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   Ten days ago, the New York Supreme Court of Appeals announced that it was RE-Opening the previously dismissed case of eToys (ebc 1) vs. Goldman Sachs (case # 601805/2002) (see previous Diary (here)).

     There's 3 things that guide my battle against Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs and their secret attorneys - MNAT & Paul Traub. 1 is the fact that they are crooks and I'm a victim/ witness. 2 - They harmed my family when I turned down their bribe - utilizing corruption and Sam Adams said to tyranny, cronyism & corruption speak the truth, do so loud & often. Finally, this one has always been near & dear to me - but I had no reason to understand it in a contemporary fashion - until this battle. The Declaration of independence gives me the instruction to stick my boot where the sun doth not shine - stating;

When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.
    However, as usual, Goldman Sachs seeks to maintain its "Above the Law" status by rigging the outcome. The law firm for Goldman Sachs in Delaware - Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel ("MNAT") - lied to the court and picked their cohort in crime (Paul Traub) to prosecute the New York Supreme Court case. Both Paul Traub and MNAT are serving dual ebol masters (Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital). Thus I decided to help the New York Attorney General's office become aware of what is 'really" transpiring; being that they are already reviewing Bain Capital "off shore" tax secrets and all. Thus, below the fold, I will use my foot once again, hoping to kick Bain Capital & Goldman Sachs in their arse again. Thus I will give you;

      My Affidavit to the Attorney General of the State of New York Eric Schneiderman.

Laser Haas's August 14, 2012 Informative Affidavit to NY AG

        Page 1
Laser (Steven) Haas
------------ Street   
-------- DE 1-------

September 14, 2012

Honorable Eric Schneiderman
Attorney General of State of New York

RE: Documentation of Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital Corruption New York Supreme Court

Dear Attorney General Eric Schneiderman;

          Conspiracy and collusion for the benefit of Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital is transpiring that includes immense frauds upon the New York Supreme Court and Delaware Federal Court. Just this past week, the New York Supreme Court of Appeals decided to have another look at the New York Supreme Court case of eToys (a/k/a “ebc1) vs. Goldman Sachs (case # 601805/2002). The case is an arduous battle about the fact that eToys was taken public in 1999 by Goldman Sachs and the price skyrocketed to above $78; but eToys received $20 or less per share. However, the creditors and shareholders are unable to see the details of the case, because the bad faith parties have placed the “entire” docket under Seal from public view. The corruption includes the New York and Federal court’s/ justice systems.

          Bad faith parties are engaged in organized criminal efforts within the New York Supreme Court to destroy evidences and stymie justice by conflicts; which have not been disclosed. The proof of this is all within the public docket records. The law firm in Delaware (MNAT) that represents both Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital; has confessed to lying under oath to the federal court fifteen (15) times.
         For the sake of the integrity of the judicial process, good faith public officers should not be idle! So that there can be no mistaking this as conjecture, hyperbole or assumptions of facts not in evidence; I, Steven Haas, a/k/a (more commonly addressed) as Laser Haas - do state Under Penalty of Perjury, on this the 14th day of September 2012 - that the Testimony herein is both true and correct.

Page 2
Goldman Sachs Law Firm MNAT Confessed to Lying Under Oath 15 Times

         There’s no doubt that bad faith acts have transpired. For the parties involved have already confessed to deliberate acts of lying under oath thirty-four (34) times. Compounding the egregious heinousness of the acts, on February 15, 2005, the United States Trustee testified to the federal court that the bad faith parties asked advanced permission to circumvent the law and were told not to do so. (Please see parts 19 & 35

          Our Smoking Gun evidences, (along with various deposition confessions), were entered into the court docket record hearing March 1, 2005 (transcripts available). Included in those evidences are the confessions of Goldman Sachs law firm in Delaware – Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel (“MNAT”), that it lied fifteen (15) times on the conflict of interest issue (when MNAT petitioned the court to become eToys Debtors case (DE Bankr. 01-706 (2002)). This is the link to the deposition of MNAT confessing Goldman Sachs non disclosure;

         During mid-1999, MNAT did handle the merger of Mitt Romney & his associates’ entity of “The Learning Company” with Mattel Toys. MNAT’s SEC letter documents its connections. MNAT also continues to represent Bain Capital issues such as Kay Bee Toys bankruptcy case $100 million preferential fraudulent transfer.  Bain Capital stole eToys.  Also in 1999, Goldman Sachs took eToys public. The price per share soared above $78. However, (inexplicably) eToys only received approximately $20 each. While MNAT is now forced to confess that it represents Goldman Sachs; the bad faith party continues to seek to bury the evidence that Bain Capital is their client also.

        Bain Capital acquired Kay Bee Toys with Michael Glazer as CEO in 2000.  Around that same period of time, Mitt Romney and his associates placed Stage Stores into bankruptcy (S TX Bankr. 00-35078). Co-directors at Stage Stores are Jack Bush (also CEO of Bain's IdeaForest and at Jumbo Sports) and Michael Glazer (who was CEO of Kay Bee Toys too). Jack Bush hired Barry Gold whom he worked with at Jumbo Sports. Then Barry Gold hired Paul Traub and failed to disclose his connections to the parties. Mr. Traub, “got caught” in Stage Stores and was forced to file a Supplemental.

Page 3 (Final)
Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital’s MNAT Obstructs Justice in New York Supreme Court

    Of additional significance to the New York Supreme Court is the germane piece of evidence that MNAT, while lying under oath and failing to disclose the connections to Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs - did ask for and receive the illicit permission to destroy evidence in the case.

Apropos to the organized criminal issues is the additional fact that MNAT did hand pick their cohort in crime (Paul Traub) to prosecute Goldman Sachs in New York. Barry Gold who is CEO of eToys by fraud, assisted in this plot & ploy to benefit Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs, by lying in his Plan Administrator Declaration that the Debtor (Barry Gold and MNAT) negotiated the eToys Plan in “extensive” arm’s length’/ good faith negotiations with the Creditors. Being that Barry Gold and MNAT both work with Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs interest and Paul Traub is (secretly) the partner of Barry Gold; “arm’s length/ good faith” negotiations are impossible – much less extensive.

Conclusive Proof that an Organized Criminal Empire Exists

    Al Capone could not escape justice by simply stating he “retroactively” resigned from the bad faith acts. Nor could Frank Nitti exonerate Capone by testifying Capone wasn’t there. In this case Goldman Sachs did hand pick their very own prosecutors. During August 2001 the CEO of Bain Capital resigned and an MNAT law firm partner (Colm Connolly) became the Delaware United States Attorney who refused to prosecute the case. Now Bain Capital’s former CEO seeks to become POTUS and be able to hand pick his own USAG. It is imperative public servants should not be assuaged from their due diligence when bad faith parties harm State and Federal justice efforts by flagrant corruption. (Resume documents MNAT 2001)

Signed this 14th Day of September 2012 - Under Penalty of Perjury - by     /s/Laser (Steven) Haas      

Originally posted to laserttheliquidator on Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 02:12 PM PDT.

Also republished by The Bain Files.


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