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"Osterman's book and TV spot, although well-intentioned, are ill-timed and done without input and NOT approved by the defense."

So said a recent @gzlegalcase Tweet from the George Zimmerman Legal Case website in response to the release of Mark & Sondra Osterman's book, Defending our Friend: the Most Hated Man in America. Mark and his wife are the Zimmermans' closest friends. Mark considers George his brother. It's much more than just a mere bromance. From Dr. Phil's interview:

“George had pure ideals, a nobility of character that I admired. I kind of wanted to be like him," Mark says. “When I first heard that George had shot someone else, I was extremely shocked. I know that it would have been the absolute last resort."

I sense a rather strange relationship between Mark O'Mara and his client. I'm certain that the attorney begged his ticket to fame and fortune to refrain from going on The Sean Hannity Show to spill the latest version of his face-to-face with Trayvon Martin. I think Osterman, Zimmerman's own personal zenmeister, coaxed his li'l grasshopper to take to the airways. Unfortunately, that particular outing did absolutely nothing to enhance his credibility, but I suspect it was God's plan all along to show the world exactly what made this grasshopper hop. In that regard, Osterman succeeded, and so did God, I guess, because li'l grasshopper ended up winning the hearts of no one. But don't tell the Ostermans.

That's why I am inclined to believe that this new book revelation came with George and Shellie's blessings. Another shot. Any opportunity li'l grasshopper has to expose his name to glaring lights and stardom, he's all for it. Cha-cha-ching! After all, he took this shooting as his ticket to paradise, as he and his wife alluded to in a taped phone conversation during his initial incarceration at the Seminole County jail, as the money kept rolling in:

“After this is all over, you’re going to be able to just have a great life,” Shellie said.

“We will,” George replied. “I’m excited.”

“Yeah, you should be. You should be excited,” Shellie said. “I wish you were here, of course.”

“I will be,” he said.

“Isn’t it crazy how something like this just makes you put everything in perspective in life?” Shellie said. “It’s amazing how insignificant the things we stress out over are.”

“I agree,” he replied.

Imagine that. They both agreed that the shooting death of Trayvon Martin was so insignificant, it was nothing to "stress out" over. Why, even the second-degree murder charge was nothing but a farce, and this is a complete contradiction of what Osterman told Dr. Phil. Oh, how George cried and cried. What this illustrates to me is that Zimmerman looked up to Osterman as his iconic mentor; the man who would justify his need to be a top cop. While I'm never going to infer that the 28-year-old set out to shoot anyone that night, he had convinced himself that it was a right thing to do given the right circumstances. He was trained. It was pumped into him and he was primed. What better way than to set those circumstances up the right way? His way. This would make him Osterman's equal. Yes, this was God's plan; this was his destiny. Osterman would be proud. And in the end, he was.

While I could ostracize the air marshal, I won't. He has no idea what kind of Frankenstein monster he helped create. He only saw his student's docile side. Granted, Osterman was once fooled by a con man when he and another Seminole County sheriff's deputy met Juan Diaz, who convinced them he was a second basemen for the New York Yankees. Sure, the guy took them to strip clubs flashing money, and Osterman ended up losing his job over it in 1998, but that was a long time ago. Certainly, he wouldn't be deceived again. Would he?

I think so. But still, I won't hold it against him. Not personally. Even in the 1931 horror movie, we could feel some compassion for Dr. Frankenstein, who didn't set out to create evil, but in the end, he still came to the beast's defense and lost whatever innocence was left. While I am convinced Osterman is a fool for believing Zimmerman's alibis, we all tend to put faith in our friends; some more than others, and there remains that inherent element of naiveté. We want to think people are well-intended. How many professionals -- doctors, lawyers, airline pilots and, yes, federal agents -- find out their spouses have been cheating on them long, long after the fact? Let's face it, Zimmerman is a natural born liar. While you may question Osterman on his judgment, I think I'll be looking at something else that hit me like a brick; something he said on the Dr. Phil show. It may be meaningless, but still...

“When I first heard that George had shot someone else, I was extremely shocked."

Someone else? Just how many people has George Zimmerman shot? That triggered my alarm. Where was Osterman's safety when he was shooting his mouth off? Oh, that's right, he doesn't use one. Straight from the hip. Just like li'l grasshopper.


