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Mitt Romney, on Meet the Press this morning, voiced his full support for the War on Women, stating that it is his preference that the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade.  

I am pro-life and will intend, if I'm president of the United States, to encourage pro-life policies."
How would he encourage pro-life policies?
I hope to appoint justices for the Supreme Court that will follow the law and the constitution. And it would be my preference that they reverse Roe V. Wade and therefore they return to the people and their elected representatives the decisions with regards to this important issue.
Isn't that curious?  Why just a few days ago, we had Karl Rove reassuring us that "no one is seriously considering ending abortion,"
It was a direct attack on the Church. "I disagree with the values of my Church". Remember, no one is seriously talking about ending abortion.
A few weeks ago, we had the top of the Republican ticket, Mitt Romney stating:
My position has been clear throughout this campaign. I'm in favor of abortion being legal in the case of rape and incest and the health and life of the mother. But recognize, this is the decision that will be made by the Supreme Court. The Democrats try and make this a political issue every four years, but this is a matter in the courts. It's been settled for some time in the courts.
Yet today, we have the top of the Republican ticket, Mitt Romney, clearly and seriously indicating his intent to end abortion.

You can contribute to Pres. Obama's reelection campaign, and help keep the Supreme Court friendly toward all American women being equally able to make their own medical decisions here.

I wanted to add a clip from Rachel Maddow's show, shown previously in one of hungrycyote's comments.  It was regarding an al Jazeera documentary on the abortion wars, where an Ohio state legislator was interviewed regarding his cosponsored legislation that would dramatically roll back the time in which a woman in Ohio would be allowed to have an abortion. Maddow indicates he tells the reporter what he really wants is for there to be no abortion in Ohio at all except to save a woman's life.  (Yes, many states really do have legislatures that are intent on outlawing abortions.  While this may have started as a wedge issue, it is being taken very seriously).

Transcript of interview

Interviewer: What do you think makes a woman want to have an abortion?

Legislator: Well, there's probably a lot of ... I'd I'd, ... I'm not a woman ... so, I, uh, heh heh, ... I'm thinkin', now, if I'm a woman, why would I want to get ... some of it has to do with economics.  A lot of it has to do with economics.  I don't know ... I've never. . . it's not a question I've ever thought about.

Let's not leave women's decisions about their reproductive health and choices to those who have "never ever thought about" it.

Originally posted to middleagedhousewife on Sun Sep 09, 2012 at 10:09 AM PDT.

Also republished by Pro Choice, Abortion, and Sluts.

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