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I am one of "those" people.  Im a 47%er.

When I was born, the government paid for it.  Literally from birth, I have been one of the people Mitt RMoney hates, dismisses and doesn't have time for.  

My medical care, food and housing was paid for by the government from the time I was born right up until today (with the exception of about a year for medical.)

Every month I get my government check.  I get one for food, one for housing and one for everything else.  And last year I paid no federal income taxes.  Didnt pay the year before that either.  I am, without a doubt, the POSTER CHILD for the 47% Mitt Romney talks about.

And now, the rest of the story.........

Im a 47%er who believes "that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them."  I do love my entitlements.  

And its not just me.  My mom is too.  Same with my wife and kids.  Man do we suck!

See, my father was in the military so when it was time to be born, my mom went to the hospital and the government took care of the rest.  Note I said my mom.  I was born in April.  In January my father was killed in action in Vietnam.

Prior to being killed in action, my father was a 47%er too.  Government pay check, tax free.  Because he was killed in action, mom and sister - 3 years old at the time - went on what RMoney would call welfare but the rest of us call Survivors Benefits.  It wasn't much but the government provided life insurance had left enough money to put the down payment on a house so we had food, shelter, medical and everything else we needed.  And since they were survivor benefits, they were tax free.  And instead of a rich dad and a trust fund, I had a Silver Star, Bronze Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, a Purple Heart and a folded flag.

Just before my sister turned 18, President Reagan tried to get rid of education benefits for children of those killed on active duty but she beat the deadline and by the time I graduated high school they had been reinstated so I started college with tuition paid and a monthly allowance for food and housing.  More welfare according to RMoney and apparently an opinion shared by St. Ronney, may he burn in hell.  

Eventually I discovered that colleges require you attend class and study and I was asked to "seek other opportunities."  I ended up in the Army where I went right back on government "welfare."  Free housing.  Free food.  Free medical care.  I was "entitled!"  I went to school free or close to free too.  More entitlements.  When I got married, I looked for and found a 47%er wife.  For a while we were a welfare King and Queen couple because she was in the Army too.  Double Dipping! Our daughter was born in a government (military) hospital with government (military) doctors.  Same with my son.  For that matter, my wife was born in a military hospital too.  We are 100% 47%!

So last year I paid no federal income tax.  I spent most of 2011 in Afghanistan.  I was there for a big chunk of 2010 too.  I didnt pay in 07 or 08 either.  Spent all of 07 and most of 08 in Saudi Arabia.  Yup, that was considered a "combat zone" too.  One of the quiet things where we are not supposed to have "troops" or "danger" but they pick you up in an armored vehicle convoy and hand you your pistol at the airport...just incase.  I skipped taxes in 03 too.  Iraq.  I did Iraq as part of the "army you have not the one you wish you had."  Crappy body armor, soft skin vehicle and "shared" ammunition.  Im not kidding, we shared ammo.

Im closer to 50 than 40 now and my time in the military is winding down.  A couple more years and I will get paid to stay home.  I will still get my government check and my government medicine for doing nothing at all.  Born a 47%er, Ill die a 47%er.  Its the only life I know.  

Mitt Romney can bite my ass.

My father paid 100% tax in the war Mitt skipped.

My mother paid 100% tax for the husband that never came home and the life that ended the day he died.

My wife and children paid 100% tax for the years I was gone.

My mind and body have paid and will continue to pay 100% tax for the things I have done, seen and felt.

My family has given and given and given while Mitt and his family have taken and taken and taken.  

This 47%er is going to enjoy watching RMoney's 1% ass go down in flames in November.

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