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      Being a whistle blower SUCKS. There's no frigg'n manual on how to address corruption by a POTUS wannabe. For 11 1/2 years I've been barking, filing court briefs, calling Washington D.C., yelling at the Dept of Justice and telling Forbes, Times, Tribune, Rather, Vanity Fair and more. Providing irrefutable details of Mitt Romney/ Bain Capital crimes. Even winning the battles to get Marc Dreier & Tom Petters in Jail and putting their partner (Paul Traub) out of law firm worthiness.

       Yet the quest to get an indictment of Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital, even with Bain Capital's CEO confessing he was there then - but that he "retroactively" retired from 2001 - the big press won't touch the story. Fortunately, though Matt Taibbi did inexplicably cancel our conference call, he did an article skipping around 2001 and addressed the tied in cases of Stage Stores and Kay Bee Toys with his story "Greed and Debt" The Truth About Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. That story hit the shelves this past Thursday and is now at 89,000 "Likes", over 5000 comments and 12K in Tweets. For some inexplicable reason there's no "Share" button.

        Meanwhile, Larry Flynt has offered up to $1 million dollars if you have the story of what Mitt Romney is hiding. Unfortunately, my calls to Larry Flynt, his friends and even Huslter Casino have been in vain. Because the reward is for information about Mitt Romney's issues "Off Shore" (see reward details (here)).

        Fortunately for U.S. - there is a Dan Rather in the making and a magazine online; which does not get its funding from Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital (like N.Y. Times DealB%k does). That is and their reporter Rmuse who has provided a deeper insight into issues Larry Flynt's staff doesn't care about and Matt Taibbi has not yet delved into. So we have a wonderful new story from Rmuse we will discuss below the fold - entitled apropos (near and dear to yours truly);

                        "Was Mitt Romney Running His Own Bankruptcy Ring"?


Politicus USA Mitt Romney Investigative Reporting

       Rmuse is a reporter who has taken the information on the Mitt Romney/ Bain Capital case he received from Twitter reporters/ bloggers who pointed him in the case direction and he "got it". The very proof is the fact that his story title has the coined phrase "Bankruptcy Ring". It is Congress's and the 3rd Circuit Court in Philadelphia's way of say organized crime - without say the term "organized crime".

What is a Bankruptcy Ring
       Obviously it has something to do with Bankruptcy. Maybe that is the reason no one listens to me on the case details. Once a case goes to the bankruptcy court - everyone assumes it is because it is a deadbeat entity.

        However, given the fact that Mitt Romney and Bain Capital are involved, with their perpensity for secrecy and arrogance; everyone should be paying more attention to the "what ifs".


         What IF - Bankruptcy is an organized crime tool?

         What IF - the federal of system of justice is exposed to corruption?

         What IF - The companies put into Bankruptcy were not bankrupt?

          Because that is what happened in the eToys case that Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs and their attorneys don't want the public to know. The SEC regulated company eToys  - wasn't Bankrupt.

         Goldman Sachs took eToys public for above $78 per share and eToys only received $20 or less. Where the rest of the money went is why eToys sued Goldman Sachs in New York Supreme Court (case 601805/2002). As a matter of fact, the New York Supreme Court of Appeals has, this past week, agreed to Re-open the eToys v Goldman Sachs case (see previous Diary notes (here)). To (re) address the issue of where the money went. (Unfortunately, that process is also corrupted because Goldman Sachs is, in essence, suing Goldman Sachs).

        As is denoted by PoliticusUSA's article - Rmuse details the fact that Congress and the Circuit Court remarked that attorneys nefariously seize bankruptcy estates for themselves - at the detriment of creditors. But they refuse to call attorneys at law organized criminals - hence they are a "Bankruptcy Ring" of offendors as Rmuse denotes;