Speaking of the monsters we create, it's easy to see what can happen when people let things get out of hand. Caution is thrown into the wind and trouble flares. During the entire time I covered the Casey Anthony case, I watched people go from friendly and mild-mannered to as loony as they come, all in the name of justice for a little girl they didn't even know. Don't get me wrong, we all seek justice, but people vary on how intent they are to get it and how far they are willing to go to prove it is their way or the highway. Talk about standing your ground. What is often neglected is that it is up to the court system to decide, not the public, as we shockingly found out when the jury came back with their verdicts at the end of Casey's trial. Interestingly, as adamant as people were throughout that ordeal, how quickly they moved on.

Because I had a popular blog, I was subject to a lot of scrutiny. I think there's another blogger who is quite aware of that now. Out of the woodwork came bands of miscreants determined to shut me down. I was gay, I had AIDS, I was a convicted felon and so were my parents. I was a plant for the defense out to take down the sitting judge. One woman had her grandchildren chanting "Death to Marinade Dave!" and she proudly told others. Everyone who dared comment on my blog became targets for attack. One was supposed to be thrust into a snow bank and left to die. It was the most disgusting group of people I had ever run into in my life. Ironically, these very people prayed deeply to God that justice would come for Caylee while they hypocritically spewed hatred on people they didn't know from Adam.

Here we are, at it again. With Zimmerman, there's the race factor. There's gun rights. Emotions are running quite high across a much broader spectrum. There's politics; liberals against conservatives and Democrats against Republicans, not to mention the NRA and Second Amendment rights. There's a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman's head, dead or alive. We are witnessing character assassinations of the "n"th degree, with "n" being the word that most folks should have thrown away with the dirty bath water they washed their mouths out with long ago. Once again, people are getting hurt in so many God-awful ways. Ironically, one blog opens their day with The Lord's Prayer before their brood goes on a self-righteous rampage on everyone and anyone who stands in their path. Trayvon was a drug addicted thug dealer with a history of violence. Every single word that comes out of the mouth of George Zimmerman is the Gospel truth. Every word. Yet, they really know nothing about him.

This is my opinion. What they talk about over there is their business. While I certainly disagree with their opinions, they have a right to discuss the case the way they want, although I do draw the line on spreading falsehoods and, particularly in this day and age, republishing copyrighted artwork that's licensed to someone else, especially when it's pirated from the website they are attacking that actually paid for the work. This is a real war, folks, and people are going to get hurt.

To View Copyright Infringement Document, Please Click Here

There are also blogs that are intent on implicating others in the crime. We saw it with Roy Kronk during the Casey case. The poor guy was run through the ringer because he found Caylee's body. Even Leonard Padilla claimed Kronk was involved in some sort of intricate daisy chain. Kronk placed the body there, not Casey. How sad that people who do good things are sometimes burned beyond recognition by a false story that's so fiery to touch, it blinds some to the truth. Sadly, his life will never be the same. Almost a hero, he's also seen as a villain.

Look at one of the rumors that's made the rounds of late. Someone was in the vehicle with George Zimmerman the night of the killing. It was Frank Taaffe. No, it was Shellie. No, it was Mark Osterman. Whoever it was, it has become Gospel to those "fact" finders who choose to buy into it. They need no proof because, so it was written, so it must be true. Call it the Lemmings Doctrine.

The problem with this sort of missive is that it can destroy a person. No doubt, Frank Taaffe has his own monsters to fight, and he certainly needs no further encouragement to go off the deep end, so why push him off the edge? Is it fun to belittle a teetering man?

The fact is, George Zimmerman acted alone. All by himself, he pulled the trigger. Why try to include others? In his book, Mark Osterman wrote that Shellie was at her father's house at the time of the shooting. She immediately called him while he was out walking his dog in his own neighborhood. He was never at the scene prior to the police showing up. Whether you choose to believe him or not is your own prerogative, but I base my opinion not on what he wrote. Instead, I use common sense, just like what generally guided me throughout the Casey Anthony case. I take my guidance through documentation, evidence and the State. Nothing points to anyone else. Not one shred of evidence.

For example, every piece of trash in the woods where Caylee's body rested was not attributable to her. That old worn out tire did not come off her car. There was no proof the needle in the bottle ever touched her hands. The State of Florida never used it in any of their documents, and that's where I put my faith. Nowhere in this present case has the State mentioned an accomplice at all, and until they do, the thought of it is not plausible.

