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      Listen to ME, you disgusting, wise-ass sociopathic wacko-fuckin-loon. I worked my fingers to the goddamned BONE, day in and day out for my two sons and my late wife. I worked a good steady union job with a pension. You know what that  word means, you self-deluded, arrogant, detached anatomically incorrect fucking android? Work? Union? Job?

         Yeah, so I work all those years, raising kids, puttin 'em through college, making sure I was there to support them. Then I find out why I've been coughing up blood for a week.

          Not cancer.


           So now I can't work anymore.

          Do you know what that's like at fifty-fucking-four? The only reason I made it through to my SSDI--sorry governor that means "social security disability INSURANCE--was because that damned socialist union stuck by me every.step.of.the.way.

           Helped me get on my long term policy. This gave me two years to navigate the SSDI system.

            So am I now a "victim?"

            Fuck you, Governor Romney. You ain't fucking tellin ME what I am, you arrogant asshat of a jackass!

             I ain't a victim.

             I'm a lucky man.

             I have two great boys.

             A beautiful grandbaby.

             A government structure to lean on and help ease my stress.

              I'm not lazy.

              I ain't freeloadin!

              I'm gettin a little somethin back for my long-term, thirty-five-year contribution to a program that now is helping to save my life.

              What about that don't you get?

               Goddamn prick.

           /rant off

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