There is a pervasive problem with the Federal bankruptcy court that was addressed in the Third Circuit Court in a case, re Arkansas 798 F. 2d 645, that noted that Congress stipulated in 1978 that “in practice, the bankruptcy system operates more for the benefit of attorneys than for the benefit of creditors,” and it leads one to ponder; “is it legal for the Bain Capital cohorts to constantly end up in bankruptcy that favors Bain Capital with so many companies they allegedly help?” Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone article highlighted the tactics Bain Capital used as a matter-of-course to decimate companies and leave them without assets and crushing debt, all the while rewarding Bain Capital with management fees and cash assets they were able to extract from the companies. However, Taibbi did not mention that KayBee and eToys were in bankruptcy multiple times with Bain Capital getting a sweet deal each time; Bain Capital still owns them under their Toys R Us deal. In the case of KB Toys, less than a year-and-a-half after acquiring KB, “Bain gave itself a gift known as a ‘dividend recapitalization,’ and induced KB Toys to redeem $121 million in stock and take out more than $66 million in bank loans, $83 million of which went directly into the pockets of Bain’s owners and investors, including Romney.”

Romney & Bain Capital are Predators Via MNAT Law Firm
        As some media outlets have denoted Mitt Romney is not"really" what you would call a buzzard. Because buzzard's tend to eat dead animals. Whereas Mitt Romney and Bain Capital are "Predators" - hunting fresh game to kill.  

        Mitt Romney and Bain Capital merged their company (The Leraning Company) with Mattel Toys (who immediately lost billions). Upon the success of that scheme, where their cohorts are now "inside" Mattel Toys, the nefarious parties hatch further schemes. As any business would do - seeking to generate more growth. Thus Bain Capital acquires Kay Bee Toys in the fall of 2000; which sets its sights upon eToys in 2001.

       What Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs are keeping secret from the public, is the fact that the Delaware law firm of Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel ("MNAT") represents all of them. It was MNAT who handled the merger of The Learning Company with Mattel in 1999. MNAT is the party who represents Bain Capital in the $100 million preferential that Michael Glazer paid himself and Bain Capital before Kay Bee Toys filed for Bankruptcy. It is MNAT that "Confessed" it lied to the Chief Justice of the eToys case 15 times over several years - hiding the fact that it was also Goldman Sachs attorney. It is illegal for the IPO agent and their attorneys in 2001 - to become the eToys Debtors counsel. But that is what MNAT did. Then MNAT, while lying under oath, served 2 criminal masters. MNAT nominated their cohort in crime (Paul Traub) to be the one to prosecute Goldman Sachs in the NY Supreme Court. Doing so while maintaining the ruse to the federal court in Delaware and continuing the ruse in the NY Supreme Court that the eToys (ebc1) v Goldman Sachs case is without "any" Conflicts of Interest.

How Romney's Bankruptcy Ring becomes Federal Corruption

        Like the corrupt blue wall of silence helping crimes of brutality to become a sophisticated effort in collusion to cover up; Mitt Romney's Bain Capital Bankruptcy Ring circled the wagons with MNAT lying to become eToys Debtor's counsel and Paul Traub to become eToys Creditors counsel. PoliticusUSA story by Rmuse denotes the fact that the Stage Store case remarked upon by Matt Taibbi has connections to the Kay Bee Toys case that is part of the Rolling Stone cover story. Michael Glazer was a c0-director of Mitt Romney's Stage Stores. Working their as "directors assistant" was Barry Gold. Who then hired Paul Traub and got "caught" - forcing Paul Traub to file a Supplemental Confession (here).

        In eToys, the criminals reversed ther roles. MNAT lied to become the eToys Debtor's counsel. Paul Traub lied to become the eToys Creditors counsel. Both MNAT and Paul Traub have confessed the Goldman Sachs issue and Barry Gold planting issue. What they have not confessed and seek to bury, is the evidence that they ALL have a secret relationship with Bain Capital/ Kay Bee Toys and Michael Glazer. Because eToys sold the bulk of the assets to Bain Capital/ Michael Glazer / Kay Bee for tens of millions of dollars (I KNOW - because I did the selling as approved by the court). Then, they illegally throw me out - telling the court I simply "waived" my rights to be paid - and illegally Reduced all the sales prices to almost FREE to Bain Capital/ Kay Bee / Michael Glazer.

Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital Attorneys Destroy the Evidence
        Because it was yours truly's job to maximize the returns at a minimum of
 expense and secure the assets of the estate; I became an unwitting adversary of the very people who were supposed to be on my side. Thus the bad guys had to find a way to eliminate me and the evidences I was uncovering. So MNAT asked for, while Paul Traub and Barry Gold did not object to - the DESTRUCTION of Books & Records in the very beginning of the eToys case.

         Obviously it is a crime for the crooks to lie to the Chief Federal Justice and parties of interest - about their "conflicts of interest" - while they seek to obstruct justice for the sake of veiled agendas. It is called Collusion to Defraud an Estate by Perjury and Obstruction. All of which is compounded when they intimidate this victim/ witness with threats, bribe offers and forging documents telling the court that "Haas waived his rights to be paid". Be that as it may, I don't even care if the guys involved go to jail for all of that. They should have to give back all that they stole and then some. The lawyers should be disbarred, disrobbed and forced to do years of public service. But there's something everyone should go to jail for and that is

CORRUPTION of the Dept of Justice

         What you see pictured here is the MNAT law firm name with the mug of Colm Connolly who was with the United States Attorney's office from 1992 to 1999. Then Colm Connolly became an MNAT law firm partner in 1999. That was until August 2001 - the very same month that Mitt Romney claims to have "retroactively" retired from. For on August 2, 2001 - GWB nominated Colm Connolly to become the United States Attorney in Delaware - who then refused to investigate Goldman Sachs, Paul Traub, Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and the MNAT law firm for 7 years.

Conclusion - Mitt Romney & Bain Capital MUST be Indicted

         What you have before you - right in front of your eyes - is evidence of more than 101 state, federal and SEC crimes. They are all made morose by the fact that those who benefited from same - used their ill gotten gain and power - to Corrupt the federal system of justice.

         Now, if you think you have seen or heard all there is - you are making an assumption of facts not in evidence. Two judges were promoted off the case - 1 from the New York Supreme Court and the other to the 3rd Circuit. Multiple law firms were closed down to continue the cover up. Paul Traub's partner works for the United States Government (and with Dan Quayle). Marc Dreier is doing 20 years, Tom Petters 50 years (they were both Paul Traub's partners - AFTER - he was given a get out of jail free card by Colm Connolly). There's also 7 people dead and one of them tied to the brother of an Asst US Attorney and the other direclty connected to Colm Connolly (In more ways than 1).

         Even if you don't care that Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital are predators. That they have gotten away with another crime. (Because we all know they are Above the Law). What we cannot tolerate and/ or even dare risk - is that fact that a person who Off Shores his money and is already arrogant enough to tell the U.S. people to go fly a kite - when they ask for disclosure; is the fact that such a POTUS wannabe as Mitt Romney has already benefited from corruption. That is corruption you can see is spreading across the country even before Mitt Romney gets to pick his very own Attorney Generla of the United States. When we provided this evidence, that is overwhelming, profuse and irrefutable (being ALL public docket records) to the Department of Justice Public Corruption Unit - as the Los Angeles Times denotes

They Shut it Down - Shake UP Roils Federal Prosecutors

           It doesn't matter if you like me or not. Nor does it matter if you like or despise a whistle blower. Nor is it significant as to "why" Matt Taibbi changed his mind on our conference call. It is a shame that the corruption fighter Larry Flynt does not care about the story that is begging for him to publish it - for Free. Nor does it matter if the PoliticusUSA reporter Rmuse ever see his Bankruptcy Ring dicussion go viral.

                  What does matter is your answer to the following questions.

Can Al Capone "retroactively" resign from his organized crimes?

     Do we permit Frank Nitti the ability to exonerate Capone by saying he wasn't there?

                   Because they have the power, stolen monies and enough intelligence

                                          to Corrupt our federal systems of Justice;


----------Is it even proper to let such a guy - have a chance to become POTUS?

Is the fix IN - even with Democrats - to protect Bain Capital

29%14 votes
4%2 votes
12%6 votes
4%2 votes
48%23 votes

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