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This might be the defining moment of the Romney campaign.

Mitt Romney argued Sunday that voters should have enough of a sense of his principles to have confidence in how he'd handle the nitty-gritty details of taxes, spending and health care as president.
Despite the impressive secrecy around any of Romney's plans for our future, I do have a lot of confidence that I know how he will handle governance.

This is a man who began his campaign with a blatant lie (pretending that a speech in 2007 about McCain was in 2011 about Obama), built his convention on doctored video, tells blatant lies about Medicare waivers that he himself requested, and in fact tells so many lies that his campaign has said that they cannot be bothered by fact checkers.   (For a descent into the Aegian stables of Mitt's lies, go here:

This is a man who refuses to release his tax returns because his own wife says that disclosure would give his "enemies" ammunition.

This is a man who refuses to reveal details about his foreign policy for the same reason.   I don't have the link, but I remember an advisor saying that they would release their foreign policy after the election.

This is a man whose foreign campaign appearance insulted so many of our allies that it generated a new hashtag:   #romneyshambles

This is a man who cannot conceal his contempt for the "little" people, insulting his own supporters at every turn, from the quality of their raincoats at a NASCAR event to the value of the cookies at a campaign event.   This is the man who mocks Obama for wanting more "firemen, policemen, and teachers."  (   This is the same man who mocks school bus drivers!

This is a man who shows such contempt for our servicemen that he breaks with the golden Republican tradition of cynically praising the troops who they have sent into harm's way, refusing to even mention them at his convention.   When questioned, he says "I meant to do that" and heaps even more contempt on them -- he didn't want to have a "laundry list" speech and only talked about things that were "important."

This is a man who will say anything to get elected and who will contradict himself in the same sentence.  The list here is endless, from saying that Detroit was doomed if it got a bailout to saying that the bailout was his idea, criticizing Obamacare when it is almost identical to Romneycare,  gay rights, abortion, gun control, abortion, global warming, and almost any major political issue of the day.  

This is a man who says that the economy is recovering ( and then says that it isn't (see main article.)   He says that the President doesn't deserve credit for the economic recovery when the numbers look good, and then hammers him with blame when they don't look as good.

Yes, Mr. Romney, I have a good idea of how you would govern.   When you are willing to spend $100,000 to hide the records from your one attempt at governing I think that you have a pretty good sense of it as well -- and you know that the American people will not like it.  

Originally posted to Orcas George on Sun Sep 09, 2012 at 08:49 AM PDT.


Rommey says that after the convention, voters know him "for better or worse".

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