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Original artwork commemorating 9/11 and the destruction of the Twin Towers.
Since 9/11 our country has seen two wars, crippling tax breaks for the rich, congressional republican terrorists, healthcare costs skyrocket, and a massive foreclosure crisis that has left countless Americans homeless and without a safety net.

I was 18 years old when I watched the towers fall from an above ground 7 train on my way back home after working an all night shift at a CVS unloading boxes. I have never forgotten that day and grew sickened when it was politicized for our military industrial complexes enrichment and called unpatriotic because I did not support an invasion that I clearly thought was based on lies.

I thought that nothing could happen that would be worse to this city and this country. Then I got word today that a massive terrorist organization was planning to attack the city again and I just had to see with my own eyes. Rushing downtown this intrepid truth teller witnessed the unbelievable.

Please join me below the fold.

Police stand guard to prevent a terrorist attack.
Seen in this picture here the NYPD are preparing for a terrorist attack set to hit NYC on Monday September 17. The terrorist organization known as Occupy, Occupy Wallstreet, OWS, and the 99% are set to attack the financial district in lower Manhattan. Somehow - despite the shroud of secrecy  the organization has shrouded itself in the NYPD has learned of the attacks. They intend to use such deadly weapons as chanting, sitting, singing, musical instruments and the dreaded linking of arms.  The NYPD has vowed to counter act these deadly tactics with mass arrests, caging, pepper spray, sound canons, and the never fail Hippy Punch. Children and pregnant women are advised to avoid lower Manhattan at all costs or risk being made socially aware of income inequality. Young men should also avoid participating in any demonstration lest they run the risk of being considered liberal.

For the past few months the terrorist organization known as Occupy has been considered dead to media pundits and bloggers at Dailykos. Having to actually interact with homeless people, the disabled, the mentally ill, and undesirables changed how the oppressed white male 50 something felt about the movement

"I just got so tired of reading the Occupy Weekly Roundup of 60+ diaries that I just had to focus all my attention on Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum." said one anonymous male white 50 something blogger. It was like reading a bad Dickensian story and constantly having some guy ask me if I could spare some change or a cigarette he continued."
The NYPD agreed with the substance of the quote and hailed it as a victory of minds as they celebrated that they might make their 2000th arrest on the 17th. When pressed for a statement from Mayor Bloomberg he responded with a quizzed look and asked how much and when these terrorist drank their soda?

Not wanting to be caught off guard on a domestic terrorist threat the Obama administration responded the the crackdown, arrests, and mistreatment of the terrorist organization known as Occupy Wallstreet by issuing this statement:

(Bold text added by the diarist)

Springing into action the NYPD hailed Presidents Obama's statement as a go ahead to crack down and coordinate a plan to destroy the terrorist organization once and for all. No word yet if Mitt Romney has issued a retraction of his preemptive doctrine of nuking Manhattan to strike at the core of this evil group.

According to the HuffingtonPost


Chief New York Police Department spokesman Paul Brown confirmed that no OWS demonstration permit applications were submitted, but said police will be prepared for demonstrations.

"We accommodate peaceful protests and make arrests for unlawful activity," he said.

Brown said that based on previous experience with OWS, the NYPD expects that "a relatively small group of self-described anarchists will attempt unlawful activity and try to instigate confrontations with police by others while attempting to escape arrest themselves ... we expect most demonstrators to be peaceful."

New York police have made a total of 1,852 Occupy arrests as of September 12, 2012, according to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance's office, including the arrest of 700 protesters who spilled into the roadway while marching across the Brooklyn Bridge last October.

A chart on middle-class income
Considering that both Mitt Romney and President Obama both believe that 94% of the country are middle class just goes to show how far this terrorist organization will go to spread lies! People just don't want to hear that they are poor, working poor,working class, and lower middle class? Hell how can you be poor in America if you have all those creature comforts like a working air conditioner or microwave?  If people are never told they are poor and everyone is in the middle class then all of our problems are magically solved! Right? You see it is perception that is everything! One dye in the wool neo con evil man once said that Conservatives make their own reality. Well we have transcended that time and now everyone is in the middle class. Have a toaster? Middleclass! Live paycheck to paycheck!?Middleclass! Have an underwater mortgage? Middleclass! Hell people who make 200,000 - 250,000 are just those struggling middle class business owners! The fiction dictates the reality.
Today marked the start of a three day initiative of OWS to highlight education, activism, and the issues that plague our modern society. I captured some of the terrorist organization on film and wanted to share the vile nature of this threat with you. If you are under 18, have a pace maker, or are in constant need of a fainting couch then no further.
Here the terrorist gather
The union thug in all his glory
Attempting to subvert theocracy by registering people to vote.
Catering to the anti Obama crowd by supporting Obama
The Arch Terrorist Code Pink Whom We Must Not Name
Those traitor Veterans for Peace who stand against war!
So beware the Ides of September for the 16, and 17th will mark the day that Occupy lost the election for President Obama by reminding people that President Obama governs like a 1996 Republican or that we have reached the greatest level of income inequality since 1890.

 Shhhh but he is better the evil, lying, disgraceful, vulture, zombie, robot, capitalist who is running against him. Romney has no chance of winning and if we can't walk and chew gum or level criticisms when needed then America is in a sad state of affairs.  

I'll vote for President Obama even after no public option, NDAA, whistle blower crackdowns, silence on Occupy/Federal/DOH abuse, extending the Bush tax cuts, and capitulating to all Republican vapors before remembering it is an election year. This is not an Anti-Obama diary. This is a satire and all good satire has a grain of truth in it. Gods know it is better then anything Dailykos Comics has ever plastered on the front page.
 (except Animal Nutz)
Good luck and goodnight.

Originally posted to Tool on Sat Sep 15, 2012 at 06:19 PM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street.

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