillionFail
$360,000+ paid by @MittRomney to Twitter for 3 days of 3 failed promoted trends? That's what I call sensible spending! #16TrillionFail
@MotivatedInOhio - Causes of National Debt. I wonder if the Republicans actually fact check. #16TrillionFail
LOL, GOP bought promoted trend #16TrillionFail but all the tweets are about how republicans drove up the debt
We dont live in Reagan or Clinton times. Gas isnt 99 cents people. #16TrillionFail came from spending by Bush.
#16TrillionFail occurred because George Bush HID the costs of his two wars; Obama demanded those costs be PUT BACK IN
#16TrillionFail is the third 'promoted' Republican hashtag in two days to turn into a liberal hippie tweetfest. Gnarley dude.
#16TrillionFail becomes #22TrillionFail by 2022 under the Romney/Ryan Plan, plus they kill Medicare
Romney Plan Makes Debt Worse Thanks for promoting #16TrillionFail @AFPhq
George Bush gets us into 2 unfunded wars and hands out tax cuts that the GOP now refuse to rescind for the rich. #16trillionFail
Republicans launch new #16TrillionFail hashtag to remind us how we're all still paying for the Bush wars and tax cuts Paul Ryan voted for
#16TrillionFail Bush tax cuts, 2 wars and a completely avoidable financial crisis brought to you by the exact guys funding Romney
#16TrillionFail Is that how much the Kochs are paying for this BS?
If you want to add another $5 trillion to #16TrillionFail vote Romney/Liar 2012
If millionaires and billionaires kept their money in America, we could bring down the #16TrillionFail
We’re crisscrossing the nation b/c we know America’s future is worth fighting for. RT if you agree! #16TrillionFail
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