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I love it when a plan comes together...

When you call out black (and brown) conservatives for their race hustle in the service of the Tea Party GOP, and its stated policy of ginning up white racism in order to defeat Barack Obama, their protectors always take the bait.

As I pointed out here in my short piece on how the Republican Party is betraying the legacy of Frederick Douglass, the Tea Party GOP and those shuffling, grinning, buck dancing, black conservatives who support disenfranchising African-American voters, are truly a beast with two backs.

I have pained them: Fox News Nation and Newsbusters are crying foul at this "racist" observation. As they always do regarding these matters of race and politics, the Right and its foot soldiers prove once more that they are addicted to bigotry, prejudice, and a propagandized version of history that is totally and completely disconnected from empirical reality.

In all, the Right and the Tea Party are addicted to political meth; in the Age of Obama they freebase white racial resentment to get their high; Mitt Romney, Fox News, and the Right-wing echo chamber are their pushers.

As I enjoy doing, here are some particularly entertaining and noteworthy comments from the Fox News, Newsbusters peanut gallery.

These are the very same folks who believe that President Obama is not an American citizen, that Dr. King would support the Tea Party GOP, and that white folks are oppressed by lazy, welfare scam artist negroes who are engaging in widespread voter fraud that is aided and abetted by the Black Panther Party and Attorney General Eric Holder. Comedy gold. Priceless.
The Liberals like Daily Kos ARE the racis!s.
As for voter ID:  They sure have no problem showing their photo ID when cashing their welfare check, or withdraw the money from their welfare "direct deposit". WITHOUT  a PHOTO ID, No dice, NO money.  I heard they even had to show a PHOTO  ID at the Dem convention.  However, when voting they don't have to????  What's the matter the voter FRAUD will be getting to hard to do???

Pete Dosado
Chauncey DeVega is a prime example of a negro exhibiting the Stockholm Syndrome!  He has empathy for those who have held his own people in chains for so long and continue to manipulate their thinking and actions!  What other conclusion is there that he is against those who break from the past of slavery and segreagation?  Chauncey DeVega wants a return to Jim Crow so that he can rail against it but at the same time supports the Democrats who were responsible for segregation of the races with different schools and separate bathrooms!  No wonder that he gets support from the likes of Rachel Maddow who enjoys using and manipulating characters such as Chauncey DeVega for their twisted political aims!

The chains and bondages of slavery that this divider speaks of were protected by the democrat party, the party of the KKK. It took a Republican president to break the chains but now democrats have them back in entitlement chains where they are manageable. Blacks in America take note: this article author wants you down and to stay there.

Wow, what an ahole.  In his view, if a black person isn't a lefty democrat then they must be sellouts and 'house boy's.  Amazing.  Never for one second does he think that conservative blacks might've arrived at their position through their own independent thought and views on the issues.  That they're incapable of independent reasoning and honest rational differences of opinion.  Can you imagine the outcry if a black conservative said this about liberal blacks?  

Seriously, though.  What a colossal ahole this guy is.  And it's conservatives who are racist?

SO you kooky kossack Frederick Douglass was a hero for escaping his bondage from a plantation and today the Allen Wests, Mia Love and Herman Cains are not because they didn't buy into the lies of the liberal plantation and wanted no part of it? Yeah DeVega you're a kook...and a racist of the first magnitude.

Yes and the Democratic BlacksSuck off theTit of their Master Uncle Sam. He throws them a crumb or too to keep them quiet while his policies keeps them for emancipating themselves with a good education and a real job. But the unions and politicians are sure enjoying their moment as the nanny to this group.

So, De Vega is saying that  Black Americans should not be allowed to choose their own political party and are not up to the task of getting voter ID's, like the rest of the American citizens.  What a racist put down! And they accuse others of racism.

If I have to show ID at the store to buy broccoli, EVERYONE has to show ID to vote.

 Most likely has a drivers license with a photo.  It should be taken away.  Anybody this stupid and racist shouldn't be allowed on the road.  Expect road rage after the election.

I am so tired of this specious, straw man argument that if you require a photo ID to vote, you are violating someone's civil rights. What CLAPTRAP! Voting in an election in the USA that I grew up in has always been a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT, and required that, in order to vote, you prove that you are a CITIZEN, and not just someone who happens to reside here during an election cycle. I have ALWAYS needed a photo ID to drive, to cash checks, to apply for credit, to apply for a job, to visit a doctor, and, more recently, to purchase certain types of cold medicine at my local Wal-mart. And you want to tell me that this same proof of residency, citizenship, and identification is not necessary for something as important as VOTING for someone who can greatly impact our community and way of life? What NONSENSE! I do not care what color your skin happens to be or how rich or poor you are, but I do care that ANYONE who votes does so in a thoughtful, LEGAL manner, and that you care enough about the process to follow the established and time-honored precedents that have made this country unique in history.

The Liberals like Daily Kos ARE the racis!s.
As for voter ID:  They sure have no problem showing their photo ID when cashing their welfare check, or withdraw the money from their welfare "direct deposit". WITHOUT  a PHOTO ID, No dice, NO money.  I heard they even had to show a PHOTO  ID at the Dem convention.  However, when voting they don't have to????  What's the matter the voter FRAUD will be getting to hard to do???

He is just mad because most are too stupid to get an ID!
Race and gay bashing, etc.,  has never been so prevelent in decades since the left now uses it for political justification.  By doing this the left conducts the most racist activity since the 60s.
Conservatives - Everyone has equal opportunity and equal access to methods to achieve success
Liberals - Special groups of people chosen by us based on their race, s ex, sexual orientation, etc, will get special preference to opportunity and addition access to methods to achieve success because they cannot do it on their own and are incapable of achieving success without our assistance

How in God's name did we get to this place of racism and hatred again?
I do not know one conservative Republican who has a racist bone in them.  I lived thru the 60's.  I was a young working adult when MLK was killed. I worked in the blackest neighborhood of my city.
The racism is on the left pure and simple.  They see it everywhere, in every post, in every instance, in every gathering.

Until blk Americans realize what the Democrats have foisted on them MLK will be spinning in his holy grave.

Yes, I was young in the 60's and this great divide is due to potus and all on the liberals. I have never had a problems in my mixed life but now it seems to be changing.
Good bye obama I want my country back
Where anyone such as I can say I am Rublican without getting insulted. ITS BEEN A FREE COUNTRY TILL YOU AND YOURS.

This has got to be one of the most disgusting things I've ever read... I was so disgusted that I didn't even bother to finish the article.  I hope that this "blogger" doesn't actually consider himself in anyway a good person or accepting of others.  This entire campaign season has just left a bad taste in my mouth from the way people have been comporting themselves and this is just some more sprinkles on top of the icing on top of the cake...

Steve Pryor  
 They should be scared.  Imagine a b l a c k conservative surrounded by a progressive socialist mob.  They would love to prove the force of their reasons by tearing him limb from limb, and they would go out afterwards and celebrate with a round of beers.

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