In the meantime, we are not put here on this earth to make a mockery of others, are we? Take it from one who knows; one who's experienced it -- it's not fun being the target of incessant, never ending ridicule, abuse and lies that lead nowhere but down, especially coming from people hiding behind some really strange faith in a god that not only encourages it, but seems to relish in it. That's not my God, and it's as much of a mockery of God as Zimmerman telling Sean Hannity that the shooting was God's will. How ludicrous.

Tree hugger, Tray hugger, what's the difference if it's nothing more than a stupid mind game where all that matters is that YOU win? Plow into everyone in your path!

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  •  Wearing a hoodie (9+ / 0-)

    is justification for being stalked and shot dead? Getting in trouble at school is proof of low intelligence? Zimmerman was not a security officer, he was a neighborhood watch of one, unauthorized by anyone but himself.

    Fuck you and your racist trolling. Have a pastry, on me...

    "A lie is not the other side of a story; it's just a lie."

    by happy camper on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 05:28:58 AM PDT

    •  the lies were strong in that one (7+ / 0-)
      it will be impossible for him to have an impartial trial.
       Change of Venue.
      but all that needs to be shown is the evidence, the broken nose, the blood on the back of the head, then the stand your ground law. which states that you are able to use deadly force when you feel threatened for your life or severe bodily harm.
       Not when you go looking for the bodily harm.
      so he was within his rights to shoot trayvon. the only action that needs to be identified is who attacked physically first. if zimmerman attacked trayvon than the stand your ground law does not apply, but something tells me that a man doesnt start a fight with a kid and end of getting pummeled.
      Totally within his rights?  The very least I can say is Zimmerman's a stalker, under the self-appointed guise of "Captain of the Neighborhood Watch".  If he's "Captain" where's the rest of the watchmen who report to him??
      which leads you to believe that a kid with a bad record and wearing a hood in a gated community, is looking for trouble or to avoid it. and when you confront a security officer, the last thing you should is try to fight them.
       "Officer" ha ha ha ha... this guy didn't even have a Meter Maid Cushman® cart with SECURITY written on it.
      i know most of you out there are peaceful people and would never want a fight, so would you purposefully start a fight with a man with a gun no. but evidence points to trayvon starting a fight with an armed security guard.
       Again with the "guard" - Guards are uniformed, employed, and in most all States, regulated by a certifying agency.  Florida is one such State:
      which points to the real reason behind this. low intelligence. he was suspended for school and known as a trouble maker, how many intelligent, law abiding  people do you know like that? None.
       Well, ya got me there.  Most troublemakers I knew in school have become Police Officers, the rest are Guards or Inmates at a Correctional Facility - either way, they're watched for most of the day.

      Now you do have one true statement:

      the real story here is what will happen when zimmerman is acquitted of these charges. you will likely see a huge outrage from minorities and democrats and those that oppose guns.
      Now tell me why.  I've a crisp $20 which can be yours if you get at least two reasons correct.
    •  if he was stalked (0+ / 1-)
      Recommended by:
      Hidden by:
      Gator Keyfitz

      and shot dead, the bullet would have been in the back of his head, not the front. and he wouldnt have been beaten to the ground.
      how many times do you see a lion stalk a little baby gazelle and the gazelle turns around and whoops him? never, because if you go looking for violence with a weapon, you dont swing second. if you are the attacker, especially with a gun, you dont pick a fight, wait until you start getting trashed than shoot. no, you dont.

      •  Nah. Zimmerman's like a guy I knew in NYC. (3+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        2thanks, Marinade Dave, KVoimakas

        He was impressed with himself.  

        "I'm Michael, black-belt in Taekwondo."

        The kind of guy who shakes hands a little too hard and long.
        The kind of guy who hits your chest or kidneys with three fast "fun" punches - while you're talking to someone else at a party.

        "I could have dropped you like a sack of potatoes... howyadoin' anyway?"

        Well, Michael got HOUSED one day at an ATM.  
        Skull fractured, robbed, by a 14 year old with a gymsock.  All witnessed by a pair of NYPD beat cops, who arrested the kid, called a "bus" and confiscated the gymsock - and the cueball in the toe.

        Seems Michael was over-confident in having the upper hand.  Seems Michael was best at aggression and not at situational awareness, nor self-defense.

        Seems Michael and George Zimmerman might have the same weaknesses.  Only Michael was minding his own business, with his head firmly up his ass... while George could claim only the latter.

      •  Are you serious? (0+ / 0-)

        Try telling that to Robert F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King, Jr., and while you're at it, explain it to Mohandas Gandhi. None of them were shot in the back of the head. Go ahead, tell me they weren't stalked to death.

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