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The President is waging peace against Israel vis a vis Iran.

The world doesn't want war with Iran. Iran is not perceived as a threat by the world. Only a small fanatical regime, with a long reach into the grease-lined pockets of America's politicians, believe Iran is a threat.

Likud and the Neocons are at it again. They're like a vicious volcano spewing lies and accusations with an associated paranoid hysteria which is embarrassing to watch – like Tom Cruise jumping on a couch.

But the President is standing tall; standing firm. He's sent a strong message, via diplomatic actions and surrogates – the United States does not support a unilateral attack on Iran by Israel, and the US wishes to pursue a continued diplomatic process as regards Iran's nuclear energy program.

The President in an election year, with ankle biters and zombies howling at the blood-lust moon, has shown, finally, he knows how to play seventh-dimensional chess.

Now some, cynics perhaps, believe the President has only postponed military action against Iran until after the election. This is a prudent thing to do. War with Iran is sure to be an unmitigated disaster which will make the disaster of Iraq look like Waco. But, I have hope the President is doing the right thing. Because Americans are tired of war to the point politicians running for President don't even mention our horrid wars anymore because we don't want to be reminded. Our post-911 jingoism has given way to eerie silence as our expanding theater of war has lost all proportion to the reasons given for fighting.

And a new war with Iran? It's the gateway drug to WWIII.

Due to Obama's strategic decisions and the tactics to back them up, Bibi has been outplayed. His hysteria has been met with eye rolls and red-carpet snubs. And now he is getting crazy desperate. Throwing tantrums like a brat. Calling people names. Making demands. It's almost like, in the face of universal opposition,  the Israeli Prime Minister alone is the one who holds the truth and everyone else is wrong. He reminds me a bit of Bogart's Queeg in Caine Mutiny rolling steel marbles around in his sweaty palm as he descends before everyone's eyes into a nervous breakdown and the end of a starred career.

Bibi has been so busy foaming at the mouth he's not seen the corner he's backed into. This is a dangerous situation, but also the end-game. Check. The ball is in Bibi's court. Will he fight or flee?

Personally, I think with all the signals coming from influential, highly ranked members of Israel's military and intelligence complex, if Bibi gives the orders to attack Iran, he'll find himself in a hospital recovering from “exhaustion.”  

Unless someone, somewhere makes a dumb move or fanatical forces perform some chicanery, war with Iran will be averted.

You'll recall this same bunch of fanatics, with the help of our own mad hatter, Dick Cheney, almost got us to war with Iran back in 2006. Somehow, the hapless, feckless George Bush said “no.”

Now they're back and relentless and crazy as ever. But this time the President in a very public way has said "no."

As a consistent and harsh critic of the Presidency as a tool of Empire, I must admit the person occupying the Presidency can make a difference and this one has.

Congratulations Mr. President on your Peace Prize.

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