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Standard advertisement: Wreck List is the Daily Kos World of Warcraft guild. We are Horde-side on the Garrosh server. To join, read this diary and visit the Guild web site to put in an application. Yes, you have to be Horde. No, you don't have to be hardcore - casuals, PvPers, and people that just want to hang out on guild chat are all welcome.
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Here's an update from Pamena regarding the State Of Raiding Specifically How Well Our New Casual Raiders Are Doing, Because We Kick Ass:

I wanted to put up a thread specifically about our casual raids that we've been doing on Saturday nights for the last few weeks, generally with great success I think. I'm repeating here some stuff I put on the MOP Raiding thread, because I'm not sure everyone who has been doing the casual raids will read the other thread. So bear with me if you've seen some of this before.

One great way to work your way into raiding is to come to our casual raids that we have been doing on Saturday night - we only have two weeks left before MOP drops, and probably people will be busy levelling toons and exploring Pandaria so that the casual raid may be suspended for a week or two after MOP drops. But I am going to continue scheduling them, both because people seem to be having fun, and because they are a great way for people to get to know each other. They are also a venue to help us see whether we have enough people to try for a third 10 man in MOP later this fall. There are also folks who cannot commit to a progression raid schedule, or who can only raid on weekends - I want to continue the casual raid night as a way for those Wreckies to have fun raiding with the guild even if they can't commit to a regular progression team.

These raids are also a great way for folks who've never raided to try it out in a low pressure context. And last night in ICC, I think our attempts at the Lich King were probably a really good training ground, if you will, for those interested in but not too experienced in raiding yet. There are skills like quick target switching to the Valks and quick reactions to events (like moving out and in on the platform at the right times) that I don't think people really get to work on even in dungeons. Seeing what a raid boss fight like LK requires (even at our overgeared level, we still had the challenge of people learning the fights, which is what raiding seems to always come down to, it seems to me) I hope was both fun and challenging for the new raiders in our group last night. And hopefully we will get him next week!

I do want people to think if some other night besides Saturday night would be better - I know we're competing with Dr. Who, so some folks who might have come to help just haven't been available (family night with Dr. Who seems to be a tradition with many Wreck Listers!) It's likely that only Sunday early evening is a feasible alternative for me, but I don't have to be there every week. So post here if some other day or time might work better for you, if you're interested in continuing to do the casual raids.

I have been having a blast doing these raids, and I hope all of you who have participated have as well. We've had up to 22 guildies in a group at one point or another during each of these ICC raids, so I think that speaks to the interest. As long as people are interested, I'll keep organizing it.

Let's also look at how the Great Clamquit Challenge of 2012 is going, with posts from our guild leader Dkosmama catching us up to the next steps:
So you've collected your 10 small clams and a group of guildies to tackle the next phase of the challenge. So here it is:

Between Today and Sunday night deliver your clams to Mama or to Senta, either personally or via ingame mail. And then post here in this thread a math word problem that involves four of the following six elements:

Negative numbers
Some aspect of the presidential campaign
A prediction
Pandas and/or Battle Pets

Then on Monday start checking your ingame mail for the next clue in the guild quest for awesome goodies!

You didn't quit over Clams. You're still here after math word problems. You are hard core and ready for phase three: Working with others.

Okay, you may be able to solo most of this part, but it is more fun and probably faster with friends. Or use this as an opportunity to group with guildies you haven't played with before. It's time for a whirlwind scaenger hunt tour through the best and worst of Pre-MoP Wow. (Memories...)

Between now and this weekend deliver to Mama or if she's not in game, to Senta, the following items:

A Very Pretty Rock (not a merely pretty rock but a VERY pretty rock)
Steam Pump Debris
An Ancient Armor Fragment
A Scintillating Stone Shard
A Perfect Deviate Scale
Thick Fur Clothing Scraps
An Adventurer's Skull

For Bonus Points: a gray weapon level 25-45 (not from a vendor, either a drop or quest reward).

The last part of Clam Quit 2012 will be posted here Friday morning and we will do the awards Sunday evening.

There are a whole bunch of prizes: expensive rare mounts, companion pets, enough fish or leather to level a baby panda in cooking or Leatherworking all the way up through Cata levels, along with some nice gear for baby pandas to speed leveling, and more. Prizes will be award to everyone who joins in.

The Clam Quit 2012 is a totally optional event. The "quests" can be done in any order and any combination. The goal is to have some fun and celebrate some of the goofier events in our history as a guild.

This is the last Tab Eight Report from Mahuae for Cataclysm-level gear. She'll skip a week, then the Tab Eight Report will be 85th level and up gear only. Welcome to Pandaria!

Tab 8 Report:

Blackwolf Wand of the Seer, lvl 84
Bluefen Wristwraps of the Beast, lvl 84 cloth
Darkbrand Bracers of the Zephyr (two of these), of the Windflurry, lvl 80 leather
Haldarr Bindings of the Windstorm, lvl 83 leather
Mardenholde Spear of the Earthfall, lvl 82 polearm
Mereldar Ring of the Mercenary, lvl 82
Ravenholdt Gloves of the Monkey, lvl 84 leather
Ravenholdt Shoulders of the Undertow, lvl 84 leather
Stonewrought Sabatons of the Eagle, lvl 83 plate
Tol'vir Hereditary Girdle, lvl 82 mail
Vicious Fireweave Bracers, lvl 85 cloth

That's all for this week, as I was up late last night raiding and I haz a sleepy. For the Horde!
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