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This is reporting.

This is what we have missed. Reporters calling liars out for telling lies.

Republicans want to use the death of Ambassador Stevens as a Carter moment, where the election and inauguration of Ronald Reagan magically led to the freeing of Iranian hostages. It is for that reason Mitt Romney was smircking about the death of Americans. They have to base that argument on very, very weak ground. They first have to convince America that President Obama had an "apology tour" for America. They then have to convince everyone else that their Neo-Con agenda of bombing everywhere with oil will cause those bombed to now love the West for our freedoms.

That "apology tour" is a lie. A lie so repeated it has become GOP Truth. Now the GOP must convince everyone else that black is white. Soledad O’Brien had none of it. She ripped the GOP liar of the day apart. They can not stand it if they face anyone but Fox News.

King could not say when or where President Obama went on a apology tour. He came up short because he is a GOP liar. They need to breathe in tax cuts and breathe out lies.

Transcript below the squiggle thanks toThink Progress.

O’BRIEN: Never once in that speech, as you know, which I have the speech right here. that was — he never once used the word “apology.” He never once said “I’m sorry.”
KING: Didn’t have to. The logical — any logical reading of that speech or the speech he gave in France where he basically said that the United States can be too aggressive. [...]
O’BRIEN: Everybody keeps talking about this apology tour and apologies from the President. I’m trying to find the words ‘I’m sorry, I apologize’ in any of those speeches. Which I have the text of all those speeches in front of me. None of those speeches at all, if you go to which we check in a lot, they all say the same thing. They fact check this and they say this whole theory of apologies…
KING: I don’t care what fact check says.
O’BRIEN: There are fact checks. You may not care, but they’re a fact checker.
KING: No. Soledad. Any commonsense interpretation of those speeches, the president’s apologizing for the American position. That’s the apology tour. That’s the way it’s interpreted in the Middle East. If I go over and say that the U.S. has violated its principles, that the United States has not shown respect for islam, that’s an apology. How else can it be interpreted?
O’BRIEN: I think plenty of people are interpreting it as a nuanced approach to diplomacy is how some people are interpreting it. So I don’t think that everybody agrees it’s apology.
This is a Republican Party that failed to stop the largest terrorist incident in US history. This is a Republican Party that then claims they will keep you safe. This is a Republican Party that gets elected to run government in a way that makes sure it does not work.

I value journalism and I congratulate Soledad O'Brien for calling GOP lies out

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